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13 INFP Anime characters (A complete guide)

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This blog will describe 11 INFP anime characters, but before going into the details of the anime characters, we’ll give a brief description of the INFP personality type.

Iconic INFP Anime Characters

Some of the iconic INFP anime characters are given below:

  • Gaara from Naruto
  • Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul
  • Shinji Ikari from Evangelion
  • Alphonse Eric from Fullmetal Alchemist
  • Shizuku Tsukishima from Whisper of the Heart
  • Akane Tsunemori Psycho-Pass
  • Tamaki Amajiki from My Hero Academia
  • Mitsuha Miyamizu from Your Name
  • Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail
  • Euphoria Li Britannia from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
  • Chiyuki from Death Parade

What are the Traits of INFP Personality Type

INFP is someone with an Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Prospecting personality. In the MBTI, these are the rare personality types who are usually quiet, imaginative, and open-minded. They have a caring and tender approach to everything they set to do.

INFPs are the mediators, they may seem shy and quiet, but they have enthusiastic inner worlds. They are a small proportion of the world, which is why they may sometimes feel misunderstood or out of place. Their caring aura helps them develop and maintain deep relationships with their close ones.

Mediators of the INFPs care about the feelings of those around them. They don’t hurt anyone, even unintentionally. Kindness flows through their personality, and all those around them benefit from them.

INFPs are extremely open-minded as they aspire to be tolerant and co-exist with others’ lifestyles, beliefs, and decisions. They facilitate other’s right to live as they would want themselves to live without hurting anyone.

INFPs are creative and unconventional people. With their ability and skills of making deeper meaningful connections, they are drawn towards creative pursuits of arts.

INFPs have a strong moral compass; they wish to live with integrity and honesty. They have a strong sense of purpose to benefit the world with their gifts.

INFPs are among the most sociable of all the introverts; they even hold their casual acquaintances very dearly. They can have deeper and stronger friendships, but their enigmatic qualities never really disappear.

Sometimes INFPs can be too idealist and stay inside their imaginative world; they tend to be unbothered by the real world. In their imaginations, they may think of impractical and fanatic theories. They are strongly driven by emotions and may overlook the facts when it comes to facts of the situation.

Now that we have seen the strengths and weaknesses of the INFP personality type let’s look at the INFP anime characters in detail.

Gaara from Naruto

Gaara is kind of a mixture of healthy and unhealthy INFP traits. Primarily due to his traumatic childhood, he began to have some unhealthy characteristics in his personality. The dark traits in his personality were seen when he is completely unbothered by the pleas of mercy, and he feels like he needs to kill people to prove his existence. 

Gaara eventually retains the good in him and aims to make a world of unity and harmony. He is compassionate, idealist, and curious. Some of the INFPs can justify him as a sympathetic villain, owing to the pain and torture he had to go through in his early childhood.

Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul

Kaneki Ken is a typical INFP; Ken wants to fight all odds and stay true to himself. He does not want to lose his individuality and give up on his moral code. INFPs can fiercely relate to this notion.

Ken craves genuineness and personal independence in all aspects of his life. They don’t want to be influenced by the external world and change their true self. His internal struggle is Ken’s burden throughout the series.

He is kind, shy, and gentle; he tries to protect everybody around him—even if that means putting himself in danger. He is a real embodiment of the introspection, depth, enigma, and morally-conscious nature of the INFPs.


Shinji Ikari from Evangelion

Shinji Ikari is selfless, shy, and melancholic. This INFP anime character is given the task of protecting mankind. He faced intense hardships; he withdrew in himself and is anxious about getting close to people.

He finds solace in music, and it provides the emotional outlet to cope with the hardships, like most of the INFPs. He tries to search for the purpose of his life amidst his struggles. He is introspective and looks within for guidance and a sense of direction.

Alphonse Eric from Fullmetal Alchemist

Alphonse Eric is an idealist and caring character, making him an INFP type. He tries to help everybody that comes in his way. His genuine gentleness and inner moral sense guide him in his tasks. He serves as a verbal conscience for Edward, his brother.

Eric’s protective attitude is relatable to many INFPs. He does not want to leave anyone in suffering. His gentleness can be observed even when he hides stray cats behind his armor to protect them from any danger.

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Shizuku Tsukishima from Whisper of the Heart

Shizuku Tsukishima from the anime Whisper of the Heart is an idealist and a dreamer at heart. In fact, her imagination is her primary driver.

Shizuku loves reading and has an undying passion for fantasy books; she gets those from the library. 

