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ISFP Anime characters (7+ List)

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This blog will look into the details and description of 11 significant ISFP anime characters. It will give an insight into the ISFP personality traits of each character.

Significant ISFP Anime Characters

Some of the significant ISFP anime characters are given below:

  • Tatsumi from Akame ga Kill
  • Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden
  • Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill
  • Simon from Gurren Lagann
  • Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan
  • Haruka Nanase from Free!
  • Ojiro Mashirao from My Hero Academia
  • Genya Shinazugawa from Demon Slayer
  • Asahi Azumane from Haikyuu!
  • Thorfinn Karlsefni from Vinland Saga
  • James from Pokemon

ISFP Personality Traits

ISFP is one of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. ISFPs are usually described as quiet, happy-go-lucky, and peaceful people. ISFPs try to keep their options open, so they typically delay the decision-making process in hopes that things might change or new options might come up. According to MBTI, ISFPS are compassionate, friendly, quiet, and sensitive people. Unlike the extroverts who are revitalized by interactions with other people, introverts must expend energy around people. After spending time around people, introverts mostly need their downtime to function optimally. Therefore, they prefer to indulge with a small close group of friends and family members.

ISFPs are quiet and reserved, they are famous for being careful, peaceful, and considerate. ISFPs’ easy-going nature and are accepting of other people. ISFPs are meticulous and focus on the details. They are focused on the here and now and do not worry much about the future. ISFPs are the doers instead of the dreamers. They don’t like abstract ideas and love to play and act rationally. They like to have hands-on experience. ISFPs focus on personal concerns instead of logical and objective information. ISFPs have their personal value system and make spontaneous judgments depending on how they fit their ideas. ISFPs have extraverted sensing as auxiliary functions. They are tuned with the sensory information and are observant of their environment. Their tertiary function is introverted intuition. This function runs in the background, feeding off the extraverted sensing function. They have strong gut feelings regarding all situations and events. While they do not like abstract theories and concepts, their introverted intuition leads them to experience epiphanies. Some of the popular ISFPS are 

Marilyn Moroe, actress

Harry Potter, a fictional character

Neil Simon,  playwright

Auguste Rodin, sculptor

David Beckham, soccer player

Without further ado, let’s get into the details of ISFP anime characters.

  • Tatsumi from Akame ga Kill

Tatsumi is the main protagonist of the anime show Akame Ga Kill!. He lives for the moment and truly believes in the fact that you only live once, so he might as well make use of all the energy and resources in the here and now. He is optimistic and idealistic. Tatsumi has big hopes and dreams. However, he does not feel confident to share it openly with others. He is friendly but he has a few close-knit friends with whom he is his most comfortable self.

Although it is mostly debated to be an extrovert,  he does not show any real extroverted tendencies.

  • Sasuke Uchiha from Naruto Shippuden

Sasuke Uchiha is an interesting character where he played both the antagonist and protagonist in the anime show Naruto Shippuden. Sasuke is undoubtedly a prominent ISFP anime character. Although his introversion is all but evident by the anime, some anime fanatics prefer to label him an INTJ.

Sasuke is more inclined towards the ISFP despite his introversion, and he is quite an emotional person. He is not a fan of thinking ahead of time–he likes to look in the past. Sasuke would rather play alone than lead the pack.

  • Ryuko Matoi from Kill La Kill

Ryuko Matoi is the protagonist of the short-lived anime show Kill La Kill!, is a competitive, independent, but not so social fighter whose number one priority is to get the tasks done in the best way possible.

She can be hot-headed at certain times, and she believes in her gut feelings rather than overspending her time on thinking.

  • Simon from Gurren Lagann

Simon from the anime show Gurren Lagann is an ISFP anime character, similar to Tatsumi. They both are young and just learning how the world works. They also have a small bunch of friends but feel nervous when they are around other people.

Simone’s personality characteristics changed a bit over the course of the series, but not that significant to change his Myers=Briggs Type.

  • Eren Yeager from Attack on Titan

Eren Yeager is the main protagonist of the anime show Attack on Titan. He has innate stoicism that is characteristic of an ISFP personality. His associations to the ISFP types are mainly because he prefers to follow his feelings without the need to get approval from others, 

Eren Yeager works great as a team, but his goal is to do his part and perform his duties. That said, he does not make extra efforts to ‘go beyond’ his means to be successful.

