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What is Harry potter’s MBTI personality type?

This blog post will explore what Harry Potter’s MBTI is and cover topics like what MBTI personality assessment and personality types are. We will also explore the characteristics of Harry Potter’s personality type according to the MBTI personality types and the strengths, weaknesses, and characteristics of the personality type in various settings.  What is Harry […]

MBTI resources, MBTI

The MBTI compatibility chart

In this article we will explore what is the MBTI compatibility chart and what are some of the most compatible MBTI types.  We will also explore what personality type compatibility actually means and what impacts this compatibility.  What is the MBTI compatibility chart? The MBTI compatibility chart shows the compatibility for each of the 16 […]

MBTI resources, MBTI

Truity (A complete review)

In this blog post, we discuss what Truity is and what kind of tests you can access on Truity.   We will also discuss the development of Truity and its mission as well as the validity of the Truity assessments and the cost of the tests.  What is Truity?  Truity is a Psychometrics developer and publisher […]

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MBTI resources, MBTI

Extraverted Thinking (A 3 point Guide)

This article will define and discuss Extraverted Thinking (Te). It will also delve into the details of Extraverted Thinking signs and describe some of the prominent public figures with the dominant Te function. Extraverted Thinking Extraverted Thinking (Te) is one of the eight cognitive functions, first highlighted by Carl Jung in his work, ‘Psychological Types.’ […]