Insomnia cookies (Are they worth it?)

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In this brief blog, we will discuss the US based bakery Insomnia Cookies.

We will be looking into their development and history, the kinds of services they provided, and what kinds of cookies they serve. 

What are insomnia cookies?

Insomnia Cookies is the name of a US based bakery founded by Seth Berkowitz in his college dorm in the year 2003.

The barkery from its humble beginnings as a personal venture during his early adulthood is now a chain franchise that is located in various states in the United states, usually near college dorms so as to serve their target population of college students. 

The outlets of Insomnia cookies have grown past 200 outlets as of the year 2020 and are usually located near colleges and universities and have a non-traditional schedule as compared to other bakeries. The outlet stores are open from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 a.m. Monday-Friday, and from noon until 3:00 a.m. on weekends.

The company has its headquarters in Philadelphia and usually caters to students through their stores and late night deliveries. They also market their products through sampling events and offer marketing partnerships through these events for the students.

Do Insomnia Cookies Make You Sleep?

No, the cookies sold by insomnia cookies do not make you sleep. 

Insomnia Cookies is simply the name of the brand and franchise created by then college student Seth Berkowitz. The services of this cookie bakery is to simply provide and deliver cookies, majorly to college students, in the wee hours of the night- till 3 am which is why it was named as such. 

However because of the name, there are plenty of misconceptions about the bakery and the services they provide one being that the cookies induce sleep but this is not true as there are no ingredients that are used by the brand such as melatonin that can induce sleep. 

What is the history and development of Insomnia Cookies?

The beginnings of Insomnia cookies is rather humble with Seth Berkowitz, the founder of the franchise in 2003, baking cookies and delivering them to college dorms. 

Berkowitz was also a student at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia and he would use his free hours of his small business in a bid to make some pocket money for himself. He would bake the cookies himself and deliver them as well late at night to various dorms in his college. 

From then on, the business grew as students in his college were very receptive to the idea of having delicious cookies handmade and delivered to them. The franchise opened its first retail store a year later in New York. 

Insomnia Cookies bakeries from then ventured into the food truck business with their cookies, they launched their app in 2014 and also began to cater during the early hours of the day as well as night services. 

Since 2016, they have ventured onto new recipes including vegan cookies and had to stop their food truck venture as well. As of 2020, they have a series of 200 stores open after the franchise was acquired by Krispy Kreme in 2018.

As of 2021, the company opened its first store with a CookieLab section that offers customizable cookies and milk and milkshake options.

What are the services of Insomnia cookies?

Insomnia cookies are so believed by the students in the colleges near where they operate. The brand often boasts about their delivering services of their cookies to various doors and other locations way past the traditional service hours of other traditional bakeries. 

Their bakeries also provide an assortment of cookies in various combinations and packages that are affordable as well as delicious. They also cater for large bathers as well as small friend handouts.

The brand also highlights that their cookies are fresh and can be used as gifts with their festive packaging, and perfect for late night working and studying. 

The brand also serves their cookies warm with a side of milk and milkshakes if requested. As of 2021 they have also ventured into ice cream and cakes which you can get delivered to your dorm from 10am to 3am on a daily basis. 

The company has stated that some sets need an extra hour of baking which means you might have to order them in advance. 

What kind of cookies do you get at Insomnia cookies?

The Insomnia Cookies store has different kinds of cookies that they serve. They have ventured out of traditional receives and now serve vegan cookies while also serving milkshakes and milk with their cookies. 

Here is a list of the cookies that is served by Insomnia cookies:

  • Delicious Duo

The Delicious Duo is insomnia cookies are traditional cookies that are great when paired with warm milk.

  • Sixpack

The six-pack set of insomnia cookies is where you can choose six of your favourite traditional cookies.

  • Sugar Rush – 12 Traditional

This is another set where you can pick a dozen of your favourite traditional cookies.

  • Major Rager – 18 Traditional

This is another set of insomnia cookies where you can pick 18 of your favourite traditional cookies.

  • Insomniac – 24 Traditional

This is another set of insomnia cookies where you can have 24 delicious traditional cookies.

  • 50 Cookies

In this set of insomnia cookies, you can scatter and pair up 50 traditional cookies.

  • 100 Cookies

You can scatter and pair up 100 insomnia cookies in this set.

  • Chocolate Chunk

This insomnia cookie is packed with chocolate chips that melt in your mouth which leads to teasing your sweet buds.

