Jobs that require kindness (Our Top 5)

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In this article we will discuss what are the various jobs that require kindness. 

We will also explore what these roles are, what are the possible salary packages of these roles, and what are the qualifications you need for these roles. 

What are some jobs that require kindness?

There are many roles and career paths that require empathy and kindness because these roles tend to involve working with other people and children. 

Interpersonal relationships is the key ingredient for successful careers in these fields which makes empathy and kindness an absolute skill that is required.

Some jobs that require kindness or roles that suit kind people include:

  • Teaching roles
  • Counselling
  • Nursing
  • Public Service
  • Social work
  • Veterinary
  • Child care
  • Fitness 
  • Life coaching


Roles that involve teaching are one of the key careers that require a lot of empathy and kindness as it involves working with young people who are susceptible to their interactions with role models. 

Teaching roles involve a lot of patience, innovation, and kindness as it demands teachers to be innovative enough to engage the students, patience to help guide these students especially the ones who are not really interest in developing an academic and professional career, and kindness for students who come from various experiences when it comes to their own lived realities. 

Teachers play a crucial role in the early years of most students and are the secondary guardians of these children and students aside from their parents which make them somewhat of a caretaker outside the circle of the child’s homelife. 

Because of this unique position, teachers require a lot of empathy and kindness to be able to work with a large number of students, from different backgrounds, different temperaments, and different goals and visions for their lives. 

Unfortunately, teachers are underpaid and overworked, However, teachers that work in public schools tend to be paid more unless they work for prestigious private schools or ivy league colleges. 

When it comes to benefits, teachers are also protected by laws that ensure their and their family’s well being, they often get weeks of summer and winter vacations, and there is a steady increment in their salance over time. 

According to data from the Department of Education’s National Centre for Education Statistics, the average salary for the year 2019-2020 for teachers was close to $63,645 per year.

To become a teacher you will have to get the necessary qualifications required by the state or government, usually this will include, training, degrees- up to masters and PhD for colleges and universities- in education and the subject that you teach. 


Counsellors require a lot of kindness and empathy if they want to be able to work effectively with people. 

Because the role involves working with individuals who seek out help out of need and at times without realising that they are in pain or hurting themselves- there is a huge responsibility in the process of helping the individual in ways that help them flourish and learn to help themselves.

This responsibility requires kindness as it involves working with different people with different walks of life and requires support that kindness can give.

You will require a master’s degree at the least as well as state licensing to be able to practice along with a certain amount of hours in training. You can start up your own private practice or work with organisations and companies that target certain populations. 

The salaries of counsellors differ according to the type of counselling and the qualifications they hold. On an average, most counsellors tend to earn between 50-60K dollars per year with school and career counsellors being one of the highest paying roles. 

Public Service

Public service can involve careers like public healthcare workers, in development, and also in emergency services that involve search and rescue. These roles also require intense training and years of education in the field of service. 

However this particular career field also requires immense kindness and empathy for other people as this field focuses on helping others, bringing positive change in the lives of other people as well as advocating for people who are struggling. 

The salaries of individuals in this particular field ranges differently according to the various positions and years of experiences held by the individual.


Nursing is one of the most strenuous and demanding roles and career options but it can be as rewarding as it is challenging. 

Because individuals in this field work in the medical field more closely with both doctors and patients, they require healthy levels of empathy and kindness including a lot of patience. 

Thus, this particular job requires a lot of kindness and training including licensing, a master’s degree, and training. 

Salaries of nurses can also be rewarding in some states depending on the experience, training, and field of nursing and it can go out to 100,000 dollars per year as well. 

Social Work

To work as a social worker, you will have to have a master’s degree in social work for most counties and training. 

These roles require thick skin as well as an immense amount of empathy and kindness as this role works with individuals who are far from being privileged. There is much need for kind social workers who will advocate for those who are struggling to find a voice for themselves. 

Social workers tend to work with victims of abuse and assault, women, children, victims of war, refugees, etc which makes it absolutely necessary that they have empathy and kindness to help advocate for these individuals.

