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Kalms and Alcohol (A 3 point guide)

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The current blogspot will be based on the question “can we take kalms with alcohol?”. We will discuss the possible effects of mixing kalms with alcohol and the reasons why one should not or should mix kalm with alcohol.

Can we take Kalms with Alcohol?

Kalm is a valerian root derivative that is used to enhance sleep quality and is used to relax from anxiety and depression symptoms that may disturb sleep among individuals. 

The kalm tablets have a sedative effect on the body of humans and helps individuals reduce their levels of stress and anxiety the natural way without inducing chemicals in their body.

Alcohol on the other side is also used by humans for decreasing their stress and anxiety. Alcohol has a tendency to reduce depression among the individuals and is believed to be a reliable source of treating depression by many individuals.  

If kalms and alcohol are administered together, the chances are that the sedative effect of kalms will increase in the human body. As a result the individual will feel more drowsy and relax. He will have a limited orientation of his surroundings. 

The basic ingredient of Kalms is valerian root extract. It has been used since ages as a sedating agent that reduces considerably the amount of anxiety and stress among individuals. It is an herbal alternative to calm the muscle tension and reduce body stress. It is also effective for reducing irritability. 

The side effects of kalms include elated mood, poor concentration, declined executive functioning, headache, rumbling stomach, nausea, vomiting and drowsiness. It also leads to liver dysfunction among many individuals due to prolonged use.

Similarly alcohol has also been known for sedation qualities that end up with low reality orientation and poor concentration. Alcohol has been used over the years for its properties to produce an elated mood and to create a sense of pleasure that reduces stress and anxiety among individuals. 

Like kalms, the dark side to using alcohol for reducing anxiety and stress also comes with poor concentration, declined executive functioning, nausea, dizziness, lightheadedness,  upset stomach and liver dysfunction if the use is prolonged. 

If kalms are taken along with alcohol. Both the substances will mix to generate greater effect of sedation and elated mood. The individual will suffer an increased need to sleep and drowsiness, increased lethargy that may continue throughout the day, cognitive problems, indecisiveness, delusions or hallucinations and daydreaming.

Hence the alcohol intake during use of kalm is not recommended as it will add to the sedative effect of kalm and further promote the side effects of kalm.

Many people also wonder if Kalms are addictive.


Frequently asked questions: Kalms and alcohol 

Can I drink alcohol with valerian root extract?

No it is not advisable to take alcohol while taking  valerian root extract. The antidepressant properties of alcohol and valerian root extract combine to produce an enhanced sedation effect on the brain thus causing impaired cognitive functioning.

Do kalms tablets work with anxiety?

Over the years, kalms tablets have been used as an effective remedy to overcome the stress and anxiety symptoms among humans. Kalms give a fast acting relief from anxiety and stress. 

Does kalms night contain alcohol?

Kalms night tablets contain the following ingredients :

Dry extract from Valerian root   385 mg
Ethanol 60% v/v Excipients: Maltodextrin, Colloidal Anhydrous Silica.

Are there any side effects from taking kalm?

Following are the side effects from taking Kalm:

Cognitive problems
Upset stomach



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