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ISTP Anime characters (9 memorable characters)

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This blog looks into the details and description of 11 iconic ISTP anime characters. It gives an insight into the ISTP personality traits of each character.

Iconic ISTP Anime Characters

Some of the iconic ISTP anime characters are given below:

  • Asuma Sensei from Naruto
  • Roronoa Zoro from One Piece
  • Saitama from One Punch
  • Spike from Cowboy Bebop
  • Kyoka Jiro from My Hero Academia
  • Itaru Hashida from Steins; Gate
  • Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai
  • Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero
  • Toph Beifong from Avatar:The Last Airbender
  • Shoto Aizawa
  • Akihito Narihisago from ID:Invaded
  • Asuma Sensei from Naruto

Asuma Sensei from the anime show Naruto is definitely a true ISTP character. He has a strong hold of Ti dominant and Se auxiliary functions. He finds inconsistencies and logical reasoning with his Ti. He is highly analytical with it, and it is evident when he assesses the fights in the Chunin exams and highlights Shikamaru’s strengths and expertise in the Temari fight. He is habitual of giving a break down in a detailed logical format by pointing out his capabilities before Shogi and responding to the new logical explanations in the fights as it progresses. He is keen on picking up analytical details like Kakashi (INTP) with Ti dominant function, as well. Nothing goes unnoticed by him. Asuma is generally a great character, but unfortunately, he had to bid farewell from the show. All loyal anime fans will always remember his death. 

  • Roronoa Zoro from One Piece

Roronoa Zoro is one of the most significant ISTP anime characters.  He is a calm, cool, and introverted character. He has an innate knack for thorough, logical analysis and readily points out any logical inconsistencies. He is not very analytical, though, and likes to live in the moment. He responds to the world with his Se and does not take several things seriously, reacts spontaneously, and is also laid back. Zoro lives as the day comes and is not bothered by the future beyond his Mihawk Greatest Swordsman goal with her tertiary Ni function. However, Se function users can have some plans, and Zoro is one of them. He is tremendously loyal to Luffy and will go to great lengths for his loved ones. He struggles with socializing and being emotionally expressive with his Fe inferior function. He genuinely cares for societal values but to a low degree with his Fe. He is not too expressive because Ti dominant and low Fe inferior functions. His logical understanding of things with accuracy is characteristic of his Ti dominant tendency. 

  • Saitama from One Punch

Saitama is a famous ISTP anime character. He is apathetic towards everything and is often seen commenting on how he has lost the ability to feel. He is seen searching for new challenges throughout the series. However, owing to his overpowered condition, he is not able to find any. He has an easy-going aura, but it can lead to making accidentally insensitive remarks or ignoring people; however it’s sometimes deliberate. Yet, generally, he is laid back and friendly. As he tries to live in the moment, he is susceptible to procrastination or preventing immediate problems. He is short and straightforward in his communication. He can’t stand long dialogues, and it is physically discomforting to him as he is impatient. He has inferior Fe function, which shows how invisible and unappreciated he feels and still ends up downplaying himself to magnify fellow heroes’ reputation.

  • Spike from Cowboy Bebop

Spike is a laid-back, lively, and sarcastic person. He also loves lounging around. However, whenever he likes something, and it piques his interest, he is consumed by it, thoroughly engaging his Se function. He is primarily motivated by self-interest with the exception of his close friends. He has a cynic sense of humor, common to Ti dominant users. He can be sharp when pushed. He does not play by the rules and openly antagonizes authorities for his own fun. His Ti-Se function is fully shown in situations when he is unusually difficult.

  • Kyoka Jiro from My Hero Academia

Kyoko is generally unpassionate and indifferent. She is sarcastic and sharpe, prone to making inconsiderate remarks at people. She is not quick to let people in, and likes to keep her private life to herself. However, under certain social pressures, she can share. Despite her outlook, she is sensitive to others’ opinions. When provoked to anger, she can react physically. Obviously, sometimes this anger is shown in defense of her friends. She is level-headed and strategic. She uses all her resources efficiently, which may include throwing Kaminari at her rivals.

  • Itaru Hashida from Steins; Gate

Itaru Hashida is a nerdy ISTP anime character. He is a talented hacker and loves playing games in his free time. His Ti is shown in a meticulous naming system. He is rational and level-headed, not losing his temper that frequently. He sometimes gets frustrated or angry, and he can be physically aggressive, like punching, pounding, or throwing things in fits of anger. Itaru plays a diplomatic role in his friends’ group, usually telling the story to oblivious Okabe. This is the healthy use of the Fe function. Generally, he can be insecure and easily embarrassed. Overall, he is a realist in his clan and is always supportive of Okabe’s efforts.

  • Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai

She is extremely emotionally disconnected, and she can often appear detached and empty. She often has strong opinions and can be blunt at times. However, mostly she resorts to not speaking anything at all. Shiki has an impulsive fighting style and can be physically aggressive. She can easily lose interest in battling the opponent if it’s not challenging her. When her emotions take over, she finds it hard to deal and manage them, often breaking out in a physical fight. Her lack of empathy can be attributed to inferior Fe function.

  • Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero

Kiritsugu Emiya can represent a damaged or unhealthy ISTP, determined to repair the world in every possible way. He is a master of shutting down his emotions and does everything even at a personal cost. He has a deadly, emotionless demeanor, which is a famous trait of ISTP.  His actions to accomplish the quest and conquer the Holy Grail War were morally questionable and dishonoring, serving as a source of conflict with his servant. Nothing is out of bounds for Emiya. He is strategic and tactical; he often analyzes the opponents and situations beforehand, trying to decipher the motivations so he can plan the best action. Nonetheless, he manages himself in the situations and tries to be the center of all activities.

  • Toph Beifong from Avatar:The Last Airbender

Toph is one of the stereotypical ISTP characters but one of the best of all times. Toph is a calm, cool, and level-headed character. She is introverted and notices every minute detail due to her Ti function; she can point out inconsistencies with her intuition and energy by feeling the vibrations of Earth with her feet. She is so strong to sense when someone is lying, as her Ti dominant function helps in understanding the world. She is extremely present in the moment and lives for the day. She is also grounded and is aware of the real world and environment. Ne function also cares about the real world and is curious about the physical objects in the world. The Ne imagination helps in thinking about the opportunities and possibilities of the outer world. Toph certainly has a Se auxiliary function and is tuned with the Earth as she emphasizes every detail and movement in the Earth and responds efficiently with her Se. 

  • Shoto Aizawa from My Hero Academia

He is exceptionally logical and rational. Shoto Aizawa is a U.A teacher, but he only shares relevant information with his students and believes in practical training. He also encourages his students to make their own decisions and let them figure situations themselves. Additionally, he finds it amusing to play mind games to teach his students or motivate them. He may appear dull and lifeless, doing his task in an unpassionate way. His casual attitude is not shown by his disheveled outlook and his sleeping behavior during the classes. Fe function in Aizawa’s personality is visible in his hatred for the spotlight and his efforts to save his colleagues and students’ image.

  • Akihito Narihisago from ID:Invaded

Akihito is analytical but morally weak. He is a former detective; he set out to go against the serial killers and became one himself. He is mostly shown as a prisoner, delving into serial killers’ minds and solving personal mysteries, leading to the criminals. He is sharp and skillful at investigations. He keenly observes the environment, draws evidence, and then acts. He heavily relied on the logical side, showing Fe function. Mostly, his inferior Fe function is shown when he is suppressing his emotions.


The blog described 11 ISTP anime characters and gave insights into the characteristics of the ISTP personality type.

Do you agree or disagree with our list of ISTP Anime characters? Do you have any suggestions for the character? Feel free to write in the comments below.

FAQs on ISTP Anime Characters

What anime characters are ISTP?

Levi from Attack on Titan
Zoro from One Piece
Saitama from One Punch
Spike from Cowboy Bebop
Kyoka Jiro from My Hero Academia
Itaru Hashida from Steins;Gate
Shiki Ryougi from Kara no Kyoukai
Kiritsugu Emiya from Fate/Zero
Toph Beifong from Avatar:The Last Airbender
Shoto Aizawa
Akihito Narihisago from ID:Invaded

Is ISTP personality rare?

The ISTP personality type is much more common among males than females. It is the third most common type among males, whereas, in females, it is the fourth rare type. ISTPs constitute 5% of the total population, with 9% of males, while 2% are females.

Who should an ISTP marry?

ISTPs natural partners are ENTJs or the ESTJs. ISTPs dominant function of Introverted Thinking is best coupled with a partner with a dominant function of Extraverted Thinking. However, two well-established individuals of any type can enjoy a healthy relationship.

Are ISTPs lazy?

ISTPs can be lazy sometimes as they usually take shortcuts in life. They are rebels, rule-breakers, and anti-authoritarian anarchists. ISTPs are underestimated with regards to their productivity. 

Are ISTPs loners?

Yes, ISTPs are extreme loners. They are the ones you won’t usually find at any parties. They are pretty much locked in their own worlds and are guarded not letting many people in. They may have one to two really close friends, and still, their idea of mingling will be rather quiet.

Are ISTPs dangerous?

Yes, some ISTPs can be dangerous, while others can be calmer. Some of them may like the adrenaline rush, while others prefer to stay low-key.





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