Meeting Someone For The First Time After Texting (7 Tips)

This article will take a look at what to expect before meeting someone for the first time after texting and how to prepare for such a meeting. The article will also look at signs a person will show if they want to get to know you more.

Meeting Someone For The First Time After Texting – How To Prepare?

Here are a few tips for how to prepare to meet someone for the first time after texting:

  • Discuss It With The Other Person
  • Ask What They Are Comfortable Doing
  • Appearance – What To Look For
  • Take It Slow
  • Don’t Take Too Much Time Planning A Meetup

Let us take a look at these in detail!

Discuss It With The Other Person

Before you meet, it’s a good idea to discuss some things with the other person, especially if you have never met or seen them before. Meeting in a place you guys are familiar with is a better idea because there is some certainty of what will happen – not only is it the two of you meeting for the first time but if you meet in a place that is unknown it could actually be a bad experience. Thus, it is a better idea to choose a good place to go to that is comfortable for a meetup!

Ask What They Are Comfortable Doing

Although these conversations are awkward, it is necessary to have them in order to avoid a very bad experience when meeting for the first time. It is possible the other person is not too comfortable hugging on the first date and they prefer to just shake hands or not shake hands at all.

There are many incidents of people meeting for the first time where one person was expecting a hug and the other person plainly said no – things were already ruined! This may seem rude but sometimes it takes people time to get comfortable and they have had bad experiences in the past.

So, when you decide on the first meeting, don’t be shy and ask the other person what they are comfortable doing when it comes to meeting, engaging in activities together or possibly sightseeing.

Appearance – What To Look For

You might be curious how the other person looks in real life or what type of clothes they wear or how tall or short they are and what type of vibe they give out! Although it may be rude to ask some things no matter how curious you are – there are always great ways to get the answer you want. When meeting for the first time, you could ask the other person to give you a heads up about what they will wear or how they look so you can easily recognize them!

This is a great way to get rid of your curiosity and also make sure you meet the person you were texting!

Take It Slow

When it comes to talking over the phone or texting – everyone is comfortable. However, when you meet someone for the first time you can feel that comfort go away and this is not because the other person is not right for you but because of so many pressure factors. You suddenly need to make sure you look and smell good as well as dress appropriately; also you have to make sure you behave in a cool manner and not act weirdly! All this puts pressure on the mind which is natural so don’t freak out if you are tense.

Furthermore, don’t expect the conversation to be like what it was on the phone. It may be more formal or even more casual. You may talk more or even less – so don’t expect but just go with the flow.

Don’t Take Too Much Time Planning A Meetup

Even though it is always a great idea to explore a person fully before meeting them because of so many obvious reasons – don’t take too much time to plan a meetup unless there are reasons preventing you from doing so.

Relationships are sensitive things and they need to be dealt with carefully; delaying or hurrying things can have an adverse effect on relationships and the best way to prevent such things from happening is having an open yet structured conversation about what it is the two people want. If you are unable to have that conversation with the other person then this probably means they are not right for you!

Meeting A Man For The First Time – Signs He Wants To Get To Know You

It can be an exciting experience to meet a man you have been texting for quite some time. In this section, we will tell the ladies what signs they can look out for to be sure that there is going to be another date!

He Asks Too Many Questions

He might make a complete fool out of himself but he asks you too many questions. If you look close enough you will see he actually makes an effort to think about what to ask you so that the conversation doesn’t go to a standstill or you get bored enough to leave! He may ask you questions that are totally random or ones that concern the situation you guys are in or some may even concern where the both of you work or study together.

In any case, he wants to get to know you more and the best way to do that is by asking questions. He might get awkward in between and quiet up because he may feel he is bombarding you with too many questions. However, help him out and throw a few questions at him to keep him encouraged. It’s better to help people in communicating with you if they have all the right reasons rather than to show such an attitude that may put them off. Its not always a good idea to play hard!

Gets Awkward When You Ask Why He Is Single

The question most girls have when they meet a nice looking guy who is either smart, sporty or career oriented – all 3 is a keeper – is that of why are they single! It not only surprises women because they have grown up with the image that men never let an opportunity go and women keep their eyes open for such types of guys. It’s about time we change our views about both the genders.

Nonetheless, if this guy is interested in getting to know you more he will of course be single and minding his own business. However, when you do ask him why he is single then he will get awkward because the reason that he has in his mind is likely because of you and his interest in you. However, he won’t be able to say that to your face and you will see him coming up with weird examples all the while struggling to keep his composure.

He Tries To Be Mature

Men feel they need to be more mature for women and this is one of the reasons why they will often lie or hide what they do. It’s possible they are freak gamers who for the sake of impressing a woman will say they don’t play video games just to show her they are ‘mature’. You will see they are trying to be the ‘perfect’ version of a man. However, try and give them some breathing space by engaging in conversations that may not be so mature or serious all the time so they know they can relax around you. They might be surprised to learn you love playing video games yourself!

Talks About The Future

Men get excited when they like a woman! They will want to learn more about her and at the same time keep her close. Hence, many times men will talk about the future in their conversations. This is to give a slight hint to the woman they are interested in that they want them around.

Nervous When Alone With You

Although being alone with you to share an intimate and interesting conversation would be like a dream for him, he will get nervous being alone with you. You will see him struggling to come up with ways to keep the conversation going so that this special time does not come to an end!


This article talked about the ways a person can prepare to meet a person for the first time after texting. The article also highlighted what a person should and should not expect when meeting another person for the first time. Finally, the article listed and described the signs a man would show if he wants to get to know a woman more.