Everything is Boring (7 Reasons)

This article explores the reasons why everything is boring to you and nine tips to turn it around. Boredom could either be due to some simple causes like overworking and plain idleness, or some severe reasons why everything is boring, may include attention deficit disorder or depression. Everything is Boring: An Overview Generally, when anyone… Continue reading Everything is Boring (7 Reasons)

Why Am I So Attached to My Stuffed Animal? (5 reasons)

This blog will answer the question, “Why am I so attached to my stuffed animal” and its relationship with the concepts of attachment. It will further discuss the transitional objects, phenomenon, and the causes why one may feel too attached to their stuffed animal. Why Am I So Attached to My Stuffed Animal? Stuffed animals… Continue reading Why Am I So Attached to My Stuffed Animal? (5 reasons)

Symbols of Sadness (5 Symbols)

This blog provides a comprehensive guide to widely used symbols of sadness and ways to deal with bouts of sadness. Symbols of Sadness  The symbols of sadness are a lot more noticeable when we experience the sadness in ourselves, which we otherwise ignore. Symbols of sadness have been extensively used as tools by writers, poets,… Continue reading Symbols of Sadness (5 Symbols)

How to get rid of the anxiety from Adderall? (7 easy tips)

In this article we’ll be answering the question, “How to get rid of the anxiety from Adderall”. We’ll first begin by understanding what is anxiety and Adderall, followed by understanding how Adderall works, anxiety and its other side effects and how to get rid of anxiety from Adderall. Finally, some FAQs will be discussed about… Continue reading How to get rid of the anxiety from Adderall? (7 easy tips)

ENFP Anime Characters (11+)

This brief guide will discuss thirteen popular ENFP anime characters and look into some of the ENFP personality type characteristics. Iconic ENFP Anime Characters Some iconic ENFP anime characters are listed below: Touta Matsuda from Death Note Mako Mankanshoku from Kill La Kill Obito Uchiha from Naruto Camie Utshuhimi from My Hero Academia Misato Katsuragi… Continue reading ENFP Anime Characters (11+)

ESFP Anime Characters (11+)

This blog will describe 11 ESFP anime characters. However, before going to the details of character, we’ll give insights into the ESFP personality traits. List of ESFP Anime Characters Some of the ESFP anime characters are listed below: Natsu Dragneel from Fairy Tail Kirishima from My Hero Academia Yū Morisawa from Creamy Mami Brook from… Continue reading ESFP Anime Characters (11+)