  • Haruka Nanase from Free!

Haruka Nanase is one of the protagonists of the sports-based anime show Free! He is one of the iconic examples of modern ISFP characters. He can be extra grim at certain times, and he is not directed towards long-term goals or future plans.

Nonetheless, despite his inability to express his feelings, he undoubtedly has a lot. He also enjoys some experiences of life–especially water sports, like swimming.

  • Ojiro Mashirao from My Hero Academia

Ojiro Mashirao from the famous anime show My Hero Academia is one of the peaceful ISFPs–he still possesses all the core characteristics of an ISFP, but apart from that, he does not have any of negative traits. He is introverted and calm, and he likes to keep his feelings to himself. His motivation is to make sure everyone is heard and not to ignore or push others away.

He is conscious and aware of the environment around him. Sometimes even if he looks calm and aloof, but he is not, he is all aware.

  • Genya Shinazugawa from Demon Slayer

Genya is a character from Demon Slayer. He is a perfect example of a hot-headed ISFP character who can’t be reasoned with. He is independent and free. He lives for no one but himself. However, when the need arises, he holds his moral grounds and recognizes the needs of others

  • Asahi Azumane from Haikyuu!

Asahi Azumane is one of the popularly known ISFP anime characters from a volleyball-based anime show Haikyuu! He is a strong attacker and he can defeat his opponents, often leading them to victory.

However, he is too humble and does not like taking the credits for his accomplishments. Unlike the other team players, he does not play the sport for the social aspect, but he enjoys the adrenaline rush and the thrill the game provides.

  • Thorfinn Karlsefni from Vinland Saga

Thorfinn Karlsefni is the protagonist of the anime show Vinland Saga. He is a pure ISFP; Thorfinn didn’t feel the need to express his emotions or run into situations impulsively. This is how it has always been for him because he has never done it in any other way.

Mostly, ISFP personality types are the most likely to change their types laters, as he has not been encountered as an opposing type. He is not aware if he is secretly garnering feelings that coexist with that personality type or not.

  • James from Pokemon

James from the popular anime Pokemon is value-driven with his Feeling function and has strong emotions about most things. However, he does not know how to express his feelings too well. James can be a bit shy and struggles to show what he truly feels and means to others as well. He can be seen as caring and loving, considering he is a villain. He can be a bit romantic and amicable in an ISFP manner but not like the NF style; thus his Fi dominant makes him this way. 

James has family issues and avoids facing them immediately and pushes them under the rug and escapes from his home. Later, he has to confront his family and past loved ones again. James lives in the moment and responds to the details around him spontaneously. He can be a bit impulsive and responds to situations, often without prior thinking or planning. He is also unconfident or somewhat worried at times showing his Te inferior function. He has to psych himself and try to behave bravely and more efficiently to get his goals achieved and be a more confident person as a whole in life and confront his problems head-on. James is an interesting character overall and one of the best ISFP characters. 


The blog described 11 ISFP anime characters. It also discussed the characteristics of the ISFP personality type.

ISFP is one of the 16 personality types identified by the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. ISFPs are usually described as quiet, happy-go-lucky, and peaceful people. They are the fourth most common personality type. 

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Do you agree or disagree with our list of ISFP Anime characters? Do you have any suggestions for the character? Feel free to write in the comments below.

FAQs on ISFP Anime Characters

How rare is ISFP?

ISFPs are the fourth most common personality type in the population. They make up 9% of the general population.

Who should an ISFP marry?

ISFP’s natural partners are ENFJs or ESFJs. ISFP’s dominant function is Introverted Feeling best paired with a person with the dominant function of Extraverted Feeling. However, two well-developed individuals of any personality type can have a healthy relationship.

Is ISFP lazy?

ISFPs can be lazy. They tend to take things easy and savor the moments, thus making them slow-movers at some times, which can be frustrating to others.

What are ISFPs good at?

ISFPs are good at things that require creativity and aesthetics. They are exceptional at the interior and fashion designing. Some of them find their places in cosmetology, art, and architecture. Others excel as jewelers, carpenters, and chefs.

Are ISFPs selfish?

Yes, ISFPs can come across as selfish and unreal. This is because they mostly focus on their own perspective.

What is the rarest personality type?

INFJs are the rarest personality type in the U.S, with around 1.5 % percent of the population coming in this type.


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