Is ReGain owned by BetterHelp? (+3 Relationship tips)

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This article will aim to explain if ReGain is owned by BetterHelp. We will also see the actual importance of couples therapy and why many pairs seek counseling for their relationships. Finally, we will be describing a few tips and suggestions that you can use to improve your relationship with your partner.


Is ReGain owned by BetterHelp?

Yes, ReGain is owned by BetterHelp. ReGain offers couples therapy to help partners improve their relationships with each other. The couples therapy in BetterHelp is offered through ReGain. This form of therapy is offered through group chats and live therapy sessions between the partners and the therapist.


Importance of couples therapy

Couples therapy or couples counseling is increasingly sought out by partners in a relationship. This form of therapy is often indicated for those couples who are going through a rough patch in their relationship. At the same time, it is recommended for even those who are planning on getting married to each other. Some of the reasons why couples therapy is important are:

It can improve communication between partners

The best thing that couples therapy can do is improve the communication between the partners. As everyone already knows, communication is the key factor for any type of relationship. Couples therapy can help partners communicate better with each other by teaching the pillars of effective communication and also training them in certain behavioral techniques.

It can help in growth

It is not only necessary for individuals to grow, but also highly important that the couple grows together as a unit. However, this aspect is something that most couples lack as the partners focus more on themselves. In couples therapy, partners can understand how to set goals for their relationship and how they can achieve them.

It can help in sorting issues

Couples often approach therapists for counselors in light of certain issues. Infidelity, lying and other trust problems are examples of such issues. These therapists help partners understand the roots behind these problems and also paint a different picture of the story. Through couples therapy, many couples have been able to avoid divorce and have happily-ever-after relationships.

It can provide varying perspectives

Couples therapy can also provide partners in relationships with different perspectives on various topics and issues. These can help the partners understand the others’ points of views and thereby empathize with them. These perspectives can also create a stronger bond between the partners and therefore lay a stronger foundation for their relationships.


It can be a safe space

Therapy has always been considered to be a safe space for any person. The same applies to couples therapy as well. In this space, both the partners have the right to vent and express their feelings without the fear of judgment. Through this safe space, both the partners can communicate openly with each other, bringing up otherwise embarrassing topics.

Therapy can provide various coping strategies

Through couples therapy, the partners in the relationship can learn various coping strategies and techniques that can be used to get through fights, solve quarrels and improve intimacy and communication with each other. These coping strategies can also be great for those couples who are dealing with mental illnesses that require specialized techniques.

It can teach the partners about themselves

Couple therapy not only teaches the partners about their relationship as a unit, but also teaches the individuals more about themselves. This greater understanding can be solid for the relationship as the partners realize why they do or say certain things and also why their partner may not like them.

Tips to improve your relationship

Every relationship is different but it is certain that every relationship can become better. Some proven tips that can be used by partners to improve their relationship with each other have been described in the points as follows.

Don’t be afraid to argue

Arguments and quarrels will occur between two people at any point of time. However, many couples are afraid to argue with each other, thinking that it is a sign of a bad relationship. Still, arguments can be healthy and can also help the individuals learn more about each other. The point is to learn how to argue without disrespecting and putting down the other person.


Focus on the positives

Everyone is not perfect and these minor annoyances often crop up after the honeymoon phase is over. However, it is important to focus on the positives and the strengths that are present in your partner. When you focus on how amazing they are, the little things they do that may frustrate you just disappear into the background.

Focus on yourself

One of the biggest mistakes that many partners in relationships do is to depend on the other person to complete them. But, each of the individuals needs to understand that they are a person by themselves. Thus, before working on the relationship they need to work on themselves and focus on improving their strengths while being aware of their weaknesses.


This article has aimed to explain if ReGain is owned by BetterHelp. We have also seen the actual importance of couples therapy and why many pairs seek counseling for their relationships. Finally, we have also described a few tips and suggestions that you can use to improve your relationship with your partner.

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