What is an INFJ male like?

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This blog post will explore what the characteristics of an INFJ male are and what the INFJ personality is like. 

We will also briefly discuss what are the strengths and limitations of the INFJ type of personality, how INFJs behave in relationships, and also have a general discussion on what MBTI personality is. 

What is an INFJ male?

An INFJ male is an individual who identifies as a male whose personality involves being an introvert, who relies on intuition to understand the world around them, is attuned with their feelings in the process of decision making, and lives an organised lifestyle.

They are usually people who tend to be someone who spends their time alone and usually spend their energy and resources reflecting and focusing on their internal world. 

They are deep thinkers who prefer to think and act and are usually able to think outside of the box and innovate new ideas while considering solutions for various problems.

These types of men also tend to be people who allow their values and feelings to influence their decision making and are usually highly organised and structured in the way they live their life. 

What are the characteristics of an INFJ male?

The characteristics of an INFJ individual who identifies as a man or male include the following:

  • They do not fit into traditional roles nor do they want to fit in these roles. INFJ males usually follow their own beliefs and rules of conduct that they stick to and do not like to be forced into following someone else’s rules. 
  • They are often adamant in living life on their own terms and often choose to live their life differently from others. They also strongly believe that people should live their own unique lives and do not like to witness others being forced into a box and usually advocate for their independence as much as theirs. 
  • INFJ males Are In Touch With Their Emotions and are often comfortable with their feelings which can be quite different from other men because of societal pressures for men to be no influence by their emotions. 
  • While INFJs are not overly emotional, they are intuitive with their emotions though they prefer to keep their feelings to themselves thus, making them independently efficient in regulating their emotions. 
  • INFJ males are usually compassionate and often come to help others when they are in need. In fact they enjoy being of help to others and contributing their skills and abilities to aid other people. Their compassion is what makes such men strong and warm and this particular aspect makes them very good friends, family members, and partners. 
  • INFJ males are often very nurturing people who take time to nurture and support other people. They enjoy the ability to be of support, empathise, and comfort for others. This nurturing aspect of an INFJ male is quite unique since male stereotypes do not encourage this particular role in general.Thus some INFJ males might feel the need to hide this particular characteristic of themselves. 
  • INFJs are independent and usually prefer to keep to themselves meaning that they do not socialise as much as other individuals might and they prefer to be private in the way they experience their lives and their feelings. 

They prefer quiet time and choose to keep only a few people close to them. They prefer to have deep and loyal friendships as opposed to having many friends or people around them. 

  • INFJs males often seem out of place from other males because of how they perceive the world around them, how they deal with challenges and decisions, as well as how they interact with the world. 

This can lead people to misunderstand them and also view them as a little different from others because of this, the INFJ prefers to surround themselves with non judgemental individuals who accept them for who they are and thus share deep meaningful relationships with them. 

What are the challenges of an INFJ male?

Some of the common challenges that an INFJ male struggle with are:

Low sense of self-worth issues.

INFJ men tend to struggle with self-worth issues and at times struggle with low self esteem. They are also quite sensitive to criticisms and other people’s judgements of them. 

These experiences in their lives- often negative- can lead to deep feelings of shame, guilt, and self-disgust.

When these feelings and the thoughts that accompany it fester for too long it can lead them to develop feelings of worthlessness and also negative evaluation of their own self-worth and values which can in turn affect the way they treat themselves as well as the way they let themselves be treated by others. 

They struggle to find a fulfilling career path.

INFJ men often find it difficult to find a career path that they commit to because for them the issue is not about making money but about making a contribution to society and the world. 

Due to Thailand, they might change career paths, move jobs, and seek out new experiences within their career paths since they want to find something that makes them feel like the work that they are doing is part of doing something for the greater good. 

They will often choose careers such as being a psychologist, artist, writer, or musicians, social workers etc. 

Contradicting needs

INFJ men often have contradictory needs because of this it affects their day to day lives to some extent. For example, they might have a deep attraction towards logical issues however, they might enjoy more creative hobbies such as painting etc. 

