Resignation letter due to harassment (3+ samples)

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In this brief guide, we will take a look at some sample resignation letters due to harassment.

Resignation letter due to harassment

“ Dealing with an uncomfortable workplace can be difficult. Most people would agree that it’s not the work, but the co-workers, that make the job. What happens when your workplace has become hostile or impossible to continue working in?

Drafting a resignation letter is not as simple as writing your name and “I quit”. There are guidelines to resignation letters, and tips to ensure that you maintain your professional relationships with past employers. Very small wording differences can mean a great deal in terms of being eligible for Employment Insurance (EI) and potentially being able to go after your employer for severance pay after quitting.

In cases where an employee has been harassed or discriminated against, writing a resignation letter and maintaining professionalism can be difficult.

If you are thinking of quitting your job you should always contact an employment lawyer today. However, if you don’t have the time or are merely interested, the rest of this blog post goes into some of the necessary details regarding resignation letters. “

Resignation letter due to harassment: Sample 2

Dear Ms. Doe,

While working for ABC Company I have been subjected to numerous comments and actions which can only be described as discriminatory towards me and other individuals who are in same sex relationships.

While I have enjoyed working for this company, the harassment and discrimination has become unbearable. I would ask that preventative and positive measures be implemented immediately in order to stop this behaviour. I would be willing to return to work once appropriate assurances are put in place regarding my physical and emotional safety. However, until such measures are in place I cannot in good conscience attend at an unsafe work environment and therefore will stay at home.

I would ask that appropriate measures be taken within two weeks or I will deem your refusal to be a constructive dismissal and act accordingly.


Jane Abbott


Resignation letter due to harassment: Sample 3

“   Please accept my resignation from the post [INSRT DESIGNATION] at the company [INSERT NAME] effective [INSERT DATE].

It was a difficult decision for me as I always loved working for this company. All the supervisors are very happy with my performance and it is my utmost guilt for which I am quitting the job. My colleagues started treating me in a strange way as if I have committed some crime.

It didn’t stop here I am being harassed in the worst probable way by a group of employees. They treat me with dubious words for spoiling my reputation.

I tried hard to stick to my job but now it has become the need of the hour to leave. I complained to HR about this pathetic situation but of no use. I am explaining this to you so that any other employee won’t have to suffer from the pain that I felt for long.

Once again thank you for your great moral support which made me capable of achieving whatever I aim.


Resignation letter due to harassment: Sample 4

“  This letter has been written to inform you about the resignation during my probation period due to sexual harassment by a senior representative named {Mention Name}. I am resigning from my position as {Mention Designation} for {mention the company} effective {mention date of resigning}. 

On around {Mention Date}, I notified my supervisor {Mention Name} in person that I was explicitly irritated by the senior employee here. He ensured me that I would not have any working shifts with him. He additionally told me that it was at last my obligation to work it out with him {name of senior representative.

Thereafter, I have tried to settle the situation myself by filing a complaint against him as I was unable to endure it anymore. 

Even though I revealed the torment, he kept on annoying me fearlessly. I told my supervisor fourteen days prior that he bullied me in the parking area. And sadly, no strict action was taken against him.  

The harassment caused me to feel extremely threatening, disgusted, and embarrassed. Because of this provocation and the company’s inability to promptly take precautions against this inappropriate behavior, I feel compelled to stop.  

I do value the entirety of the important experience I have acquired while working here and realize that it will work well for me in future undertakings. I wish the organization proceeded with progress. 

Thank you for understanding me during this time. 

Sincerely,   “

Resignation letter due to harassment: Sample 5

“ The purpose of writing this letter to you is to make you mindful of my resignation due to the sexual harassment I confronted by my boss.  

The boss was perpetually making explicitly indirect comments, and movements of his body were objectionable when conversing with me. I advised him straightforwardly, more than once that his conduct was derogatory, yet it persisted.

Below is the list of the details I want to provide along with my resignation so that no other employee has to go through the same disgusting experience:  

  • It was also exposed that before the boss had even been promoted, he had been inquired about having a sexual relationship with a customer.
  • It is difficult to accept that nowadays such practices proceed and that the reaction of the company can be so alarming.
  • I didn’t submit another request about such treatment as the company’s process of managing my first objection was insubstantial to the point that I deterred from doing it again. I feel humiliated by his presence and the environment has become so unsafe and awkward that it is difficult for a female worker like me to sustain. I cannot tolerate it any longer. 

I have had been a lot of patient with all this. It has now gotten terrible for me to keep working in the workplace. I am quite positive that you will investigate this matter and make a move against him to avoid such malpractices to happen in the future. 



Resignation letter due to harassment: Sample 6

“ Re: Resignation 

August 30, 2019 

To Human Resources Director:

I am resigning from my position as shelving clerk for XYZ Stores effective September 1, 2019. 

On or around July 10, 2019, I notified my supervisor, Jose D., in person that I was sexually harassed by Charlie T. and David S. 

Jose D. told me that he would make sure that I did not have any shifts with Charlie T. and David S. He also told me that it was ultimately my responsibility to work it out with Charlie T. and David S. 

Since then, I have attempted to resolve the situation by filing a complaint with Human Resources on July 20, 2019. 

Even though I reported the harassment, Charlie T. and David S. continue to harass me. I told my supervisor two weeks ago that Charlie T. threatened me in the parking lot, and my supervisor said that it was not his problem.

The harassment makes me feel unsafe, scared, and humiliated. Due to this harassment and XYZ Stores’ failure to promptly correct and remedy the harassment and prevent its recurrence as California law requires, I feel forced to quit. 

It is illegal under California law for an employer to retaliate against an employee by providing a poor reference or otherwise harming an employee’s reputation or prospects for new work. An employer, and its employees, may not make false statements about a former employee to prevent the former employee’s reemployment; suggesting through innuendo, omitting positive facts, making false statements, or reporting rumor all could be grounds for legal liability.

If contacted, please only disclose my former job title and dates of employment. 


Rosa B.   “


In this brief guide, we will take a look at some sample resignation letters due to harassment. 

Please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments you may have.

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