INTJ and ISTJ (3 Similarities and Differences)

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In this article we will discuss what an INTJ and ISTJ is and what life is like for these two personalities. 

We will also explore what are the similarities and differences between these two personality types. 

What are the similarities between INTJ and ISTJ?

The various Similarities between an INTJ and an ISTJ include the following:


For both ISTJ and INTJ< they share the personality trait of “Judging” which makes them planners and organisers. 

This allows them to have a similar approach to life where they both enjoy life when there is a system or a way of doing things that allows them to be organised, orderly, and planned. 

This involves not just how they do things but also in the world around them- they are likely to be neat and orderly in their own space as well and like to have their things as and where they place them. 

While they both share this particular function, how thighs are organised might be a little different however, they both have this shared joy of creating the structure, working within a structure, and getting things done with the use of a structure or plan. 


Both INTJs and ISTJs value competency in themselves and other people and they also believe that their set plans and organised rules is what will guarantee efficiency when it comes to their work. 

Naturally, they are people who believe that they will get things done if and when they work hard which makes them both hard working individuals. 

Prefer One-on-One Socialising

Both INTJ and ISTJ are introverts meaning that they would prefer being either alone or one-to-one socialising instead of large groups or mingling with large crows. 

They both feel drained out when they socialise with other people and prefer to be alone to recharge themselves and prefer small groups of friends with deep meaningful relationships. 

They tend to enjoy socialising in terms of talking about deeper issues, more intimate details, or more important issues of what is happening in the world or their life rather than gossip and surface level issues. 

They believe in maintaining meaningful relationships with a few people over having many friends and a huge network.


Since both are introverts, they also tend to become over-stimulated not just by people but also by issues around them and activities that are too much for them. 

So they both will prefer being in a place of solitude, peace, and quiet rather than doing extreme things all the time. They might prefer staying in and reading as opposed to going shopping or prefer to watch a movie alone as opposed to going rafting. 


For both these personality types, boundaries are very important and they tend to be respectful of other people’s boundaries and expect the same from others. 

Though they enjoy intimate relationships with others, they are quite strict of when and how this intimacy is shared and do not like their boundaries being pushed and disrespected, 

What are the differences between INTJ and ISTJ?

Here are some differences between INTJ and ISTJ:

When it comes to change

Both personalities like things structured, planned and organised however, for an INTJ, change is something that brings improvement and generates more efficiency so they believe that changing things involves learning the flaws and improving the original process. 

Whereas for the ISTJ, change becomes a threat to productivity which makes them aversive to changing things since they believe that the traditional way of doing things is the “right “way.

Open-Mindedness vs Stead-Fast Beliefs

INTJS tend to be open minded to various possibilities and people because of their intuitive function and this makes them change their values quite a lot because of every new information that comes to them. They can make an effort to consider the new belief that comes their way thoroughly before choosing for themselves. 

However, for an ISTJ, they are quite resolute to their beliefs and are not open to changing them- often holding on to their beliefs for their entire lifetime however, with effort they can consider a new belief when presented. 

Freedom vs Duty

Because of their introverted natures, both types tend to be highly independent however, an INTJ’s independence comes in the form of their need for freedom while an ISTJ might struggle with their independence due to their beautiful nature. 

ISTJ will have a harder time saying no to people while an INTJ will choose to cut off from people or issues that cause them discomfort or threaten their freedom. 

The ISTJ will have to learn how to be assertive when it comes to their relationships and promise their need for freedom while the INTJ must learn how to establish boundaries that also involves saying no instead of cutting people out. 


For an INTJ, routines are not something that allows them to thrive. They need adventure and change to feel alive while for ISTJ, changing routines is somewhat perceived as a threat and tend to have a low tolerance for it. 

It will require the INTJ to focus on the finer details to be able to enjoy what similarity or familiarity brings to the table instead of continuously being focused on the bigger picture which drives the need for change whereas the ISTJ will need to learn how to allow change in their routine as a way to understand why change is also important 


When it comes to doing things, the INTJs intention is to pursue new ideas and try new things to explore, discover, and have fun. 