  • Classic Insomnia Cookies with M&M’s

These traditional insomnia cookies are baked with M&M’s replacing chocolate chips.

  • Double Chocolate Chunk

This insomnia cookie is filled with chocolate filling covered with chocolate-coated cookies.

  • Double Chocolate Mint

These insomnia cookies are made with mint chocolate chips and chocolate chunks.

  • Oatmeal Raisin

These insomnia cookies have raisins covering them and some cinnamon for a sweet flavour.

  • Peanut Butter Chip

These insomnia cookies are covered with peanut butter chips on a peanut butter flavoured cookie.

  • Snickerdoodle

These insomnia cookies are delectable and not too complicated. This is made with cinnamon and some sugar mix.

  • White Chocolate Macadamia

These insomnia cookies are covered with white chocolate chips and macadamia nuts and filled with coconut and white chocolate.

  • Vegan or Gluten Free Choc Chip

These insomnia cookies are made with animal products and some by-products needed in traditional gluten-free cookies.

These cookies are also accessible in most stores of this company.

  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

These insomnia cookies are made of peanut butter derived from the famous Reese’s peanut butter chocolate which is also covering this cookie.

  • S’mores

These insomnia cookies are filled with marshmallows, chocolate, and graham crackers like a campfire s’ mores.

  • Triple Chocolate

These insomnia cookies are filled with regular chocolate, white chocolate, and dark chocolate covered with chocolate chunks.

  • Confetti Deluxe

 These insomnia cookies contain sprinkles and some sugary condiments for the sweetness

  • Oatmeal Chocolate Walnut

These insomnia cookies contain rolled oats, chocolate, and other essential condiments for the traditional oatmeal.

  • Salted Caramel

These insomnia cookies contain the most beautiful duo which is caramel and a pinch of salt.

The franchise also serves an assortment of cakes and brownies and other baked goods with various serving sizes. Their menu offers the following:

  • 10″ Cookie Cake

In this cake, you can pick any of your favourite insomnia cookies you would like to cover your cake. This cake is worth 8 servings.

  • Mini Cake

These mini cookie cakes are great to fulfil your insomnia cookie cravings.

Like the other cakes, you can pick any of your favourite cookies to make a message on the cake. This insomnia cookie cake is worth 4 servings.

  • Triple Threat Cookie Cake

This case is the best-customized cookie cake ever sold. You can pick 3 various insomnia cookies to customize this cake. This cake is worth 8 servings.

  • Moon Cookie Cake

These moon cookie cakes are great for putting messages that you want to place on a cake.You can choose the insomnia cookies that you want to cover the moon cakes and the centre of this cake. This cake is worth 8 servings.

  • Chocolate Chip Brownie

These chocolate brownies are covered with chocolate chips in your preference.

The franchise also servies what they called a Cookiewich which is an ice-cream sandwich made of cookies. You only need to choose the cookies you want and the ice cream flavour you prefer. 

  • Deluxe Cookiewich

The deluxe cookiewich is a masterpiece of ice cream covered with deluxe insomnia cookies.You only need to pick your deluxe cookies and your flavour of ice cream. 

Like other cookiewiches, this cookiewich is delivered in separate ingredients.

  • Bigwich

This bigwich is filled with the most delicious icing between insomnia cookies. This is really tasty for most customers.

  • Deluxe Bigwich

This deluxe bigwich is filled with the most delicious icing between deluxe insomnia cookies. This is simply a defined pastry.

  • 200 Cookies

You can scatter and pair up 200 insomnia cookies with this set for special events.

As mentioned before, these cookies take another hour to finish which the company recommends that the order should be done in advance.

  • 300 Cookies

You can scatter and pair up 300 insomnia cookies with this set for any special occasion you are whipping up.

  • Big Birthday Celebration Set

If you have many birthdays to attend to, you need to avail this set.

This set contains two insomnia cookie cakes, 24 traditional insomnia cookies, and two quarts of ice cream. This is the perfect set for any birthday boy or girl. There are also serving utensils in this package.

  • Birthday Celebration Set

It isn’t a birthday without cookies and cake. This is why the Insomnia cookies store is putting these two pastries together. This birthday celebration set has one insomnia cookie cake, a dozen insomnia cookies, and one quart of ice cream to fulfil your coworker’s birthday celebration.

