Mental Health

Mental Health

Girlflux (What Does It Mean)

This article will discuss what the term girlflux means as well as make an attempt to clear the difference between seemingly similar terms. Also, the difference between demigirl and girlflux will be explained in relation to gender fluidity. Finally, light will be shed upon why people choose to identify with different or many genders instead […]

Mental Health

Demiboy (The Complete Guide)

This article will primarily focus on what a demiboy is and who may identify with this term. Furthemore, the article will look at possible reasons why people may feel like this and also include the definitions of a ‘demiboy’ as defined by people who associate with this term. Demiboy – What Does This Term Mean? […]

Mental Health

Analytical Listening (A Guide)

This article will take a look at what analytical listening is and why it is so important. The article will talk about the different components of analytical listening and the different questions that surround it. The article will also highlight different personalities that are great listeners! Analytical listening – What Is It? Analytical listening is […]


Do I have anxiety test?

The current blog will be based on the test to screen for the symptoms of anxiety.  Do I have anxiety test? What is an anxiety test? The do I have anxiety test is based on questions that need to be answered on a likert scale rating based on the answer choices that are as follows:\ […]

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Discriminative listening

The current blogspot will be based on the question “what is discriminative listening?”. We will discuss various examples of discriminative listening. We will also learn the advantages of discriminative listening. What is discriminative listening? Discriminative listening is a type of listening that is developed at the earliest time of human life. It is believed that […]

Mental Health

Citalopram Reviews

The current article will be based on Citalopram reviews. We will discuss the views of different individuals who have taken citalopram for treatment. What are the reviews of citalopram users? Citalopram being an antidepressant is believed to have least side effects and is thus considered as the safest antidepressant among the selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors.  […]