5 Business Ideas for an INFP

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In this article we will discuss some business ideas for an INFP who wants to start their own business.

We will also explore what makes some of these business avenues a suitable match for an INFP.

What are some good business ideas for an INFP?

Some of the best business paths that match an INFP personality type includes starting a business in the field of:

  • Art and Creativity
  • Human or Social Service
  • Health care and Sciences

Art, Design, and Creative Careers

Careers and roles in this field is an especially good fit for INFPs because of their ability to think out of the box, innovative thinking, their tendency to be thinkers who prefer solitude, and also because of their flexible lifestyle preferences.

These careers are a perfect match for someone like an INFP as they allow INFps to be creative, engage with their emotions, express themselves, work alone, and be flexible at the same time. 

Such careers, while challenging, are the ones that INFPs are most successful at; however, they might struggle if their environment does not encourage and value the development of such careers.

Some business ideas in this field include:

Photo Restoration Service

A photo restoration service takes old or damaged photos, repairs them, turn them into a digital format for the owner’s keepsake.

This type of business is a good suit for INFP as it allows them to immerse themselves in meaningful projects, people’s life, and stories as well as use their creative skills. 

Graphic Design Business

Graphic design professionals work with a wide range of visual mediums, such as ads, sales material, and digital content etc.

Graphic designers typically have a bachelor’s degree in the field as well as some knowledge related to marketing and branding. 

Photography business

Professional photographers require an  artistic licence, flexible schedule, and personal touch which is quite a good fit for the INFP. 

While this type of business requires no formal education or degree, what is needed are skills and experience.

Mural painting business

Mural painters create unique works of art both inside and outside of buildings and with the right skills, for an INFP, mural painting is an incredibly fulfilling career choice that will require experience and a strong portfolio.

Web design business

This is a great option for INFP entrepreneurs who are seeking a creative career outside of a traditional art field. While a degree in web design is not necessary, they should have some experience in the field.

Social Service careers

In the career clusters of social or human service, roles that allow INFPs to work with people and nurture and help them are especially fitting because of their tendency towards benign attuned with their feelings and that of others. 

INFPs are natural emaths and tend to be nurturing and gain satisfaction out of being of help to others. These careers satisfy the caring and nurturing aspect of an INFP as such jobs allow them to be attuned with the feelings of themselves and others. 

However, at times these careers might be challenging because INFPs at times struggle with objectivity- striking a balance with objectivity and their subjective nature can help them thrive in these fields 

Career Coach Business

Career coaches offer professional insight to young students, and young professionals as well as experienced professionals to help them grow their career trajectory.

While this type of business does not require formal education, will need training and some knowledge about the group that they are targeting and willing to work with. 

Counselling Centre

A counselling centre offers mental health services to individuals, groups, and communities in need of mental health support and care. 

Counsellor roles require a master’s degree, or a doctorate in psychology with a licence to practice and enough hours of supervision and training. 

Family Counselling Business

Afamily counselling practice can be a great fit for an INFP who can help children cope with divorce and trauma, help couples manage their relationship and their marriages, as well as help new families learn how to function and work well together as a unit. 

Counsellors require a master’s degree or higher as well as a licence to practice with enough training and supervision hours. 

Life Coaching 

Life coaching involves one to one coaching or even group coaching where it focuses on helping people improve their experience related to their careers, health, relationships, and beyond.

To start a business like this an INFP must have training and certification while at the same time also be able to influence and communicate effectively. 

Healthcare careers

These career clusters are also a fit for people who have INFP personality types provided that these jobs allow them to work by themselves most of the time, engage with out of the box thinking and also allow flexibility. 

These careers also allow INFPs to be nurtured and help to various populations and allow them to do something that is for the greater good. 

Their ability to empathise with others also allow them to be effective in this area of work. However, these careers might be challenging for INFPs to adapt to especially when it requires objective thinking and factual assessments. 

Alternative Health Care Centre 

Alternative health care centres offer alternative health care options like acupuncture or herbal remedies for their ailments. 

Successful business owners in this field should have training and education in whichever alternative health method they provide.

