Is he trying to get me pregnant on purpose?

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In this blog we present to you 20 signs that your partner is trying to get you pregnant on purpose. 

Is he trying to get me pregnant on purpose? 20 Signs he is.  

If your partner is trying to get you pregnant without having a clear discussion about it or without any regard as to where you stand on the matter, this could be indicative of an unhealthy relationship. 

Before we start branding the relationship as dangerous or toxic, let us consider the possibility that your partner is trying to get you pregnant on the sly. 

Here are some signs and behaviours that might indicate that he is trying to get you pregnant on purpose:

Suggests you to get off Birth Control Pill

If you notice that your partner is becoming unenthusiastic about contraception and birth control pills, even encouraging your to stop taking them- it could be a sign that he wants to have a child with you. 

This is not a sure sign however if these hints come even after you mention that you do not want to have children or that you and your partner are clearly not ready to have children due to your careers, finances, health conditions etc; this could be an indication that he is trying to get your pregnant on the sly. 

This is especially so if you confront him and he has no proper explanation as to why he wants you to stop the pill or especially when he is disregarding your wants and needs to have a child-free life at the moment. 

Keeps track of your Menstrual Cycle

If you notice that your partner is keeping track of yor menstrual cycle; asking you if you are n your period or if you are off it; it could be because he is checking to see if your period has stopped with the possibility of pregnancy following unprotected sex. 

It is also possible that he is tracking your cycle, to time your sexual enccounters with your ovulation period to ensure that you get pregnant. 

He wants to have sex during your Ovulation Period

Now, following the sign mentioned prior, if you notice that he tends to approach your for sex during your ovuation period or suggest that he does not want to use protection during this time of the month- it si possible that he wants to get your preganat. 

When you are ovulating, it is very much possible that your risk of getting pregnant is very high and having unprotected sex at tis time- even if he does not ejaculate in you- could potentially get your preganant. 

He pushes to have unprotected sex

Another sign is that he is not really keen on using protection like condoms when he is having sex with you. 

He might also not use any contraceptive measures such as pulling out when he ejaculates and if this occurs even after you have raised an issue with him; this could be problematic. 

If you have mentioned that you do not want to get preganat or have kids right now and he is not cautious about unprotected sex, it is one sure sign that he is trying to get you preganant or that he just does not care about what your rights nor your wants. 

Holes Into Condoms

If you have been noticing that there has been more tears and leaking when you have sex with him with a condom it is possible that he has punctured holes in them. 

You should pay attention to how often the condom breaks or how often it leaks, there may also be chances that you catch him making holes in the condom. 

If you notice this and are able to find condoms wiht holes in them, the is definetly trying to get your preganat and this behavior is a sign of an unhealthy relationship, considerably even toxic. 

He Insists talking about babies

If you have been noticing that he wants to talk about anything and everything babies even after you have entioend that you do not want to have kids, he is probably not going to stop bringing it up.

It might alos get to a point where he might sar manifpulating you into having kids- if you notice that you are being forced to participate in things thta you do nto want to, it is important that you create some space form him and the discussion because it is a sign that his desire to have babies for whatever reason is getting out of hand. 

He refuses to break up

If you ave decided that this is not what you want and that separating with your partner is the best decision but has been refused a break up multiple times when you reak up, it is indicative of something unhealthy in the relationship. 

He might try placating you and even initiatie sex after fights with a clear intention to ejaculate inside you, it is possible that he is trying to imporegannte you. It could be to stop you from leaving even when you inform him you no longer think the relationship is working. 

He Is Asking To Have More Sex Than Usual

If you notice that your partner is truing to initiate more sexual contact that normal, espeiclaly during fertile periods of the month- it could be possible that he is trying to get your pregannet. 

This can be especially true if the frequency has increased along with unprotected sex and discourgameent to use birth control. 

What should you do if your partner is trying to get you pregnant on purpose?

If you think that he is trying to get your pregnant, here are a few things that you can do:

Ask yourself what you want

The first thing that you can do is to ask yourself what it is that you want and if you are ready to be a parent. 

Planned Parenthood puts down a list of questions that you need to ask yourself and reflect on, before starting a family. Some of these questions are:

  • Do I want to start a family now?
  • Am I ready to be totally responsible for all of my child’s needs?
  • Will I be able to raise my child in a loving and healthy home?
  • Can I afford to raise a child right now?
  • What kind of support will I have from my family, my friends, and my partner/the father?
  • What would having a baby right now mean for my future?
  • How would having a baby right now affect my family or other children?
  • Is someone pressuring me to become a parent?
  • Am I ready to go through pregnancy and childbirth?
  • Do my partner and I both feel good about staying together and parenting together?
  • How do I feel about co-parenting if we break up, or parenting alone?

Communicate with your partner

Communication is an important issue in any relationship, especially romantic relationships. Effective communication can help couples share their feelings, express their opinions, set expectations which can help the couple grow and move forward.

Effective communication also helps to  avoid misunderstandings and also clear expectations within the couple. It can help set clear boundaries and  enrich the relationship by having open communication that allows for effective expression and understanding.

If you have had enough time to think things over, the next thing you can do is to communicate what you think your goals for parenthood are or what your plans are. 

Be assertive when you talk about what it is that you want and what you need and leave space for your partner to share their own thoughts and their own vision for the relationship. 

Listen to their point of view

After you have put your point across, make sure that you listen to your partner. 

Here, listen to understand why he wants to have a baby so soon since you are both new to the relationship. They might explain that they are in a rush because their biological clock is ticking, or it could be because they want to start a family with you.

As you listen to them, it is important that you understand and empathise with them while at the same time, look at things logically and help them also look at things with a bigger perspective. 

Make a note of the following

As you and your partner continue this conversation, it is important that you make note of the following:

  • Your partner and you should be mutually respectful of each other’s wants and needs. This means that their want for a child must be considered with respect while they need to respect your want to have a child later on in the relationship. If there is no mutual respect and understanding, that is not a good sign.
  • You also have to keep an eye out for any imbalance power dynamics in the relationships especially related to decision making. If you feel pressured to say yes to the plan of having a child without you actually wanting to, there appears to be some power dynamic between you and your partner. 

Is there room for compromise?

The next thing that you and your partner can do, is to see if there are any steps that you and your partner can take where you both get what you want. 

For example, if your partner is worried about their biological clock ticking, you and your partner have the option of freezing their eggs or considering a surrogate later in life. 

Brainstorm different options that you and your partner can consider when it comes to parenthood and see if there is any room for compromise. 

It is okay to want different things.

When all is said and done, you have to realise that it is okay to want different things from your partner even if you love them very much. 

Your partner’s wants and needs should not dictate the entire relationship because being part of a couple means that you have equal say. 

If you are able to put things across to your partner, and they are firm in what they want and this is causing a dent in the relationship, it is time to reconsider the relationship itself.

As difficult as it might be to walk away, it is important that a decision such as having a child be taken seriously even if that means saying no to parenthood- and in your case, the relationship- at this time in your life. 


In this blog we present to you 20 signs that your partner is trying to get you pregnant on purpose. 


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