INFPs can relate to her distractibility and vivid inner world. INFPs truly know how to escape in the world of books to get in the ruts of the real world.

Akane Tsunemori Psycho-Pass

Akane Tsunemori is an idealist and insightful; she is driven by his own moral compass and sense of justice. Although Akane is a shy girl, from time to time, she feels the unexpected waves of anger when she sees people being morally irresponsible.

Throughout her detective career, she believed in introspection to understand the purpose of her life. Her philosophical and introspective attitude is strongly relatable to the INFP personality type.

Tamaki Amajiki from My Hero Academia

Usually, INFPs are not shown as superheroes. That is mostly done by Sensing- Perceiving types. 

However, Tamaki Amajiki is a beautiful example of an INFP superhero. He isn’t boastful of his powers and finds ways to help others. He is modest and uses his abilities to pursue his true calling. He does not like being in the spotlight. 

INFPs can relate to his authenticity, unconditional compassion, and idealist attitude.

Mitsuha Miyamizu from Your Name

Mitsuha is a wanderer at heart; she thinks there’s more to life than her mundane rural life. She desires to explore the world and learn new skills and discover the true meaning of life by going to various places.

Eventually, she finds herself successfully living her dream, and she discovers she can exchange her soul with another being.

She is caring and supportive, and her dreamy attitude is an instant reminder of her INFP personality.

Levy McGarden from Fairy Tail

Levy McGarden is a cheerful and kind-hearted girl. She follows her heart and her moral values in her decision-making process. She is an avid reader and loves her books. She likes to form friendships around her hobby of reading stories.

She is an optimist in the way that she sees the good, even in the cruelest character. She goes so far as to forgive her tormentor, Gajeel Redfox.

She sees the intentions instead of only the outward behavior. It makes her a real INFP type.

Euphemia Li Britannia from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion

Euphemia is a visionary and passionate about the things she does. She is an idealist and open-minded, a true INFP at heart. Unlike her other family members, she feels for the “Elevens” and realizes that everyone must be treated alike.

She is intuitive and aims to think out of the box to discover solutions to the problem faced by humanity. She is a girl with integrity, and strong moral values guide her. She can easily be labeled as one of the kindest anime characters.

Chiyuki from Death Parade

Chiyuki is an INFP type who is almost an INTP since she sometimes prefers using logic over her personal values.

She is the type of person in the INFP list that they are not always hopelessly emotional. However, she proved herself to be the Feeling dominant function when she gave in to her feelings after a tragic event and turned suicidal.

Chiyuki shows that INFJs can be turbulent when it comes to feelings, so they need to balance and regulate their emotions by using logical reasoning.


The blog described 11 INFP anime characters. It also discussed the characteristics of the INFP personality type.

INFPs are considered to be poetic and compassionate mediators. Their compassion and vivacious imagination help them in overcoming several challenging situations. They brighten the lives of people around them. INFPs are resourceful and creative and are invaluable in their personal lives as well as of others.

More often, INFP’s idealistic and altruistic tendencies become a liability than a gift. Hence, they need to develop their skills to excel in their friendships and relationships. They can work on their weaker traits to help them grow in the future.

Do you agree or disagree with our list of INFP Anime characters? Do you have any suggestions for the character, let us know in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions: INFP Anime Characters

What anime characters are INFP?

Following anime characters are INFP:

Gaara from Naruto
Kaneki Ken from Tokyo Ghoul
Shinji Ikari from Evangelion
Alphonse Eric from Fullmetal Alchemist
Shizuku Tsukishima from Whisper of the Heart

Is Kaneki an INFP?

Yes, Kaneki is an INFP. He is a dominant function of introverted feeling. He sees through the lens of feelings and is able to assess the moral inconsistencies in himself and those around him. He also compares the feelings of both sides of the battles, humans ghouls.

Are INFPs flirty?

Yes, the INFPs can be flirty, but they need to feel comfortable before starting their flirting game. They prefer to cyberstalk their love interests first but sometimes be shy in person until the communication has opened up properly. INFPs tend to have this open communication flow quite quickly and effortlessly.

Is INFP the rarest personality type?

INFPs are rare, constituting 4 to 5 percent of the population. INFPs are rare individuals with unique capabilities–including the ability to master human emotions and experiences. 

Why are INFPs so weird?

INFPs are dreamers and idealists. They have a rich inner world with vivid imaginations, and this itself can make them seem strange and sometimes awkward to others. They may seem like they are in their own head. They have too much going on inside their heads. They often become disconnected from the world around them.


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