INTJ and ISTJ (3 Similarities and Differences)

In this article we will discuss what an INTJ and ISTJ is and what life is like for these two personalities.  We will also explore what are the similarities and differences between these two personality types.  What are the similarities between INTJ and ISTJ? The various Similarities between an INTJ and an ISTJ include the […]


INTJ female (5 unique insights)

This blog post will discuss what the INFJ female is.  We will also briefly discuss the characteristics of an INFJ female, how they behave in work and in their romantic relationships as well as what are some things that they can do to thrive.  What is an INTJ female? An INTJ female is an individual […]


INTJ depression (A 3 point guide)

In this article we will explore what makes INTJs prone to depression. We  will also briefly discuss what makes INTJ depression so challenging, how to manifest and what can be done to manage this depression. What makes INTJs prone to depression? INTJ (introverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging) is one of the 16 personality types categorised […]


INTJ Functional Stack (the four functions)

In this complete guide, we will be discussing: INTJ Functional Stack. Starting with a brief introduction about the INTJ personality type and their unique traits, we will be moving towards the INTJ functional stack and their type of development in correspondence to the ordering of the function stack. INTJ Functional Stack The functional stack of […]


Are all INTJs intelligent? (5 unique things)

In this brief article, we are going to answer the question “Are all INTJs intelligent?”. Are all INTJs intelligent? Yes, Almost all INTJs are intelligent. INTJs are commonly viewed as one of the smartest, yet that is generally on the grounds that their intelligence makes an interpretation of well to IQ tests and school tests.We […]

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INTJ Anime characters (11 reviews)

[convertkit form=2512732] This blog will describe 11 INTJ anime characters. INTJ personality traits are characterized by their immensely gifted Intuition, far-sightedness, intelligence, and curious nature. INTJs are great at conceptualizing their ideas and also turning them into reality. INTJ anime characters are highly influential characters that can be easily spotted in the series. 11 Iconic […]

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Famous INTJ Characters: The Architects(7 Personalities)

This article will look at famous personalities or fictional characters who are INTJs by discussing their major personality traits that they display. To help the audience develop a deeper understanding, the article will also introduce the INTJ personality type and highlight it’s strengths and weaknesses. The List of Famous INTJ Characters: Top 7 The following […]