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Kalms tablets for driving test (+3 tips)

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The current blogspot will be based on kalms tablets for driving tests and how the kalms tablet can impact a person’s abilities during a driving test. 

What is the effect of the kalms tablet for driving tests?

The kalms tablet for reducing anxiety related to driving tests is usually not  recommended. Driving test anxiety is a form of anxiety that is related to performance anxiety. It is similar in nature to anxiety related to test anxiety. 

The driving test anxiety among individuals is related to a number of physical and psychological symptoms  among individuals. The physical and psychological symptoms are as follows:

  • Feelings of nervousness
  • Tiredness
  • Restlessness
  • Feeling weak
  • Poor concentration
  • Lack of ability to concentrate on various life issues
  • Having trouble related to sleep 
  • Experiencing various symptoms related to gastrointestinal health
  • Having trouble related to feelings of worry
  • Feelings of doom
  • Feelings of persistent panic 
  • A sense of impending danger
  • An increased heart rate
  • Cold sweats
  • Trembling
  • Having the urge to delay driving test due to increased anxiety

Kalms for treating driving test anxiety?

The driving test anxiety is usually based on a fear of performing poorly during the driving test or an apprehension of not being successful in the driving test. The drug information about kalm also suggests not to operate machines or drive after taking kalms medicine.

A person going through driving test anxiety needs to take kalms tablets a few weeks in advance. In this way the kalms tablets will help the person achieve relaxation of their nerves. However taking kalms tablets right before your driving test is not recommended as the kalms tablets are based on valerian root extract that have a sedating and hypnotic effect on the individual. 

Taking kalms medicine on the driving test day may make an individual feel lazy, lethargic, confused and have an increased need for sleep. The kalms tablet intake can hence cause a person’s driving abilities to decline on the driving test day. Further, kalms medicine might lead to accidents and low performance on the driving test day as kalms leads to poor concentration and disturbed focus.

What can be taken instead of kalms to reduce anxiety on driving test day?

Instead of kalms, the following strategies might prove helpful to reduce anxiety on the driving test day:

  • Think positive to reduce fear and apprehensions
  • Do breathing exercises and meditation to relax yourself
  • Eat a good breakfast to gather all the energy required to concentrate well and focus well
  • Dress up in comfortable clothes that do not bother you while driving
  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before the driving test so that you get familiar with the environment
  • Relax your muscles before the test
  • Reassure yourself of all the other skills in life that you learned and that some anxiety being associated with the driving test is not bad just like your exam stress.
  • Keep an open mind and listen carefully to the instructor’s instructions
  • Have valid reasons for your decisions during the driving test 
  • Assess every situation carefully and try not to make impulsive decisions.

What kalm is not recommended for driving test anxiety?

Kalms tablets are not recommended for driving test anxiety due to their sedating effects and their hypnotic nature. Further the following associated effects make it a weak recommendation to be used for driving test anxiety:

  • Low focus
  • Poor contraction
  • Blurred vision
  • Poor judgement abilities
  • Daydreaming
  • Poor cognitive functioning
  • Headache
  • Drowsiness
  • Lethargy
  • Thinking problems
  • Poor decision making
  • Increased need for sleep
  • Altered attention


The current blogspot focused on the effects of taking kalms medicine for driving tests. We learned that kalms medicine is not an effective solution to overcome the anxiety associated with driving tests. Kalms is a herbal remedy for minimizing anxiety that has valerian root extract as its main content.  Hence kalms produce sedative effects for reducing stress and anxiety. Under the sedating effects of kalms, a person’s driving abilities might get diturbed due to poor focus and altered attention. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Kalms tablet for driving test

Are kalms good for driving tests?

Kalms are good for driving tests only if an individual starts taking them in advance and not only on the test day. As the kalms drug information on the box of medicine suggests that an individual should not consume kalm if he or she is intended to operate machines or drive vehicles.

Can you drive if you have taken kalms?

A person can not drive if he has taken kalms and kalms have a sedating effect so it is not recommended to operate machines or drive vehicles if you have taken kalms.

Can I take kalms before driving?

Kalms can not be taken before driving as it tends to reduce stress and anxiety by producing a sedating effect. The sedating effect of kalms can have a negative effect on a person while driving the car and have an effect on their concentration level and driving abilities.

How do I keep calm for my driving test?

Following are some if the ways to keep yourself calm for driving test:

Take a mock test
Talk to someone who has already taken the test
Do breathing exercises
Motivate yourself by recalling all the challenges that you have achieved in life




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