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for social workers in the U.S. $61,230 in 2019 with high paying and experienced social workers’ salaries being an average of $90,800.


Because animals cannot speak for them, those who work with animals need to be kind and have the ability to empathise with their pain and struggles.

One career that involves animal care and kindness is the job of a veterinary doctor or volunteer. People in this field tend to be kind in the way they treat the animals that visit  the hospital or the clinic.

This is very important because animals do need advocates in the face of abuse and neglect which makes kindness a crucial skill in these careers. 

Medical Vets tend to be high earning and in 2019, Veterinarians earn an average salary of $95,460 with the top  25 percent earning $122,590 in the same year. Which makes this career a highly sought after role. 


For any individual to support and motivate other people to make changes, they must be able to empathise and treat their limitations and strengths with kindness. 

Their careers as fitness instructors also involve people who motivate and are able to be kind and empathise with the progress of an individual who wants to feel better in their body. 

This means that with kindness and encouragement, fitness instructors can help people love their body instead of shaming and abusing them for their body. 

Kindness is necessary to help other people understand and embrace the human-ness of their own bodies, the flaws and imperfections and this can only be done with a lot of empathy and kindness. 

With the booming increase of interest in fitness, instructors do earn well and can build an influential following on social media as well as start their own fitness related business which can be financially sustainable- as of 2021, in the US a fitness instructor can earn around $43,187 per year. 

Working with Children

One particular role that involves children without teaching is child care. This can involve roles in day cares or general babysitting as well for occupied parents. 

This particular role requires individuals who are kind, empathetic, and are emotionally well rounded as it involves working with young children who are growing and learning at a fast rate while also being so vulnerable to those around them.

Kindness is needed in this role to help nurture these children and so one role or career that could fit well with kind people includes child care in the form of daycares, fostering children, as well as babysitting roles for the neighbourhood.

There is always a need for assistance when it comes to child care and young parents, careers in child care tend to be sustainable especially if you own an independent day care. Child care workers- around 75% of them- earn around $41,500 per year. 

Life Coaching

For individuals who like working and helping other adults,  life coaching is a career option for a caring individual. 

Life coaching involves helping people deal with life struggles and challenges without the use of psychology but instead focusing on lifestyle changes that one can do. 

This field of work requires empathy and kindness as it involves working closely with the life and growth of another person. 

Now, this career field does not really require a degree in psychology and therapy but what it does need are skills of interpersonal relationships including empathy and kindness.

If you have good insight and awareness of how people work including intuition as to what can help people regain their balance and move forward in life, this field could be an option for you.

It is a highly sought after role and people in this profession can earn well if their reach is far and influential. According to the U.S. The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) includes life coaches earning an average salary of $57,040 a year.


In this article we have discussed what are the various jobs that require kindness. 

We have also explored what these roles are, what are the possible salary packages of these roles, and what are the qualifications you need for these roles.

FaQ related to What are some jobs that require kindness?

What jobs are good for nice people?

Some good careers for nice people include careers in:

  • Teaching and education.
  • Medicine.
  • Nursing.
  • Psychology. 
  • Alternative careers in healthcare. 
  • Social work. 
  • Emergency services. 
  • Public service.

What jobs are good for empathy?

Careers that are suitable for empaths include:

  • Artist.
  • Veterinary technician.
  • Counsellor.
  • Teacher.
  • Park ranger.
  • Gardener.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Musician.

What are the best jobs for emotional people?

The Best Careers for Highly emotional and Sensitive People include:

  • Caring professions such as nurse, doctor, and physical therapist,social workers, psychotherapists, and personal coaches.
  • Creative professional such as artists, writers, musicians etc. 
  • Clergy such as pastors and spiritual guides. 
  • Academia such as professors and teachers and mentors.
  • Non-profit professional like social workers. 

What is the most satisfying job?

Some of the most satisfying and fulfilling careers include:

  • Medical and Health Services 
  • Nursing
  • Physical Therapists. 
  • Psychologists.
  • Software Developer. 
  • Teaching
  • Coaching and mentoring


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