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INFJ characters: (Top 5)

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This article will discuss the INFJ personality type which is also known as the advocate because of their desire to speak up for others. The article will look at the characters from different movies or series that fall into this category and also introduce the personality type and highlight its traits.

Who Are Famous INFJ Characters?

The following characters are identified as INFJ personality types:

  • Remus Lupin
  • Yoda
  • Albus Dumbledore
  • Izuku
  • Norman

Before we look at them in detail, we will take a quick look at what the INFJ personality type basically is!

What Is The INFJ Personality Type?

The INFJ personality type is introverted, intuitive, feeling and judging and is also known as the advocate! This MBTI type is quiet but guided with a strong passion to work for the betterment of others; they are strong believers in working for the welfare of humanity backed by their values and beliefs.

This is the rarest personality type in the Myer Briggs inventory of personality types! They are idealists who actually take practical steps in order to introduce the change needed in society. The advocate has a strong sense of integrity and is willing to sacrifice their time and efforts to work for others and the issues they face.

What is interesting and unique about this type is that they have differing traits within them; at one point they may act differently than they usually do. For example, the personality type under discussion may be very passionate and speak confidently about the rights of others however, at other times, they may deem it better to stay quiet and not create friction. They take into the consideration the situation that helps them decide when to speak up and when to keep the peace and not challenge others. 

The Major Traits of INFJs – The Advocates

Remus Lupin

Remus is one of the founders of the Marauders map as well as a member of the Order of Phoenix that was created to fight against the Dark Lord. He was only a child when Fenrir Greyback bit him, causing him to suffer from a condition which resulted in him turning into an uncontrollable werewolf every time the full Moon appeared. There was no cure at the time however, thanks to Snape, he was provided with a potion that would allow him to become unharmful during that time of the month and stay within his office.

Remus, called Moony by his friends, is given the post of the Defense Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts when Harry and his friends are in their third year. He takes much pleasure in teaching the students all while ensuring they have much fun. It is during this time when the dementors are free because of the looming threat of Sirius Black.

Remus is one of the central characters of the series; he marries Tonks and has a son with her however they both die during the battle at Hogwarts after bravely fighting against the death eaters.


Yoda looks like the quiet, wise and mystical being you would imagine! These personality types are unique in that they like connecting to others, stand up for what is right and view the world in an abstract and maybe not so objective manner.

These individuals are insightful, creative, passionate and obviously altruistic. They love doing what is right and beneficial for others while at the same time pushing people to embark on a journey of self discovery. However, these very same types may be prone to burnout, reluctant to open up and sensitive to criticism! 

Yoda very much fits this type because he has a habit of picking up patterns and putting himself in other people’s shoes! However the way he conducts himself like talking in riddles may be a bit frustrating to others who prefer a more blunt approach! 

Albus Dumbledore

He is the headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! An elegant and sophisticated personality, Albus Dumbledore falls into the category of INFJs because of his traits and overall character in the movie. He has a very secretive past and is generally not sharing when it comes to his personal life. He dresses in long robes and wears glasses, always wears a hat and has a long white beard.

People like Dumbledore are hopeful for a better future and it is their idealistic standards that push themselves and others to work harder for the greater good. In the movie series ‘Harry Potter’, it becomes apparent later in the series that Dumbledore is a strong driving force behind the goal of defeating Voldemort, The Dark lord.

These people have multiple plans up their sleeves and are well aware of the ground situation that makes them take more practical steps. This is obvious when Harry realizes the many connections Dumbledore has made throughout his life and how well aware Dumbledore is of who can help him and how in the movie.


He is from the manga series of The Promised Neverland and is an orphan who lives with his siblings – he is only 11 years old. He is waiting to become part of the perfect family who will keep him forever! However, things do not go as planned and now Norman must look out for his siblings.

His desire to protect others first is evident of his INFJ personality. Also, he is very insightful because of which he can come up with very good plans; they are not only good but practical and can be executed!

He is a student of the Grace Field House and is extremely smart and known for the strategic plans he comes up with! As soon as he realizes the truth behind the orphanage, he teams up with others but soon realizes he must sacrifice himself. He is not killed but transferred to a far away experimentation plant!

Norman is a young boy who has blondish white hair, blue eyes and thick eyebrows which are his defining feature!

Izuku Midoriya

He is from the My Hero Academia series where he is dedicated to bringing peace and prosperity to all; in the process he wants to become that hero everyone looks up to! He, like other INFJs, likes to take the time to carefully plan their next move but soon realizes that he needs to be way more efficient to make things work. 

He is very kind and wants to help others; he has vision which he works towards with all his might and strength! 

Unlike others, Izuku was born quirkless but still, he caught the attention of All Might. This was possible because of his heroism and innate sense of justice hence he became a student of the latter!

The Strengths & Weaknesses – Characters Who Are Advocates

The following traits are found in many INFJ characters including the above! See who you can match with each trait! The following traits are as follows:

  • Altruistic – A Bit Too much!
  • Passionate
  • Insightful
  • Creative
  • Selfless
  • Perfectionists
  • Reserved
  • Unique

Altruistic – A Bit Too Much!

As we mentioned earlier, the INFJ personality type is extremely altruistic; they just love helping people and will not stop at any chance of doing so! They will grab any chance to help someone in need by either sharing their resources or guiding them in a certain matter with their experience, wisdom and obviously time. However, the effort they put in is a lot and they may end up helping so much that others take their kind gestures of help for granted. 


Passion is what defines these unique and hard working individuals! What is it that keeps them going? Obviously their passion to help others and create a just society where others can live in peace and harmony. 

INFJs are hard workers and put their all into helping others; this is only possible because of the passion they have that drives them even when they feel exhausted and drained, physically, mentally and emotionally. They are introverts so sometimes they may go into hiding to regain the energy they need. However, they will be back in no time!


The INFJ looks beyond what is apparent; they have excellent intuition that allows them to know what exactly and truly is going on. They are the type of people who have great gut feelings in the sense that these gut feelings are almost always accurate. They are one step ahead as they not only gather information through their senses but also through their intuition.


The best thing about these individuals that apart from all these great qualities that they have, they are also very creative! They can use their mind to come up with unique, innovative and interesting solutions to complex problems. They also use their creativity to help others live better lives. On top of that, they are practical enough to ensure they do not get carried away by their creative minds.


Yes the advocate is indeed selfless and this is seen in their behavior when they go out of the way to help others often neglecting their own needs!


Yes this trait can sometimes hamper the efforts of the advocate in that they get stuck trying to make things better and better. They need to step back and be satisfied with what they do!


Although they are emotionally sensitive, they do not express feelings and prefer to stay in themselves. It is difficult to have them open up about what they feel – usually the reason they stay shut off is because they fear being hurt.


The INFJ personality wants to be unique and this is why they push themselves so hard! They do not want to live an ordinary life like others and want to be different and represent a bigger cause that is related to the rights of others!


This article discussed the INFJ personality type in detail by addressing the question of who is an INFJ personality as well as highlighting their most prominent traits. The article also listed and discussed the strengths and weaknesses of the personality type in question.

Frequently Asked Questions: 5 INFJ Characters: The Advocates

Is Dumbledore an INFJ?

Yes he is definitely an INFJ.

What is the scariest type of MBTI?

INTJ as they do not show they are angry. You only find out when you face the consequences of making them angry.

Which is the rarest personality type?

The rarest personality type is the INFJ type in the MBTI inventory.


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