Chiropractor Clinic

Chiropractors provide supportive care focused on improving mobility, spinal and muscle health through adjustments targeting the neck and back. 

Chiropractors must have a doctorate, a specific amount of training done, and an official licence to practice.

Nutritionist Business

Nutritionist business owners work to help individuals improve their physical and mental health by analysing their clients diet and the biological mechanisms of their body to determine diet suits them well and their physical needs. 

INFP Nutritionist business owners will need a health, fitness, and wellness educational background with knowledge of human biology and nutrition and can specialise in specific age groups. 

Learn how to start a nutritionist business.

Massage Therapy Business 

Massage therapists use various massage techniques and spa treatments on their clients to alleviate physical, mental, or emotional stress for various people from various walks of life, 

This career offers INFP entrepreneurs an opportunity to help people care for themselves,  connect one-on-one with their clients, and provide a healing service. 

To start a business in this field, one will need a training with certification and depending on your services, location, and specificity, massage therapist can earn an average of $40,000.

What is an INFP?

INFP is one of the most common sixteen personality types identified by Katharine Briggs and Isabel Myers, as part of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) assessment. 

INFP stands for Introversion, iNtuition, Feeling, and Perceiving, which are four core personality traits of people who have this type of personality.

People with this type of personality are idealitist and often very imaginative while also being guided by their own core values and beliefs. For them the real world is only a passing concern while their imagination offers them endless possibilities. 

They are optimistic about their own future and that of the world and tend to be occupied with striving for that better and meaningful future.

According to the letters of their personality type, INFPs are energised by spending time alone and their intuitiveness makes them prefer focusing on ideas and concepts rather than facts. 

They also make decisions based on their values and their feelings/beliefs and often prefer living a spontaneous, flexible lifestyle rather than being structured and planned. 

The INFP personality type is also called the “Healer” because of their compassion for other people that is driven by sympathetic idealism of others and the world. 

INFPs are often artistic and creative and often find themselves using these talents and abilities as a form of self expression. 

They are also sensitive, caring, and strive for personal growth while remaining driven to find their own path in life; they are also known for encouraging the same in others while remaining non judgemental. 

Interestingly, in spite of their concern for others, INFPs are highly individualistic and often stick by their own beliefs and wish to lead their own lives separated from the ideals and values of other people. 

When it comes to work, they can accept and consider all options provided by other members of their team provided that it also goes along with their own vision. 

They prefer to work in environments where there is a clear job description and the vision of the team and the workplace is clear as well as it;s purpose. 

They prefer to work in teams that are mutually supportive of each other without any form of toic competition and thrive in environments where there is minimum negativity and conflict. 

INFPs as leaders are often motivators who bring forward a quiet determination to reach goals and targets if they are aligned with the vision of the work at hand. 

They prefer to work in conditions where there is less stress and are not hectic. They don’t do well in overly structured environments where they are micromanaged by other people.

They prefer environments that have horoney and no unhealthy competition and appreciate workspaces that allow them independence and personal responsibility over being managed by others.


In this article we have discussed some business ideas for an INFP who wants to start their own business.

We have also explored what makes some of these business avenues a suitable match for an INFP.

FAQ related to Business ideas for an INFP

Can an INFP start a business?

INFPs like their freedom which leads them to prefer working on their own and being their own boss thus, leading them to become entrepreneurs. 

However, they are quiet and not exactly natural leaders, but if they are able to work around them, they can become business owners. 

Is an INFP good at business?

Because they are creative and imaginative it helps the INFP keep their business constantly fresh and moving forward. 

However, they might need help and support from others since they are more feeling based when making decisions, as well as more followers than a leader. 

Can an INFP become rich?

INFPs are not really interested in money when it comes to business however, when they do start a business it becomes extremely successful most of the time because they spend a great deal of time understanding the business before offering their product. 

Can INFPs be CEOS?

INFPs can be a CEO however the issue is whether they want to be a CEO. INFPs like their freedom so working in a corporation where they are the leader is not something they will enjoy unless the business has been started by them or they have a reason to run the business. 


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