Resignation letter due to job dissatisfaction(3+ samples)

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In this brief guide, we will take a look at some sample resignation letters due to job dissatisfaction.

Resignation letter due to  job dissatisfaction

“  John Smith

[email protected]


123 Road, St., New York NY 11121

June 1st, 2019

Apple, Inc.

Junior Johnson

[email protected]

Senior Management

123 Business Road, New York NY 11121

Dear Junior —

This letter acts as my formal resignation. My last day of employment will be August 9th, 2019. I’m resigning from my job duties as Product Designer at Apple, Inc.

I want to thank everyone for the opportunity to join them on this journey. And I’m sincerely grateful for allowing me to grow here. Unfortunately, I have learned that my passions don’t align with my work. And I feel that’s not serving my team well.

I’ve decided it is best to move onto a new opportunity. I hope we can stay in touch professionally and be a resource for one another in the future.


John Smith “

Resignation letter due to  job dissatisfaction: Sample 2


[Your name here]


[Your address here]


[Your phone number here]


[The recipient’s name here]


[The entity’s name here]


[The entity’s address here]


[The date when you prepare this form]

Dear Mr. (or Ms., or Mrs.) __________ [The recipient’s name]

I regret to inform you that I will terminate my work in ___________________ [enter the entity’s name] on____________ [insert the date when you quit]. Unfortunately, I have to say that in the past few months, the conditions at my position have become extremely difficult, and I cannot perform with due results anymore.

Among the reasons it is impossible to continue on the same grounds is the new schedule set a month ago. I started to feel immense pressure, and almost all the tasks I had during this period went incomplete. I would recommend but not insist that you try reconsidering the schedule, so no one needs to stay after hours every day. I hope that it will be possible to reach the balance between work and life for everyone. But, of course, it may be only my problem, so I do not insist on this fact.

In a few days, I will complete transfering all my tasks, and the company will not lose any of its clients or partners.

I wish you all the best in the future; I hope the company will bloom, and everything will be brilliant for you. Thank you very much for all the fantastic moments we had together while I was working here. Good luck!


__________ [enter your name here]   “

Resignation letter due to  job dissatisfaction: Sample 3

“  William Lee

123 Main Street

Anytown, CA 12345


[email protected]

September 1, 2018

Tyler Lau

Director, Human Resources

CLL Records

123 Business Rd.

Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr Lau,

Please accept this letter as my formal resignation from CLL Records. Over the last few months, I have realized that I am just not a good fit for my position here. My final day of work will be September 30, 2018.

I feel that the company culture is not as I had expected, and the environment has been a difficult adjustment for me. I am so sorry for the inconvenience, and I thank you for your understanding. You have been very patient with me in this transitional time, but unfortunately I no longer think either of us are benefiting from my presence at CLL.

I am happy to help in any way necessary to alleviate this rocky time. Please let me know if you need anything; I am more than willing to assist with the transition. I wish you all the best and lots of success for CLL Records.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

William Lee   “

Resignation letter due to  job dissatisfaction: Sample 4

“  Dear Ms. Edwards,

Please accept this email as my formal resignation from the Law Firm of Crowley and Hicks. Over the course of the two months I’ve been with the firm, I’ve come to realize that I am just not a good fit for my role in our department. My final day of work will be December 13, 2019.

Thank you for the support you’ve given me during my time here; I apologize for any inconvenience my departure may cause you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help prepare for your hiring of my successor.


Jill Neighbors

123 Orchard Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91121


[email protected]  “

Resignation letter due to  job dissatisfaction: Sample 5

“  Dear Ms. Jacob,

I am writing this letter to inform you of my resignation from my position as manager’s assistant at ABC Company. I regret to inform you that unfortunately I am resigning due to unsatisfactory work circumstances. My last day of work will be October 15, 2014, so please accept this letter as my official two weeks’ notice of resignation from work. I would like to apologize in advance for any inconveniences that my resignation may cause to you, the rest of the staff, or ABC Company.

During my time at ABC Company, I have been repeatedly subjected to demands of extra hours of work, sometimes unpaid, sometimes overnight. Being an assistant, I felt that if I refused my job could be in jeopardy, so I strove to oblige at all times. This has led to a decline in my overall health. It is my hope that this letter may bring attention to this issue so that future employees may not go through the same demands. If you would like to discuss this with me further, please contact me at (555)-555-5555 or [email]

I am appreciative of the great experience I have earned while working at ABC Company and will miss the rest of the team members. I wish you and ABC Company every success and hope that conditions there can be improved for all parties. I hope you understand and appreciate your efforts.

Yours sincerely,

Andrew Richards

Andrew J. Richards


ABC Company  “

Resignation letter due to  job dissatisfaction: Sample 6

“  Today’s Date

Manager Name

Company Name

Company Address

Dear Mr./Ms. Manager:

It is with reluctance that I submit this letter. Although my time with (company name) has been, on the whole, satisfying and productive, for quite a while now I have become less and less satisfied with the work situation. The direction of the company, the group in which I work, and the new targets and the methods of accomplishing them have made it increasingly difficult to feel I’m contributing enough.

Therefore, it is with regret that I ask you to accept this letter of resignation from (company name) effective (last day of work).


(Sign Here)

Your Name

cc: (people to be copied on the letter – HR Manager, Director, etc.)  “


In this brief guide, we will take a look at some sample resignation letters due to job dissatisfaction

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