Like the other set, the serving utensils are packed as well.

  • Crowd Pleaser

This is the perfect set to attain for your coworkers who want a taste of insomnia cookies.

This set comes with 50 traditional insomnia cookies of your preference, 24 deluxe insomnia cookies, and 12 chip brownies. 

This set is complete enough to make your co-workers eat all day.

Like other sets, the serving utensils are included in the package.

  • Ice Cream Bar

This set is filled with ice cream and it is enough to make an occasion sweeter.

This set comes with 6 quarts of ice cream and 50 insomnia cookies. 

You can have a great party with this set. Like other sets, this set also has serving utensils for the attendants.

  • Office Party

The Office Party set will make each workday a party for you and your colleagues.

This set is filled with 100 traditional insomnia cookies, 24 chip brownies, and 3 quarts of ice cream of your preference, there is something for everyone in the office to love and share. Like other sets, you can have serving utensils for your colleagues in this set.

  • Party Starter

This set will get your party in the mood.

This set contains 24 traditional insomnia cookies, 12 deluxe insomnia cookies, and 2 quarts of ice cream to set the stage for whatever you are currently celebrating. 

Like other sets, this set has serving utensils for the attendants of the party.

  • Sweet-Tooth Sampler

This set is filled with your favourite insomnia cookies enough for your cookie cravings.

  • The Sweet-Tooth Sampler set is joined with 24 of the traditional insomnia cookies, 12 of the deluxe insomnia cookies, and 12 of the most delicious brownies. 

The franchise has also expanded into serving their customers variations of ice cream settings as well as various kinds of milk.

  • Ice Cream Pint

This is a full pint of your insomnia cookies ice cream flavour.

  • Ice Cream Quart

This is a full quart of your favourite ice cream flavour of the Insomnia Cookies brand.

  • Small Ice Cream

This is a small cup of 2 scoops of ice cream in your favourite Insomnia Cookies 

  • Medium Ice Cream

This is a medium-sized ice cream of 3 scoops of your favourite Insomnia Cookies flavour.

  • Cookie with a Scoop

This is a traditional insomnia cookie covering one scoop of ice cream.

All you need to do is choose your favourite ice cream flavour and your favourite traditional insomnia cookies.

  • Deluxe with a Scoop

This is a deluxe cookie covering a scoop of ice cream. You only need to choose your favourite ice cream flavour and favourite deluxe insomnia cookies.

  • Brownie with a Scoop

This is a brownie covered by one scoop of ice cream. You can choose your Insomnia Cookies ice cream flavour.

  • 2% Milk

You can’t have your insomnia cookies without milk. This milk contains reduced fat 1% and skim milk also accessible at select locations.

  • Chocolate Milk

You can also pair your insomnia cookies with chocolate milk

  • Whole Milk

You wouldn’t want your insomnia cookies without milk. You can find this milk with reduced-fat and skim milk in select store locations.

  • 1% Milk

This is a great selection of milk that can be paired with your insomnia cookies.


In this brief blog, we have talked about insomnia cookies and its history and development. We have also discussed their services and their menu options. 

FAQs: insomnia cookies

Do insomnia cookies take cash?

Yes, insomnia cookies take cash but this kind of store also accepts redeem codes if available and credit cards.

This means that customers don’t need to go through the drudgery of getting to leave their house to pay for these kinds of cookies.

Are there drugs in insomnia cookies?

Yes, there are drugs in insomnia cookies. It’s just one drug which is called Modafinil which can make you less likely to sleep.

Do insomnia cookies make you sleep?

No, insomnia cookies cannot make you sleep. Once you have this kind of cookie as a late-night snack, you’ll find sleep as unnecessary in the present.

Modafinil which is a drug is one of the ingredients in these cookies that make you less likely to sleep once eating these kinds of cookies.

How long do insomnia cookies stay fresh?

Insomnia cookies can stay fresh as long as 2 to 3 weeks. This is enough time for you to have these kinds of cookies on any day you feel like eating them.

To maximize the shelf life of crisp cookies, you can place these kinds of cookies in a loosely covered container.

This is the amount of time if these kinds of cookies are preserved in a room of normal temperature.

Can you pick up insomnia cookies?

No, you can’t pick up insomnia cookies since they are out of range in your location or area.

You may either place an order for pickup at any of the stores above or have these kinds of cookies shipped to you.

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