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INTJ Anime characters (11 reviews)

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This blog will describe 11 INTJ anime characters. INTJ personality traits are characterized by their immensely gifted Intuition, far-sightedness, intelligence, and curious nature. INTJs are great at conceptualizing their ideas and also turning them into reality. INTJ anime characters are highly influential characters that can be easily spotted in the series.

11 Iconic INTJ Anime Characters

Some of the iconic INTJ anime characters are given below:

  • Light Yagami from Death Note
  • Nate River “Near” from Death Note
  • Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan
  • Lelouch Lamperouge(vi Britannia) from Code Geass
  • Kurisu Makise from Steins; Gate
  • Hendrickson from The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Ray from the Promised Neverland
  • Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter
  • Kai Chisaki “Overhaul” from My Hero Academia
  • Merlin from The Seven Deadly Sins
  • Tsukishima Kei (Tsukki) from Hyaikuu!
  • Light Yagami from Death Note

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: Far-sighted, smart, just, strategic,straightforward, and blunt.

Light is heavily focused on justice. Although he knows he is being evil according to the world’s rules, he claims that he’ll be defined by justice if he wins. He is strategic and prefers logic over violence. He also has Intuition, which he anticipates throughout. He could foresee things playing out, depicting the Ni tunnel vision.

He has morals, which were seen when he was pretending not to be Kira. He is also chivalrous; as seen, he couldn’t manipulate women because it was against his principles. Light has a weak Se function. It is seen when he is being impulsive, manic way . When he is using the inferior Se function, it backfires his plan. 

  • Nate River “Near” from Death Note

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: insightful, far-sighted, smart, meticulous, logical

Nate River, commonly known as N or Near, is the younger  of L’s two successors, brought up in a Watari orphanage for gifted children. After L dies, he starts the investigation of the Kira case. On the basis of the collection of evidence, presented over four years’ duration, Near shows his conclusions to the President of the United States and claims himself as L’s successor. Soon after, Near is known to be the Head of the SPK and continues his search for Kira.

  • Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: Serious, cold, logical, disciplined, leader

Levi is the strongest soldier in humanity. He has great combat skills. Levi is a serious person with clear and firm ideas. He is greatly disciplined and has strong potential to be a leader; he gives clear and precise commands, without being questioned for his authority.

He can be cold and serious, thus giving him respect because he is a man of few words. He rarely expresses his emotions. He perfectly knows his responsibility to manage his soldiers.

  • Lelouch Lamperouge(vi Britannia) from Code Geass

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: rebellious, compassionate, cunning, strategic, focussed, visionary.

Lamperouge considers life as an ever-changing chess match. He is gifted as he can anticipate the moves of his enemies and plan accordingly.  He foresees the situation and is far-sighted, helping him create long-term plans, which can change the world. 

He seems nonchalant and cold from his looks, but from the inside, he is deeply compassionate and caring towards the welfare of the downtrodden and deprived class. His Tertiary Introverted Feeling (Fi) is evident along with his Introverted Intuition (Ni). He does not mind being the bad guy, because ultimately, he is most sincere to his own beliefs, values, and plan.

  • Kurisu Makise from Steins; Gate

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: smart, serious, sensible, curious, sarcastic, and practical.

Kurisu is a mature, serious, and smart person. She has graduated from university at the young age of seven. She is a member of the Brain Science Institute and helps Okabe create a time machine. She helps in managing the logistics of getting back and forth and saving lives. Like other INTJs, She is sensible, sarcastic, and focused. She does not get panicky and usually theorizes the scientific meaning of things. For instance, she hypothesizes Einstein’s theory of relativity while kissing.

  • Hendrickson from The Seven Deadly Sins

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: Level-headed, serious, cool, confident, and commanding.

He has a knack for forecasting the actions of people even before they actually happen. He is a former Great Holy Knight, and he aims to find his purpose, and as a villain, he is willing to manipulate and lie to others to fulfill that purpose. 

His intuitive tendencies are evident in his methods to foresee the potential of things and his abilities to organize the situations in advance long before they occur. His thinking skills are shown in his meticulous and efficient strategies. Hendrickson is commanding, serious, and sharp to appoint people to their most efficient roles.

  • Ray from the Promised Neverland

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: private, smart. Serious, blunt, skeptic, and cunning

He is sullen but insightful; Ray understands Grace Field House’s true value before any other students. Ray regards it as a kindness to be straightforward and to-the-point. He has no patience for immaturity or the sensitivities of other kids. His long-sighted thinking and strategic thought process are completely evident when he created a six-year plan to ensure that his companions can find their freedom.

