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INTJ Functional Stack (the four functions)

In this complete guide, we will be discussing: INTJ Functional Stack. Starting with a brief introduction about the INTJ personality type and their unique traits, we will be moving towards the INTJ functional stack and their type of development in correspondence to the ordering of the function stack. INTJ Functional Stack The functional stack of […]


INTP Personality Type (A 7 point guide)

In This brief guide we are going to discuss the INFP personality type, its features, key characteristics, compatibility, how to deal with INTPs and much more. INTP PERSONALITY TYPE -: INTP PERSONALITY TYPE  are thinkers! THEY love to talk about science, technology, architecture, mathematics and anything that demands a logical explanation. The mysteries of the universe call out to […]

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ISTP careers (5+ amazing ISTP jobs)

In this brief guide, ISTP careers will be discussed in detail, all the other types of Myers Briggs personality test, meaning of ISTP, famous people with ISTP, as well as suitable career options for ISTPs. History of ISTP ISTP is one of the type of MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) 16 personalities. MBTI is a […]


How long does it take for Vraylar to work?

In this article, we will be answering the question, “ how long does it take for Vraylar to work”, Vraylar, precaution to be taken before medication, side effects of it, the working mechanism of the medication, dosage, alternative to Vyalar, Interaction with other drugs, overdose effect and concluding with some FAQs concerning the topic. how […]

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Depression, Mental Health

Depression and obsession (3 similarities)

In this guide, we will be discussing “ Depression and Obsession”, depression and ti’s symptoms. Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and it causes, the association or relation between obsession and depression, underlying brain makeup of depression and OCD, coping up with OCD and Depression and finally, some of the most frequently asked questions around this topic. Depression and […]