Resignation letter due to salary delay (3+ samples)

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In this brief guide, we will take a look at some sample resignation letters due to  salary delay

Resignation letter due to salary delay

“ Date…

Concern Authority…

Job Designation…

Department Name…

Company/Institute Name…

Sub: Resignation letter due to Delay in Salary

Dear (Sir),

I had previously written you an email regarding the delay in my salary. It has been five months (more/less) now since I have been paid with so many delays. I was very upset because of this and wanted to take this up with you before. (Describe in your own words). But it seems like you never took any notice of this.

We all work for money and we depend on this income. By the start of every month, common people have bills to pay and meet all their needs. (Explain actual cause and situation). I am working only one job at a time, which means I am completely depending on this money. (Explain all about the situation). Not getting my salary on time creates a lot of financial constraint on me. I had requested you before as well to pay me my salary on time. (Briefly describe your requirements).

Your Name…

Job Designation…

Department Name…  “

Resignation letter due to  salary delay: Sample 2

“ Dear Sir,

Since you are a team member of your firm at present and serving since a definite period. It should be asked and reviewed by you at the time of joining that when you will get your salary. (Describe in your own words). After agreeing on the terms and condition of employment you can not blame any other. (Explain actual cause and situation). If you wish to change the job, give it in writing the reasons for leaving and serve your notice period and after that, you should leave. (Explain all about the situation).

Unable to tolerate any further I resigned from the company on (date) explaining the salary problem and my last date of employment will be (date).

Your Name…

Job Designation…

Department Name…  “

Resignation letter due to  salary delay: Sample 3

“  Date:

Name of the employer:

Job position name:

Name of the department

Name of the company

Subject: Discontinue working because of delayed salary

Respected Sir,

I have written you a number of letters previously telling you about the delayed salary and the inconvenience that it is causing for me. It has been five months since I joined the company and since then, I have never paid on time. I am tired of delayed payment. It has become very hard for me to make ends meet especially when I don’t get paid on time. I have told you about this many times but you don’t seem to care about it.

Every one of us works for money and we all depend on it to some extent. People have to pay utility bills at the start of every month. I am also required to pay my bills and I am completely dependent on the salary I receive from this job as I don’t have any other source of income.

Not getting a salary on time has brought so many financial crises for me. Therefore, I have decided to resign from my job. I would like to request you to clear my pending salary as soon as possible so that I can leave on good terms. As per my employment contract, I am not required to give any notice during my probation period. However, I am ready to assist you in the transition.

In case you have any query regarding this letter, you can reach me via my cell number or email address.


Signatures of the employee,

______________________   “

Resignation letter due to salary delay: Sample 4

“  Dear Manager,

I am resigning from the job because of the low salary package. Various times I requested to review my salary, but my request was not considered. So now I am resigning from the job with immediate notice.

Best wishes for the company and its future.

Sincerely Yours,

Your Name  “

Resignation letter due to  salary delay: Sample 5

“  Dear Sir or Madam,

I want to resign due to the low and timely payment problems of my salary. I am unable to maintain even my monthly expenses, and savings are only my dreams. I hope you understand my situation and work responsibilities. Then, I can think about continuing my work in case of a salary increment and timely payments.


Resignation letter due to  salary delay: Sample 6

“ Jose Jones 

123 Main Street 

Anytown, CA 12345 


[email protected]

September 7, 2021

Jane Lee Director, Human Resources 

Acme Office Supplies 

123 Business Road 

Business City, NY 54321

Dear Ms. Lee:

I am writing to notify you that I have accepted a position with an organization that is offering me better compensation and benefits than this company. My last day of work will be October 7, 2021.

Although I have greatly valued the opportunity to work with you, unfortunately, this is an opportunity I cannot turn down. I would be doing myself and my family a disservice to turn down an increased salary and a complete benefits package that includes paid vacation and sick time, and dental and vision insurance.

I do hope you understand my situation to take on this new position. Please accept my sincere thanks for all that you have done for me during my time working for you. I would be more than happy to assist in the transition period and welcome any questions you may have as you look for a replacement.

Thanks again for your understanding.


Signature (hard copy letter)

Jose Jones   “


In this brief guide, we will take a look at some sample resignation letters due to salary delay

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