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INFP 9w8 Personality Type (A Complete Guide)

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This article will take a look at the INFP 9w8 personality type and describe its major traits in detail. The article will also take a look at the personality components that make it up namely the 9w8 enneagram and the INFP personality type from the MBTI inventory.

INFP 9w8s – How Are They Like?

This personality type is the perfect balance of the reckless 8 enneagram and the peace loving 9 enneagram. All in all they are respectful of social boundaries but also recognize their own desires and are willing to assert them at times they deem necessary. 

The INFP 9w8 personality type has the following traits:

  • Polite
  • Aware of Surroundings
  • Maintains Peace
  • Assertive – When Required
  • Socially Intelligent

We will look at these traits in detail but first, we will look at the personality components that make this enneagram type up!

What Is The Enneagram Type 9w8?

The enneagram type 9w8 associates with the type 9 mostly but also shares traits from the type 8 enneagram. Compared to other type 9 enneagrams, these types are more outspoken and like to take more risks! 

These individuals like to remain out of harm’s way but they have this innate urge to be assertive hence they have conflicting traits due to the fact that they share traits from two different enneagrams. So they tend to avoid conflict but if pushed a lot they will speak up and won’t back down at all! So be careful when you deal with them. They may seem harmless and easy to take advantage of but they will fight back if you exceed the boundaries they have set up!

These individuals like to simplify issues they are facing. If something is very stressful they will like to avoid it completely but in other cases they will try to minimize the magnitude of problems they experience. This may be very soothing in the initial term but as things go along, the problem will start becoming bigger and bigger and eventually the enneagram will have to face the music. They can’t run away from problems forever.

All in all, this enneagram is creative and optimistic. They are supportive and engage well with people because they are sociable. They are comfortable talking to people and enjoy the experience because they get to learn new things, can figure out what is going on around them and what things, if any, they need to be aware of.

Now that we have a general idea of this enneagram, we will take a deeper look at its personality by looking at its fears and desires!

Basic Fear of the Advisor

This enneagram is afraid of being separated from others or falling into the bad books of people! They want to be on the good side of people and not get on their nerves. This is why they avoid conflict or disagreement with others so they can be likeable and not the one who tends to ruin things – even if it means hiding the sour truth!

However, this unique combination of enneagrams does have some internal tension or conflict within itself! The wing 8 enneagram is one that is confrontational and will go after what they believe in and want. Hence they won’t step back so easily. They will actually fight to defend what it is they consider right and hence be assertive! Due to this conflict between the enneagrams that make up the 9w8 enneagram type, the individuals who fall under this category may experience confusion and internal conflict.

The Desire – 9w8 Enneagrams

The one thing this enneagram desires is peace – internally and externally. They want to feel content and happy within and they also want to be at peace with those around them. They do not want to face any sort of conflict that will become a source of stress for them and force them to choose one thing over the other.

Who Is An INFP? Dominant Functions.

INFPs are introverted which means they tend to be very much into their thoughts and like to spend time reflecting over the many ideas they have going on in their minds. 

Well firstly, they are smart to think over things and then talk about them. When in a fight, they are more likely to avoid friction not only because they have the habit of staying quiet but also because they are people who think before they speak. This way they can actually prevent themselves from hurting the other person and making the situation worse. 

Sometimes expecting too much and saying what you feel may be a bad thing. People who are introverts hence operate on the same frequency at which they understand that some things must be said while others not. This can prevent them from raising the bar of expectations too high and being wise enough to see when a certain topic should be discussed or not.

INFPs realize the power and beauty of imagination and dreams and this allows them to be creative and more interesting not to themselves only but to each other. How they think can become a good source of conversation for them compared to a person who senses and reacts or processes information. They would be more based on facts and not understand the fun in being so creative.

Although it is usually emotions that blur what is truly going on in relationships, they can also help solve problems that may be difficult to rationalize or understand. Yes it is not always possible to make sense of a situation and hence love and mercy are the only weapons two people have to keep themselves bound to each other. 

Perceiving – this is a dominant function that may result in more daily hassles than any of the dominant functions because of the frequency of its use. People have to get things everyday whether it’s paying bills, cleaning up the house, buying groceries or getting the children to school on time; it can be a lot to handle. Here is where being organized matters. If one lives alone and just goes with the flow it might be possible but managing   things with someone else demands a routine or schedule so things do not clash with each other including people too!

INFP 9w8s – How Are They Like?

In this section, we will look at the following traits in detail:

  • Polite
  • Aware of Surroundings
  • Maintains Peace
  • Assertive – When Required
  • Socially Intelligent

Let us take a look at them one by one!


Yes, this personality type is indeed polite because of the influence of the 9 type enneagram. They want to be on the good side of people and maintain the calmness and peacefulness in the environment they live in.

They are generally respectful of others beliefs and tend to be accepting rather than challenging what other people believe in.

Aware of Surroundings

They are naturally aware of what is going on in their surroundings because their focus is on that. They want to create an environment or society where they can live peacefully with other people. They dislike conflict and will keep an eye out on what is going around them. Hence, they currently scan the environment to make sure everyone is doing okay.

Maintains Peace

At any cost, this personality will maintain peace and they do this at the cost of desiring to be reckless at times or too expressive of their own opinions and strong beliefs – mostly because of the influence of the type 8 wing.

Assertive – When Required

Do not be surprised when this type speaks up. They are very independent even if they do not show it. They will speak out their mind when they are pushed to the limits.

Whether it comes to defending someone else or their own views, this personality type is not hesitant. The only reason they stay quiet is because they want a frictionless relation with others and want to compromise to ensure peace. However, if their boundaries are crossed, the type 8 enneagram will kick in!

Socially Intelligent

This personality type is indeed aware of the power dynamics because of both the type 9 and type 8 enneagrams influence. Both keep a keen eye on others for different reasons but they are aware – in their own capacities – of what is going on.


This article took a look at the INFP 9w8 personality type by detailing its major traits and also introducing the personality components that make it up.


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