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Reasons To Quit Night Shifts (+5 List)

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This article will provide a number of reasons good enough to quit a night shift. Also, there will be some discussion on what the night shift is and why people go for it!

What Are Reasons To Quit The Night Shift?

Here are some reasons why you should quit the night shift:

  • Natural Sleep Cycle Disrupted
  • Social Life Affected
  • Little Time For Family
  • Reduced Access To Support Activities
  • Reduced Access To Healthy Food
  • Bad Health
  • Safety – Is It Really There?
  • Boring Work Routine

Before we take a look at these options in more detail,  let us take a look at what the night shift is and why people go for it!

The Night Shift 

The night shift is a term many are familiar with – those long work hours at night where you need a few cups of coffee and of course a few good songs to keep you awake or the office television where you can watch boring talk shows that no one would watch – that’s why they are aired at 2 am in the morning.

A number of jobs require people to work the night shift. In some cases it’s either the security guard at the company who needs to keep watch – this is typical in most companies or organizations. In other cases, the nature of the job may be one that requires the person to be available at night. A great example would be that of doctors or emergency responders. Other jobs may include those at food places that operate 24/7 or grocery stores and pharmacies – the list is endless.

It is indeed a very tough job that not only challenges you at a mental level because you are required to go against your sleep patterns but also tires your body out – you feel tired too and not just sleepy!

Why Do People Opt For Night Shifts

There are a number of reasons why people go for night shifts. We have discussed them below!

No Other Options

One of the reasons why people go for night shifts is because they can’t find another job of their choice. They only have this option and hence take it up. It’s better than staying unemployed and earning nothing. At least having a job gives a person some source of income and helps them stay active. Also, there are a higher number of chances of finding the right job if you are already out in the market – you meet more people and come across more options compared to when you stay at home.

It Pays Well

Another reason why people go for the night shift is because it pays well. It is not easy to work long hours during the night when your body is used to sleeping at that time. This is why companies offer more when they need you to work at odd hours. 

It is possible you have a number of other job opportunities at the moment but the one with the night shift pays way much better and the one thing you need at the moment is money indeed.

The Company Needs You To Fill In

One of the reasons why you may absolutely have to do a night shift is because the company you work at or applying at requires you to do – at least for a short period of time. This puts you in a difficult position because you may be willing to work the usual shift however that is not possible at the moment. Hence, just to cooperate with the company or organization, you agree to work the night shift.

What Are Reasons To Quit The Night Shift?

In this section we will take a look at why someone should quit the night shift!

Natural Sleep Cycle Disrupted

Yes, your sleepy cycle is badly disrupted when you stay up working all night and sleep during the day. This is tough on your body and mind because you need to constantly fight the urge to fall asleep – not to mention the tiredness your body experiences.

We, as humans, are designed to sleep at night while staying awake during the day. Our body is wired in this way and hence we are able to carry out important bodily functions only at night when we sleep. Our body, for example, carries a number of recovery functions only at night when we are asleep. If we are awake and working then those functions will not take place!

Social Life Affected

Night shifts mean isolation! Most of the people around you or in your social circles sleep at night and work during the day. You, on the other hand, have decided to go for the total opposite routine where you sleep during the day but work at night. This has a number of consequences on your social life!

Not only do you get to see less and less of your friends but your interaction with many other people also decreases. The occasional ‘meeting new people’ experiences also reduce, going shopping or visiting a new cafe also stops because working at night is already so hectic. Who has the energy to go roaming around right? At the same time less and less people or places are around or open at night!

Little Time For Family

Forget about your social circle, your family life is adversely affected too from this routine. The kids see less and less of you and your spouse has to learn how to spend more and more time without you. This affects your marital relationship – a strong bond is needed to keep things going or a flexible partner to adapt to your new routines.

The kids may start to get cranky because they don’t see enough of you and this can also affect your bonding with them. Thus, this could be another reason why you decide to let go of your night shift so you can spend more time with your kids and make your spouse feel more loved.

Reduced Access To Support Activities

One thing is for sure – very few people are around at night! They are asleep and come in the morning shift to work. This means you have less access to support activities in case something goes on or you need help with a certain task. This can make the work routine at night more difficult and less efficient. 

The frustration experienced at this shift may be a good reason why you may want to quit your night shift.

Reduced Access To Healthy Food

Even at work we tend to go out for something to eat – a local cafe, restaurant or the grocery store. As time passes, people prefer to eat healthy at work because they realize the extra pounds they start putting on.

However, at night, there are lesser places open to eat and this may indirectly affect one’s health.

Bad Health

One of the effects of staying up all night and working is bad health – very bad health. There are a number of studies that quote the effects of staying up at night; these include increased likelihood of obesity as well as cardiovascular disease. People are also prone to mood changes that affect one’s quality of life and relationships.

People often don’t realize how our health deteriorates due to bad work routines; working long hours, sitting too much and of course working at odd hours badly affects the body. However, once the changes have occurred and the back pain has started that is when we begin to realize how far we took things. People as young as 27 begin to experience severe back pain due to work – the number decreasing constantly.

Safety – Is It Really There?

Another good reason to leave work is because of the safety issues you might experience. Working at night not only means your body is less alert but also it is not equipped with features such as night vision to counter or respond to any stimuli. At the same time, you are more prone to being a victim!

Boring Work Routine

Night shifts can be very boring. Most of your friends may be part of the day shift or there may be nobody on the night shift with you. Nonetheless, this may see like a small issue but loneliness kills – so leave the job if you think it’s enough!


This article took a look at the reasons why people may want to quit the night shift. Also, the article highlighted the reasons why people may opt to work during the night shift in the first place!



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