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I Hate My Sister (+3 Reasons Why)

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IThis article will look at the reasons why someone may hate their sister. Furthermore, the article will also provide tips on reducing that negative feeling for her and improving your relationship. We will also take a look at the effects of sibling rivalry!

I Hate My Sister – Why?

Here are a number of reasons as to why you may hate your sister:

  • Annoying Little Sister
  • Parents Praise her All The Time
  • She Is The Perfect One
  • A Tattle Tale
  • An Unresolved Fight
  • She Doesn’t Give You Time
  • Not Understanding 
  • Too Bossy

Before we take a look at these reasons in detail, let us look at the importance of having a sister and what it is like!

Your Sister – What She Means

A sister is someone who is either like your mom who not only cares for you but also keeps a strict eye on you. She could also be someone who is your responsibility and hence you need to keep an eye on her instead. Nevertheless, you guys are bonded together by a strong bond of blood and love as well.

Sisters are what make family life interesting but complete. They are the ones who are not only there to care about you but their drama and tantrums can get the best of you and make you angry or irritated. Furthermore, they love to listen to all the gossip going on in your life not only because they have the time too but they want to see how things are going on in your life as well. They are sometimes a headache but your life would not be complete without them.

However, when it comes to sisters, there is always that natural friction. People you live with or are too close to, will end up having some sort of clash with you because no two people can always agree on everything. Also, people have different personalities and hence behaviours thus they may not always do things the same way and they will naturally get irritated or even surprised – the end result will be negative feelings which will result in friction between you and your sister.

Thus, in this article, we will focus on the major reasons why you might hate your sister as well as the implications of such severe emotions and how they can be regulated or reduced.

I Hate My Sister – Why?

In this section, we will take an in depth look at the reasons why you may hate your sister!

Annoying Little Sister

Sisters can be little too – they don’t always have to be older than you. Although you may think it is easier to handle those little ones, trust us, they are not! They are very blunt and will eat your head until you give them the answer that actually satisfies you.

Also, they are in need of your time and attention even if they can see you are extremely busy. They will not consider your commitments but demand that they are given the time they need with you either to play outside or have you take her to the park.

Also, little sisters can be very nosy. They idealize you and will look up to you. Hence, they are very interested in what you do and how you do it. It is possible you are at a stage in your life when you need a lot of privacy and do not appreciate too much nosiness from others. Hence, this behaviour displayed by your little sibling may get on your nerves to the extent you can’t stand her!

Parents Praise her All The Time

Sometimes we hate people not because of them but because of others and how they treat them. It is very common for parents to have that special child – accept it or not they do. They will consider them more responsible and mature compared to you. Even when it comes to their academic behaviour, they are more pleased. Naturally, they have higher expectations from them and won’t really believe in you or your abilities.

Being a child of two parents, it is natural you want their attention and them to be proud of you. However, when you see that your sister is getting all that attention that you wanted, it is natural that your hate is directed at her because she, even though unconsciously or not on purpose, is pulling away that attention from you. Hence, this is one reason why, overtime, you may begin to hate her because you do not get any love from your parents because of her.

She Is The Perfect One

Oftentimes, we just can’t stand our siblings. They might not only be better at things but they rub it in your place! They make you feel they are better than you and not only do you have to deal with that but also your parents and other people’s praises for her while also listening to the countless suggestions that you should be just like your sister!

A Tattle Tale

This is a good reason to hate someone although it is advised that regulating your emotions is always the best thing to do! Some people – including your sister – just have the habit of telling mom and dad everything you do. They can’t keep their mouths shut for some reason nor can they keep secrets in their tummy! Hence, it is only natural to get mad at her – of course you trusted her and she just can’t watch your back.

An Unresolved Fight

Sometimes an unresolved fight can breed much hatred in you for someone. It is possible that the fight was not a big deal however, there was no apology or the much needed conversation to ensure there are no hard feelings. It is possible your sister hurt your feelings long ago and never apologized.

She Doesn’t Give You Time

You might be the little one in the relationship and you actually look forward to spending time with your sister. However, she is just too busy talking and meeting friends, going out with lame guys and of course trying out new looks and hairstyles – kind of like a spoiled brat! Of course you will feel hurt and angry because you wait all day only to hear she is busy!

Not Understanding 

You might want your sister to understand the problems you are going through, especially if she is older than you and you feel as though you need more and more guidance. However, not only does she not have time but also she makes fun of your problems possibly because she has gone through that stage.

Too Bossy

A bossy person is never likeable and if it gets too much your feelings can become quite negative for them! Hence, this is another reason as to why you may hate your sister.

Maybe you got tired of your sister being a badass and you just don’t care anymore.

The Effects Of Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry is a real thing and you can be diagnosed with it. It has consequences that can be quite severe.

Here are a few of them:

  • A real threat of a family member being hurt
  • Leads to marital problems between parents
  • Self esteem issues may be experienced by a family member
  • A child could be neglected in order to reduce conflict
  • Long term hatred may develop between family members

How To Reduce Sibling Rivalry

It is important that sibling rivalry is taken seriously and true help is sought in case it is becoming too much to handle at home. However, before that stage comes, the following things can be done to reduce any such conflict:

  • Find the root cause: It will help you start working towards the problem. If the rivalry arises from one sibling not giving the other time it can easily be fixed with encouragement and changing routine.
  • Teaching Self Regulation: Children can be taught to identify strong emotions and how to regulate them before they get out of control.
  • The Bigger Picture: It is necessary to teach children that they are part of one family and there will always be differences. However, they need to stick together because they are family.
  • Space: If family members do not give each other space then it can actually backfire. Hence, everyone should give each other space and privacy.


This article took a look at the reasons why someone may hate their sister and what a sister means in general and why she is so important. Furthermore, the article provided tips on how to reduce sibling rivalry so there can be peace.



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