Because of these contradictory needs and wants, it becomes difficult for them to meet them. They might find it difficult to meet either of these needs and wants because this contradiction tires them out mentally and they often let go of the pursuits before seeing any results. 

INFJ men are prone to live a solitary life.

Because INFJ men tend to be high introverts, solitude is nurturing for them and they prefer solitude to company even if the kind of company and relationship is a romantic one. 

This need for solitude and their introversion can make them more prone to living out a life alone without partners or often when they do have partners, the relationships tend to be short unless their partner understands their need for space and alone time. 

INFJ men can be intense.

Often INFJ men find it difficult to strike a balance with their interest, needs, emotions, ability to express and various other aspects of their lives. 

This lack of balance can make them come off as extremely intense or extremely mellow which is not necessarily a bad thing unless it has to do with certain situations where a balance is required- such as a professional setting. 

This intensity with which they tend to pursue things they like and love can put off other people from them which often becomes a challenge in their relationship with other people, their work life, their interests, and their relationship with themselves. 

How do INFJ males behave in relationships?

INFJ males. Because of their characteristics, they make really good romantic partners. In relationships they often behave in the following ways:

  • They can make deep connections with their partners since they enjoy deep conversations where they strive to understand and empathise with their partners. 
  • They are often incredibly warm and thoughtful when it comes to their partners- they are able to pay attention to small details and tend to be extremely thoughtful of their partners needs. 
  • Because of the fact that they are nurturing individual with an ability to care for others, they can often care for their partners and provide a source of support and strength to their partners, 
  • They are hopeless romantics at heart, even if they tend to hide this aspect of themselves. For them, small gestures of love and care are important. 
  • They tend to be extremely loyal to their partners and seek out loyalty from their partners as well- this is the same for their friendships and daily relationships. 
  • They tend to seek out relationships that encourages balance and harmony within the relationships meaning that they will choose to seek out people that can foster a balance of responsibilities, needs, etc, 
  • They are often keenly aware of the needs of their partners and thus, seek out  ways to meet those needs; however, they also require their partners to do the same for them and strike a harmony between give and take. 
  • INFJ Males Need Authenticity in a Relationship where they can be their true sleeves within the relationship and also expects their partners to also be their true selves. This is because they enjoy spending time with people who are non-judgemental and believe that this authenticity is what allows for freedom within the relationship. 
  • INFJ Males prefer Responsibility in a Relationship from both ends meaning that while they are caring and nurturing, they also like it when their partners are able to be indie spend and take  care of their own needs. Meaning that there are healthy boundaries set and expectations are put forward in all honesty.
  • INFJ Males Need Passion & Romance in a Relationship because of who they tend to live their lives meaning that it is the same passion that they seek out other areas of their lives such as their careers. For them, passion is important since they are hopeless romantics at heart.


This blog post has explored what the characteristics of an INFJ male are and what the INFJ personality is like. 

We have also briefly discussed what are the strengths and limitations of the INFJ type of personality, how INFJs behave in relationships, and also have a general discussion on what MBTI personality is. 

FAQ related to INFJ male?

How do INFJ men date?

For an INFJ, dating is meant to lay the foundation for healthy communication between you and the person they are dating. For them dating is the process with which they learn about the other person before moving on to a more intimate stage in their relationships. 

They seek out an honest and open understanding of the individual and also expect the same from others and are often disappointed when this does not happen. 

What are INFJ boyfriends like?

The characteristics of an INFJ boyfriend include:

  • They are warm and giving
  • They are willing to go above and beyond for the person they love. 
  • They don’t care about what other people think nor what they expect 
  • They tend to focus much more on the needs of their loved ones

Are INFJ males feminine?

INFJ males are usually extremely empathetic and nurturing which are stereotypically understood as feminine qualities that can make them appear more feminine.

What do INFJ males like?

INFJs males are people who like art, beauty, and aesthetics. They are often comfortable in quiet places with close knitted and trusted friends and loved ones. 

They like authenticity and honesty in their relationships and thrive in structured and organised workplaces. 

They like being alone and often enjoy using creativity to solve problems while also enjoying caring and being a source of support for other people. 


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