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Kalms tablets and high blood pressure ?

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The current blogspot will be based on the use of kalms for high blood pressure. We will discuss the effect of kalms tablets for reducing the symptoms associated with high blood pressure. 

Is kalms effective for the treatment of high blood pressure?

Kalms day and Kalms night tablets are natural herbal remedies. They are used as a natural alternative to medicines. The basic ingredient of kalms tablets, the valerian root extract, is used to overcome the symptoms associated with stress, anxiety and hypertension. 

The use of kalms tablets for high blood pressure dates back to many years. The valerian root extract has been believed to be associated with high and effective sedating effect and hypnotic effect. It has been used as a soothing agent to relax and calm down the muscular tension and nervousness. The kalms medicine thus enables individuals to sleep calmly and overcome insomnia.

What is the effect of kalms tablets on high blood pressure?

High blood pressure has been associated to a number of psychological and physical symptoms that include the following :

  • Irritability
  • Frustration
  • Headache
  • Somatic complaints
  • Muscle tension
  • Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Anger
  • Mood swings
  • Insomnia

Kalms is based on valerian root extract that has been known to be a natural remedy for relieving stress and anxiety. The use of kalms significantly reduces the physical and psychological symptoms in individuals that have hypertension. It facilitates the individuals to overcome their insomnia and helps them sleep calmly. It also soothes their negative emotional states that occur as a result of high blood pressure.

The kalms tablets are a drug of choice for relieving the high blood pressure symptoms naturally because :

  • Kalms are affordable natural herbal medicine
  • The basic ingredient of Kalms is a valerian root extract that is one of the best natural remedies for overcoming the symptoms associated to high blood pressure
  • The kalms medicine is a herbal supplement that calms the high blood pressure symptoms in a person by producing a sedative effect that helps to relieve the symptoms of hypertension,majorly stress and anxiety.
  • Kalms work with hypertension by counteracting the effects of hypertension and stress.

According to nutritionists that studied the effect of valerian root on high blood pressure the valerian root extracts have been used since medieval times to overcome the stress and anxiety that results due to high blood pressure. 

The roots of valerian herb have long been considered to lower the intensity of symptoms related to stress and anxiety among the people suffering from high blood pressure. The sedative properties of the valerian root extracts in Kalms tablets block certain enzymes in the brain  that allow the gamma amino butyric acid to rise in the body.


The current blogspot was based on the effects of kalms on the health of people suffering from high blood pressure. We learned the various ways that kalms can be used to produce positive effects on the personal and psychological well being of people suffering from high blood pressure.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Kalms tablets and high blood pressure

Can you take valerian if you have high blood pressure?

Valerian root extracts have a calming effect on high blood pressure. The use of valerian roots hence prevents a person from stroke or a cardiac arrest due to high blood pressure. The use of valerian root extract for reducing the high blood pressure symptoms is highly effective.

When should you not take kalms?

Kalms should not be taken if an individual is allergic to the core ingredient of kalms that is the valerian root extract. The effect of kalms tablets are also not seen if someone is already taking allopathic medications for any of the psychiatric or medical issues.

What are the side effects of Kalms tablets?

Following are the side effects of kalms medicine:

Dry mouth
Upset stomach
Vivid dreams
Low activity level

What can I take to help me sleep with high blood pressure?

Inorder to take a good sleep with symptoms of high blood pressure consult your doctor for taking Tylenol or Sleep may as a medicine. For some individuals who are not actively taking any medicine for high blood pressure, herbal medicines like kalms may also be effective.


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