How compatible are INFJs with other personality types?

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This blog post will explore the compatibility of INFJ with other MBTI personality types.

We will also briefly discuss which personality they are most compatible with, how INFJs behave in relationships, and what INFJ characteristics are. 

How compatible are INFJs with other personality types?

The Personality types INFJs are most compatible with are:

  • ENTPs
  • INFPs
  • ENFJs

Personality types that INFJs have potential compatibility with are:

  • ISFP
  • INTJ
  • INTP
  • ISTJ
  • ESFJ
  • ENTP
  • ENTJ

Personality types that are not at all compatible with INFJs are:

  • ESFP
  • ESTP
  • ESTJ
  • ISFJ
  • ISTP

Let us take a closer look at what personality types INFJs are most compatible with, as well as personality types that have potential compatibility with, and which personality types INFJs are not compatible with at the slightest. 

Most compatible with INFJ

The most compatible personality types for an INFJ are the following:


What makes ENFPs and INFJs so compatible is their similarities and what they value, which is deep and authentic relationships. 

Their differences in lifestyles allow both personalities to experience something new if they are able to communicate and negotiate past these differences. 

What INFJ lacks in adventure and taking risks, the ENFP comes full force while the INFJ influences the ENFP to take root, slow down, and develop discipline. 


Another interesting and compatible personality type is the ENTP who are able to help INFjs strike a balance in terms of engaging with the world outside. 

The way they make decisions are different, the ENTP can help INFJ’s make logical decisions and in this way, can help INFJs develop a more objective outlook in situations that need logical thinking and evaluation. 

What INFJ lacks in adventure and taking risks, the ENTP comes full force while the INFJ influences the ENTP to take root, slow down, and develop discipline. 


INFP is another personality type that goes very well with each other as both share almost seventy percent similarities in personality traits with the only difference being their lifestyle approach. 

What INFJ lacks in adventure, taking things slow, and taking risks, the INFP comes full force while the INFJ influences the INFP to take root, slow down, develop order and discipline. 


Similar to the INFP, the ENFJ has seventy percent similarities which will make these two personalities- ENFJ and INFJ – very compatible with each other. 

The only difference being the way they engage with the outside world. The ENFJ will help the INFJ to explore new relationships, act and engage with the outside world while the balance that the INFJ will strike in this relationship will be of quiet reflection and the importance of solitude. 

Potential compatibility with INFJ

The following personality types are some personalities which are not exactly compatible with the INFJ personality type.

However, these personalities, with their key differences are very intriguing for the INFJ which encourages them to seek out relationships with these personality types. 

These personality types also present a positive balance with the INFJ personality traits because of their key characteristics which are different from the INFJ functions. 

With these personalities the INFP might ot share an immediate connection however with time spent with them in getting to know the other personalities and the person themselves, there will be a lot of learning from each other which might grow into potentially complementary relationships. 

  • ISFP
  • INTJ
  • INTP
  • ISTJ
  • ESFJ
  • ENTP
  • ENTJ

Least compatible with INFJ:

The least compatible personality types for INFJs are the following personalities:

  • ESFP
  • ESTP
  • ESTJ
  • ISFJ
  • ISTP

The issue with these personality types is their Sensing-Intuition function- the function which involves how both personality types view and understand the world around them.

For the above personality types, they understand the world in terms of the details, the data, and the concere facts presented to them while the INFJ are more indeed with the larger picture, the abstract ideas and tend to seek out the ways instead of the what’s as most Sensing types do. 

The INFJ also tends to be very future oriented as well as possibilities oriented which makes them dreamers almost, and this contrasts with the practical, doer type of personalities that sensing types are. 

This difference gets in the way of their communication and the way they see the world, understand the world, and in turn understand each other. 

This difference is what ultimately causes incompatibilities in terms of the other functions of lifestyles, decision making, and their relationship with the outer world and society. 

What is an INFJ?

An INFJ is an individual whose personality involves being an introvert, who relies on intuition to understand the world around them, is attuned with their feelings in the process of decision making, and lives an organised lifestyle.

They are usually people who tend to be someone who spends their time alone and usually spend their energy and resources reflecting and focusing on their internal world. 

They are deep thinkers who prefer to think and act and are usually able to think outside of the box and innovate new ideas while considering solutions for various problems.

