Is BetterHelp covered by Aetna? (+3 Alternative Platforms)

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In this post, we will be answering if BetterHelp is covered by Aetna. We will also be checking out some of the unique features that are present in BetterHelp. In addition to this, we will be mentioning some of the alternative mental health care platforms that offer insurance coverage to their users.


Is BetterHelp covered by Aetna?

No, BetterHelp is not covered by Aetna as the platform does not allow any form of insurance coverage. However, users can aim to reduce the cost of therapy here by using HSA or FSA accounts to pay for the subscription. They can also avail financial aid that can be renewed every three months or so.

Unique features of BetterHelp

BetterHelp has a number of unique features that can be highly advantageous to any user. These features make BetterHelp one of the most popular online therapy platforms today. Some of these features have been explored in this section.

BetterHelp has therapy in different modes

The live therapy sessions in BetterHelp are available in various modes like live audio sessions, live video sessions and even live chat sessions. Each user is allowed two live sessions every month and these have a time-block of thirty minutes. However, it can also be extended up to an hour depending on the availability of the therapist.


It allows unlimited messaging

The primary mode of communication in BetterHelp is through unlimited messaging. This means that the user can send any number of messages to their therapists at any time of the day. The therapist is guaranteed to respond once or twice in the day for five days in a week. The messages can be sent in the form of text messages, audio messages and even video messages.

It has couples therapy

Couples therapy is also available in BetterHelp. The couples therapy here is conducted through group chats and even live sessions in various formats. This feature is conducted through ReGain, which is the sister website of BetterHelp and is considerably cheaper than in-person couples therapy sessions.

Teens therapy is also available here

Therapy for teenagers is also available in BetterHelp. This feature is meant for those who are between the ages of 13 years to 17 years. Therapy for teenagers is indicated for those who are from broken homes, have faced or witnessed trauma early in life and even those who are exposed to high levels of stress on a frequent basis.

Group sessions are for free

The group sessions in BetterHelp are called ‘groupinars’ and are offered free of cost for the user. These cover more than twenty different topics related to mental health and mental illness and can be very informative in nature. Users can participate in these live or can even watch the recorded session in a span of seven days.

BetterHelp is HIPAA compliant

BetterHelp is also HIPAA compliant and thus assures the user the highest possible safety and security. The platform has been reinforced with safety measures like end to end encryptions, multi-step authentications and passwords through which the identity and information related to the user is safeguarded.

It makes smart use of algorithms

BetterHelp uses algorithms to match the user with a compatible therapist. These algorithms use the data provided by the user at the time of signing up to match them with a suitable provider. This matching process is very successful and through this, many users have been able to find their dream therapist.

It has financial aid

Financial aid is also available for the users in BetterHelp. However, this is only applicable for certain categories. Those who are unemployed, have low income jobs or are currently studying can apply for this financial aid. It is also extended to those who are disabled or have veteran status.

It can be used from anywhere

The best advantage that BetterHelp provides is that it can be used from basically anywhere. The user only requires an internet connection and a smart device. Since it can be used from anywhere, BetterHelp can be greatly useful for those who have very busy schedules and thus find it difficult to pencil in time for therapy sessions.

Platforms that offer insurance coverage

Insurance coverage can make mental health care highly affordable and thus more accessible for users. However, not all mental health care platforms allow insurance coverage. Some of the platforms that allow insurance coverage have been mentioned in the list below.

  • Talkspace: Talkspace offers therapy and psychiatry services together in the same platform. Both of these services are eligible for insurance coverage. Talkspace has features for therapy for individuals, couples and even teenagers.
  • Cerebral: Cerebral is another platform that allows insurance coverage. In Cerebral, the user can choose from plans offering only therapy, only psychiatry or both these features. The medications are also sent to the home of the user in discreet packaging.
  • Teladoc: Teladoc is another platform that offers therapy as well as psychiatry services as part of its behavioral health feature. Teladoc also provides other forms of medical care for non-emergency conditions. Teladoc is also covered by insurance.


In this post, we have answered if BetterHelp is covered by Aetna. We have also checked out some of the unique features that are present in BetterHelp. In addition to this, we have mentioned some of the alternative mental health care platforms that offer insurance coverage to their users.

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