  • Kurapika from Hunter X Hunter

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: Intelligent, focused, curious, argumentative, strategic, reticent, loyal, and ruthless

Kurapika is a determined visionary individual. Even as a child, he was fond of debating and venturing into the world beyond his clan. He is apparently cold and logical on the outside; he is extremely loyal to his friends. He fights in defense of his close ones, and his friends can only pull him out of his rage episodes. He is highly intuitive, and it is evident in the way he is able to read between the lines, analyze and predict. He does not like things at face value, so he questions their motives and understands the deeper meanings of things.

  • Kai Chisaki “Overhaul” from My Hero Academia

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: Antisocial, strategic, clever, obsessive, germaphobe, and ambitious.

As the mastermind villain, Chisaki considers people as his pawns to be used for his good instead of human beings with feelings. All his moves are a part of his meticulously planned master plan. He plans to remove Quirks from the world, hence permitting yakuza to regain the power they once had over society. Irrespective of the consequences, Chisaki is always having their eyes on the bigger picture and prize and predicting how things will unveil and impact his plan. This helps in improving and innovating his actions if there is a need. He is also an excellent leader despite his violence; he can stay calm and organized in the time of crisis and channelize various people’s abilities to plan well-coordinated attacks.

  • Merlin from The Seven Deadly Sins

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: Smart, calm, humorous, mysterious, strategic, polite, and curious.

Merlin is the greatest mage and is Boar’s sin of gluttony. She is immensely hungry for knowledge–going too far as to suspend her age so she can get all the knowledge in the world. She is calm, and her thoughtful demeanor almost never being panic, even during a disaster situation. She calmly analyses the situation, sharply devising a planned-strategy before launching any action. Her strong desire for knowledge, her Intuition, and her calm and logical side make her an ideal INTJ character.

  • Tsukishima Kei (Tsukki) from Hyaikuu!

Prominent INTJ Character Traits: Observant, snarky, analytical, intelligent, calculating, strategic and private.

Tsukishima becomes the main strategist of the Karasuno volleyball team. He has deep insights that turn the course of action of the game. He is quiet and analytical, creating systematic strategies to defeat the opponents and effectively organize the team. The other player with whom he gets argumentative is the other INTJ on his team. It takes some time to make him motivated to excel in volleyball as he considers it as a temporary nature of the game and the short-lived-ness of the victory they may get. However, when he gets the said motivation, he is ingenious, bold and daring, and challenging to get his way.


The blog described 11 INTJ anime characters. It also discussed the characteristics of the INTJ personality traits in those characters.

INTJ is a highly intuitive, focused, and observant personality type. INTJ lives in their world of strategies and ideas. They give high value to intelligence, knowledge, competence and have high standards to achieve. INTJ is extremely observant and loves to generate new ideas and possibilities. They are insightful and understand new concepts and ideas relatively faster than others.

INTJ have a fondness for orderliness and systemization, making them excellent leaders and scientists. They are strong conceptualists and spend most of the time in their heads. Their sensory function is not so developed. However, they can practice and polish this with some effort. They are active learners, and they want to be practically involved in making their visions into reality. 

Do you agree or disagree with our list of INTJ Anime characters? Do you have any suggestions for the character? Feel free to write in the comments below.

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Frequently Asked Questions: INTJ Anime Characters

What anime characters are INTJ?

Some of the INTJ anime characters are:

Light Yagami from Death Note
Nate River “Near” from Death Note
Lelouch Lamperouge(vi Britannia) from Code Geass
Kurisu Makise from Steins; Gate
Kai Chisaki “Overhaul” from My Hero Academia

Who are INTJs most attracted to?

survey was performed to know the personality types were attracted to which personality types. It was found that 26% of the INTJs are attracted to ENFPs. 13% were most attracted to either ENTJs or ENTPs, whereas 10% were attracted to other INTJs.

Are INTJs geniuses?

INTJ is one of the rarest types, with the most rare kind of genius. Introverted Intuition allows them to see beyond the surface level and assumptions.

Why are INTJs so attractive?

INTJ men and women are attractive because of their extreme sense of independence and they are natural leaders. It is easy to be attracted to the self-sufficient and independent people because they exude immense confidence. They are quite particular so it takes a lot to impress them.

Do INTJs care about looks?

Yes. INTJs usually take pride in the way they look, and find it important to look decent and presentable. They have their unique style and that often works perfectly for them. INTJs may find themselves attracted to exotic physical qualities more than others, but they do find the attraction quite essential.

What are INTJs bad at?

INTJs can appear cold and unfeeling to the ones around them, it becomes challenging for them to cultivate long-lasting partnership. Their friendships and relationships suffer and usually fairly due to their guarded behavior.




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