Radical acceptance worksheets (Top 5)

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This page will provide you with some effective worksheets to help apply the technique of Radical Acceptance based on the theory of Dialectical Behavioural Therapy.

Some of these worksheets have been created by us while others have been curated from reputable third-party websites.

What are radical acceptance worksheets?

Radical Acceptance worksheets are worksheets that are designed to be used in and out of sessions under the guidance of a mental health professional to assist in one’s therapeutic journey. 

However, these worksheets can also be used by an individual who wants to learn how to apply DBT theories towards acceptance in an effort to strike a balance between one’s emotions and make a logical and rational response to stressors. 

What is Radical acceptance?

Radical acceptance is a technique that is used in Dialectical Behavioural therapy which has been found to be extremely effective for people who have extreme mood swings and have All- or-nothing cognitive distortions- seen in people with Borderline personality disorder.

DBT is an emotion-focused therapy to balance emotions and cognition and Radical acceptance helps a client practice thoughtful actions in response to their emotions and cognitions instead of mindless reactions.

It uses the approach of non-judgemental acceptance with conscious choice to accept reality and commit to this acceptance to make adaptive choices when it comes to their response or behavior as a result of an external issue. 

Let us look at some worksheets that use radical acceptance to help people cope with the stressors in their life. 

Accepting the Unacceptable

What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet has been designed to help you reflect on your unacceptable reality or stressors in a logical perspective. 

This worksheet invites you to use logical understanding to accept current stressors and situations to enable an adaptive response rather than an emotional reaction. 

How will this worksheet help?

When a client is in a distressing situation, learns how to reason out their unacceptable reality with logic- it can help them respond to the situation in more adaptable ways. 

This worksheet helps people to look at various stressors with logical reasoning. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, make a note of the unacceptable reality that you are struggling with. 

Next, reason out this reality using logic- take a moment to write down perspectives that are logical and based on reality. 

Unacceptable realityLogical reasoning

Pros and Cons of Accepting Realities

What does this worksheet do?

This worksheet is designed to help people see the importance of acceptance by considering the pros and cons of accepting unacceptable realities.

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet helps you to see the positive impact of accepting your realities on your emotions, thoughts, and behaviours when done without judgement and empathy for one’s self. 

By contrasting the pros and cons, this worksheet helps highlight how important acceptance is for personal growth. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, write down your unacceptable realities that are causing you distress. 

Next, write down what positive impacts that accepting those realities would have on you.

Do the same for negative impacts. 

Compare the pros and cons and reflect on how the results make you feel.  

Unacceptable realities Pros of Accepting those RealitiesCons of Accepting those Realities

Radical acceptance of a distressing situation Worksheet

What does this worksheet do?

Radical Acceptance worksheet is designed with the intent to enable people to critically analyse distressing situations and cope with it in a realistic manner. 

The worksheet invites people to turn distorted, negative cognitions into an accounting of realistic facts so as to foster healthy responses to distressing situations. 

How will this worksheet help?

This worksheet will help people reflect on a past distressing situation or to help you radically accept the reality of a current distressing event by looking at how these situations affect your thoughts and behaviours and replace it with healthier options. 

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, you will have to engage it with self-compassion and honestly. 

Take a moment to reflect on the prompts given and answer the questions in the space provided while being honest with yourself.

You can access this worksheet here

Setting Radical Acceptance Goals

It is important for the client to practice radical acceptance in everyday life so that it becomes a habit and easier to implement in a crisis situation. This is akin to learning to play a music instrument or working out in a gym. The more we practice, the easier it become

What does this worksheet do?

Radical Acceptance Goals worksheet is designed to help enable people practicing coping strategies of radical acceptance in such a way that it becomes a way of life- even in non-distressing situations. 

How will this worksheet help?

By using this worksheet to set goals that one can achieve by using radical acceptance in non-distressing situations, it can help people build the skill to the extent that it becomes a way of life. 

By doing this, it can become easier for them to use the skill when they are actually faced with a difficult situation.

How to use this worksheet?

To use this worksheet, you start with listing goals or three things that are easy to accept. 

Apply the skills of Radical acceptance to achieve these things and then move on to three other things that are a little harder to accept.

Keep going until you begin to work on things that are harder to accept and work on applying the skills you have learned related to Radical acceptance.

You can access this worksheet here

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