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Psychopath tests (Top 5)

In this article we will discuss some common psychopath tests.  We will closely discuss what psychopath tests are, what psychopaths are and the various kinds of clinical and self tests that screens for psychopathy.  What are psychopath tests? Psychopath tests are clinical and self-assessment tools that can help clinicians and others assess and screen symptoms […]

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Dsm 5 Histrionic Personality Disorder (A Comprehensive Guide)

In this guide, DSM 5 Histrionic Personality Disorder, symptoms of Histrionic Personality Disorder along with the diagnostic criteria, causes, and treatment options will be discussed. What is Histrionic Personality disorder according to the DSM- V? Histrionic personality disorder is one of the Cluster B personality disorders categorised in the Diagnostic and statistical manual for mental […]

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Avoidant personality disorder (A 5 point guide)

In this brief blog we will explore what Avoidant Personality Disorder is according to the DSM-5.  We will also discuss the various criteria streamlined by the DSM5 for the diagnosis of Avoidant Personality Disorder, the prevalence rates for the disorder, as well as the treatment options available for this disorder.  What is Avoidant personality disorder […]

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Dependent personality disorder (A 3 point guide)

This blog post will explore what Dependent Personality Disorder is and what are the diagnostic criteria of this disorder according to the DSM-5.  We will also explore what are the risk factors, prevalence rates, and the treatment options and outlook for people who have this disorder.  What is dependent personality disorder? Dependent personality disorder (DPD) […]

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Personality disorders, Mental Health

Paranoid personality disorder (A complete guide)

This guide will help to identify the symptoms of paranoid personality disorder, its causes, and also highlight its treatments, to give a piece of comprehensive knowledge about paranoid personality disorder.  What is paranoid personality disorder? Paranoid personality disorder (PPD) is an eccentric, personality-related psychological disorder, in which there is a strange perspective of thinking is involved. The […]

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Personality disorders, Mental Health

Dissociative identity disorder (A 5 point guide)

This blog will be about the concepts that constitute dissociative identity disorder which are the definition of dissociative, definition of multiple personality disorder, the diagnosis of a dissociative disorder, meaning of split personality disorder, the meaning of an identity disorder, the mental health of patients, the treatment of this psychological disorder, and the study of […]

Personality disorders, Mental Health

Paranoid Personality Disorder (A Comprehensive Guide)

This comprehensive guide will provide the entire account of Paranoid Personality Disorder 2, including the symptoms and causes. Moreover, it will explain its diagnosis and treatment as well. Paranoid Personality Disorder 2 Paranoid Personality Disorder (PPD) is a type of severe personality disorder. It is an eccentric personality disorder, suggesting that the patient’s behavior can […]