These types of personality also tend to be people who allow their values and feelings to influence their decision making and are usually highly organised and structured in the way they live their life. 

What are the characteristics of an INFJ?

The characteristics of an INFJ individual include the following:

  • They do not fit into traditional roles nor do they want to fit in these roles. INFJ usually follow their own beliefs and rules of conduct that they stick to and do not like to be forced into following someone else’s rules. 
  • They are often adamant in living life on their own terms and often choose to live their life differently from others. They also strongly believe that people should live their own unique lives and do not like to witness others being forced into a box and usually advocate for their independence as much as theirs. 
  • While INFJs are not overly emotional, they are intuitive with their emotions though they prefer to keep their feelings to themselves thus, making them independently efficient in regulating their emotions. 
  • INFJ are usually compassionate and often come to help others when they are in need. In fact they enjoy being of help to others and contributing their skills and abilities to aid other people. Their compassion is what makes such men strong and warm and this particular aspect makes them very good friends, family members, and partners. 
  • INFJs are often very nurturing people who take time to nurture and support other people. They enjoy the ability to be of support, empathise, and comfort for others. 
  • INFJs are independent and usually prefer to keep to themselves meaning that they do not socialise as much as other individuals might and they prefer to be private in the way they experience their lives and their feelings. 
  • They prefer quiet time and choose to keep only a few people close to them. They prefer to have deep and loyal friendships as opposed to having many friends or people around them. 

How do INFJs behave in relationships?

In relationships they often behave in the following ways:

  • They can make deep connections with their partners since they enjoy deep conversations where they strive to understand and empathise with their partners. 
  • They are often incredibly warm and thoughtful when it comes to their partners- they are able to pay attention to small details and tend to be extremely thoughtful of their partners needs. 
  • Because of the fact that they are nurturing individual with an ability to care for others, they can often care for their partners and provide a source of support and strength to their partners, 
  • They are hopeless romantics at heart, even if they tend to hide this aspect of themselves. For them, small gestures of love and care are important. 
  • They tend to be extremely loyal to their partners and seek out loyalty from their partners as well- this is the same for their friendships and daily relationships. 
  • They tend to seek out relationships that encourages balance and harmony within the relationships meaning that they will choose to seek out people that can foster a balance of responsibilities, needs, etc, 
  • They are often keenly aware of the needs of their partners and thus, seek out  ways to meet those needs; however, they also require their partners to do the same for them and strike a harmony between give and take. 
  • INFJs Need Authenticity in a Relationship where they can be their true selves within the relationship and also expects their partners to also be their true selves. 
  • INFJ prefer Responsibility in a Relationship from both ends meaning that while they are caring and nurturing, they also like it when their partners are able to be indie spend and take  care of their own needs. Meaning that there are healthy boundaries set and expectations are put forward in all honesty.


This blog post has explored the compatibility of INFJ with other MBTI personality types.

We have also briefly discussed which personality they are most compatible with, how INFJs behave in relationships, and what INFJ characteristics are. 

FAQ related to INFJ compatibility

Who should INFJ a Marry?

Considering INFJ from the Myers-Briggs list of personalities perspective, the generally accepted ideal match of an INFJ include:

  • ENFP
  • ENTP
  • INFP
  • ENFJ

What is the INFJ personality like?

An INFJ is an individual whose personality involves being an introvert, who relies on intuition to understand the world around them, is attuned with their feelings in the process of decision making, and lives an organised lifestyle.

Is INFJ the most rare?

Yes, INFJs are the most rare personality type with only 1.5 percent of the general population fitting into this category.

Is INFJ T rarer than INFJ A?

No, the INFJ-A is more rare than the INFJ-T.

What careers should INFJ avoid?

Some careers that INFJs should avoid include:

  • A career that demands an immediate response like customer service, Emergency services. 
  • A career that feels routine and stagnant like clerical roles
  • A career that doesn’t make money.
  • Careers that have no humanitarian values
  • Careers in military and politics

What are some unhealthy INFJ traits?

Some unhealthy INFJ traits are:

  • people pleasing
  • self absorbed
  • No tolerance for conflict
  • Impulsive behaviours 
  • Tendency to be perfectionist
  • Tendency to cut people off


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