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Depression, Mental Health

Depression and obsession (3 similarities)

In this guide, we will be discussing “ Depression and Obsession”, depression and ti’s symptoms. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and it causes, the association or relation between obsession and depression, underlying brain makeup of depression and OCD, coping up with OCD and Depression and finally, some of the most frequently asked questions around this topic. Depression and […]

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Depression, Mental Health

DSM 5 Depression (A Detailed Guide)

This comprehensive guide will provide the details of the most significant DSM depression disorders and the diagnostic criteria for each depression disorder. DSM 5 Depression Types There are now eight specific disorders mentioned in the depressive disorders chapter of DSM 5. These categories are listed below: Major Depressive Disorder Disruptive mood Dysregulation Disorder Persistent Depressive […]

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Depression, Mental Health

Depression Monologues (5+List)

This blog lists and explains the most heartbreaking depression monologues. Depression Monologues Depression monologues are literature that depicts extreme and uncontrollable sadness and symptoms of depression, like lack of sleep and food. The depression monologues show deeper, romanticized, and tortured insights of depression as told by the troubled minds of literary geniuses. The depression monologues […]