However, for an ISTJ, they are doers and they only choose to do what stimulates their sense- what serves a purpose for their experience.

What is the relationship between an INTJ and ISTJ like?

When it comes to the relationship between an INTJ and an ISTJ, their introversion allows them to be able to be somewhat on the same page when it comes to how they are in relationships. 

They both enjoy meaningful relationships and not only surface level connextions, for both of them being able to talk about their inner thoughts, feelings, and their hopes, fears, and dreams is very important. 

So in this regard, they tend to fit well together. However when it comes to how they perceive the world around them it is quite different, 

INTJ is someone who seeks out new ideas and new learnings which makes them seek out partners who will feed their intellectual needs and challenge them; however, the ISTJ is someone who is a strict rule follower.

However, because of this particular difference- where INTJ is a dreamer and a rule breaker of sorts, the ISTj comes into the picture as someone who provides a reality check for the INTJ. 

This in itself is an asset to their INTJ, while they serve their partner as someone of an initiator for the ISTJ to think of change, dream of a future, aspire to new things rather than just being focused on the present. 

When it comes to communication within the relationship, the INTJ tends to focus on finding out the “why” while the ISTJ focuses on the “what”. 

The INTJ is often caught up with the meanings behind what has happened and seeks to interpret what they have experienced as for the ISTJ, they focus on what has happened when they discuss things and tend to provide evidence or seek out evidence for it. 

When it comes to resolving conflicts in the relationships, they both face tense situations between  them logically. 

ISTJs might have a hard time understanding metaphors and ideas that the INTJ uses when they are having a conflict, so the INTJ should use more real life examples to help the ISTJ understand. 

Whereas the ISTJ must understand the INTJ must connect to the conflict before they work on a solution so as to allow them to be able to address the,. 

When it comes to trust in the relationships, the INTJ trusts ISTJs who listen and are appreciative of their creative process- this is also one way the ISTJ can encourage the INTJ. 

To get the INTJ to trust the ISTJ, the ISTJ must not push the INTJ to change their ways of thinking as it can make the INTJ feel controlled which is not something the INTJ wants at all in their partner. 

Whereas the ISTJ trusts people who are grounded and present in the conversation or the moment thus, for the ISTJ to trust the INTJ, the INTJ must be patient, steady, and avoid making predictions about the future based on the ISTJs actions.

When it comes to making decisions in the relationship, both types are logical in their decision makings and tend to analyse the details before making a decision however, INTJs tend to be future oriented in doing so whereas the ISTJ tend to make decisions for the present. 

When making plans, the INTJ is inclined to think of the overall goal without thinking of the details of the plan whereas the ISTJ, focuses on the steps that can make the goal happen this makes them extremely complementary to each other when it comes to setting goals as a couple and achieving them. 


In this article we have discussed what an INTJ and ISTJ is and what life is like for these two personalities. 

We have also explored what are the similarities and differences between these two personality types. 

FAQ related to INTJ and ISTJ

Is ISTJ compatible with INTJ?

INTJ and ISTJ when it comes to lifestyle and socialising, as well as problem solving will match well because their personality traits are compatible. 

They might find some challenges when it comes to how they take in information from the world around them since INTJs tend to be more future oriented while ISTJ tends to be present focused. 

However, If they are willing to put in effort and make sacrifices, a relationship between an ISTJ and an INTJ could flourish. 

Is ISTJ and INTJ the same?

INTJs and ISTJs are both Introverts who are practical, logical thinkers and enjoy organisations and planning. 

However, INTJs tend to think a lot about their future, are dreamers,  and various possibilities while iSTJ tend to be more practical, fact oriented, and focused on the present. 

Are INTJs smarter than ISTJs?

Overall INTJs have the highest collective IQ of all types. Thus, usually the INTJ would have a higher IQ but that does not mean that the INTJ is smarter than the ISTJ- it all depends on the context. 

What do ISTJs think of INTJs?

ISTJ respect INTJ for their intelligence on a surface level and without getting to known the INTJ we;;, the ISTJ also consider the other as too ambitious and arrogant


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