Resignation letter due to injury(3+ samples)

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In this brief guide, we will take a look at some sample resignation letters due to injury.

Resignation letter due to injury

“ Dear Mr./Ms. Bossname

This notice is to let you know that, due to medical reasons, I must resign my position at (company) as soon as conveniently possible.

On (date), I received an (injury type) that means I can no longer perform my responsibilities to the performance standards of this company. I am willing to stay until a suitable replacement can be found and trained, and I am happy to help in the transfer of duties.

Thank you for understanding the difficult situation I am in, and thank you for the opportunities that you and this company have offered me.


Resignation letter due to injury: Sample 2

“ Here is a resignation letter sample that you can emulate if you want to leave work because of an injury:

 Stella Morgan

652 West Ave

Princeton, NJ 02100

(000) 251-8544

s.morgan @ email . com

February 8, 2017

Mr. Morris Tate

Marketing Director

Reeds Inc.

283 Teal Street

Princeton, NJ 17363

Dear Mr. Tate:

The decision to resign from my position as Marketing Manager for Reeds Inc. is perhaps the most difficult one that I have made. Unfortunately, I have no choice but to ask you to release me from my position here.

As you are aware, I was in a terrible accident last month owing to which I have lost the function of my legs, due to a spinal cord injury. Upon my doctor’s initial investigation, I was given the all-clear and was expected to regain the function of my legs – a detailed check-up yesterday says that I have to undergo an advanced physical therapy program before I can walk. This information has come as a shock to me, but I am afraid that there isn’t much that I can do about it.

In accordance with my contract with Reeds Inc., I am willing to forego my salary for last month, since I cannot provide a 30 days’ notice of my intent to leave. I will be available over the telephone in case any information is required regarding the work that I leave behind. I would appreciate it if you would process my leaving documents as soon as possible.

I appreciate your support during this extremely trying time.




Resignation letter due to injury: Sample 3

“ Jamya Patrick

City, State, Zip Code

To David R. Watson

Director, HR

Company Name

City, State, Zip Code

Dear Mr. Watson,

Please accept this resignation letter due to illness. I have recently been diagnosed with the early stages of ovarian cancer and will soon begin treatment. I have decided that it is in the best interest of my recovery to focus fully on my health at this time. Therefore, my last day of employment as Quality Inspector at Company Name will be Friday, October 3, 2014. Please consider this correspondence to be my official two weeks’ written notice of resignation.

I hope that my departure from my position here will not cause much undue stress or inconvenience for your or my co-workers. I have informed my team and my immediate supervisor, and I will work in the next two weeks to complete any unfinished projects. I am willing to assist in training my replacement, as well, if need be. I welcome you to call me at 000-000-0000 or email me [email protected] to discuss any issues related to my work.

While I regret leaving the fantastic staff and working environment of Smith corporation, I know it is the best decision at this time. Thank you for your support and attention in this matter.


Sally Henson

Quality Inspector

Company Name


Resignation letter due to injury: Sample 4

“ 1st April 2012 

Samantha Brown,

 21, Garter Street, 

Austin, TX 

Dr. Peter Shelby, 

Medical Administrator, 

Holy Cross Hospital, 

Austin, TX 

Dear Dr. Shelby, 

With this letter, I would like to inform you about my decision of resigning from the post of an Registered Nurse ( RN Nurse) in Holy Cross Hospital. My resignation would be effective 1St of April 2012, and my last day of employment would be 1st May, 2012. 

I have decided to take up a position as A Senior RN Nurse with St. Claire Hospital, this position provides me with a great opportunity to advance my nursing skills and knowledge and my career, which I found to be irresistible after due consideration. 

Working at holy Cross hospital has been an enriching and rewarding experience, where I have learned new skills and nursing techniques. The growth and learning opportunities that have come my way at Holy Cross Hospital are invaluable and something I would remember through my career. 

I would like to thank you, the hospital management and my co-workers for the allowing me opportunity of working with a great medical team and would like to wish you and Holy Cross Hospital the best in future. I would ensure that a smooth handover of responsibilities takes place and would also be willing to assist in the training of my replacement. 

Once again I would like to thank you for your support during my service. 

Yours sincerely, 


Resignation letter due to injury: Sample 5

“  Subject: Resignation—

Firstname Lastname 

Dear Mr. Manager, 

As you know, I have been working for your organization in the capacity of XX for XX years now. How I would wish to keep working for you indefinitely. However, as feat may have it, I have had no option but to step down with effect from next month. 

I have been recently diagnosed with the deadly acute subdural herriatoma that has taken a toll on me. This was occasioned by an injury I sustained while playing football without a headcover. After several visits to the clinic, my doctor opined that I quit any active employment to allow for complete recovery. 

I know that my resignation itself shall inflict some profound inconvenience to your company. That is why I offer myself to aid with the transition period. Just let me know in what ways I may be of help. 

In line with the employment act of XXXX, I am entitled to some financial support from my employer to help with medical fees. I yet again ask you to come in and fulfil your part of the bargain. 

Many thanks for the opportunity you gave me to work with your company. I hope to get back to the organization after recovering fully from the sickness. 

Sincerely, Firstnarne L.tname 


Resignation letter due to injury: Sample 6

“ Dear Ms. Cooper,

I am writing this letter to inform you that due to a health crisis in my family, I must resign from my position as assistant at Smith Communications. My grandmother has been suffering from complications of diabetes which, combined with her advanced age, has now rendered her bedridden. I feel that it is in the best interest of all parties if I resign from my position indefinitely in order to become her caretaker. My last day of work will be June 15, 2014, so please consider this letter to be my two weeks’ notice of resignation from Smith Communications.

I apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause to anyone at Smith Communication. My hope is that during my last two weeks, I can be of some assistance in making this a smooth transition, including selecting a replacement to take over my responsibilities. If you wish to contact me by telephone, my number is (555)-555-5555 and my email address is [email] I look forward to discussing this with you further.

Although I regret leaving the great work environment and people at Smith Communications, I know that this decision is in the best interest of all parties involved. I will always be grateful for the wonderful experience I have earned during my time there and hope that someday I can come back. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Yours sincerely,

Vanessa Martin

Vanessa J. Martin


Smith Communications



In this brief guide, we will take a look at some sample resignation letters due to injury. 

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