7 Sad things to draw

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In this blog we present you a list of sad things to draw as well as drawing prompts to use when you are sad. 

Sad things to draw

Here are some sad and depressing prompts that you can use to draw:


You choose to draw a graveyard since it is a popular theme amongst artists who are dabbling on the theme of loss, death, and sadness. 

In your depiction of a graveyard you can include a tombstone, casket, or graveyard as a visual representation of loss/grief, and an acknowledgment of coming to terms with the fact of death. 


Sunsets are another imagery of endings and often can represent the expression of loss and mourning of an end in relationships, adventures etc. It is often an imagery of nostalgia that one feels as things come to an end. 


Another subject that you can draw to represent sadness are stars that can often project on to the person watching the night sky with a sense of nostalgia. 

You can also add in a lonesome figure that is looking at the night sky waiting for something or mourning the loss of someone long gone who have moved on from life onto the stars. 

Broken heart

A very common theme that represents sadness are broken hearts- it can represent the sadness one feels after the end of a romantic relationship. 

However broken hearts are not limited to romantic relationships but loss of any kind. It can represent the heartache of betrayal, loss of a family member, loss of a dream or a goal etc. 

You can express your feelings of sadness and mourning by drawing a heart that has been broken, bruised or shattered. 

Bleeding heart

Another art prompt that represents sadness is a bleeding heart which often presents pain and suffering of someone going through a heartbreak. 

It can also be something that represents loss, the pain of betrayal and is considered a more serious or distressing form of a broken heart symbol. 

Hands pulling apart

Hands being pulled apart is another depiction of something sad as it represents loss and the anguish of being pulled apart by circumstances and situations. 


A lone wolf is a pictorial representation of loneliness and the struggle of not belonging. It is also a representation of the loneliness one feels as someone who has been a loner or someone who has been alienated and put aside by the larger group. 

By drawing a lonewolf, one can depict the sadness of social isolation and the struggle of having to do everything on your own with no social support. 


Anther very obvious image that represents sadness and nostalgia is the moon, you can choose to draw the moon and also add elements of a lonely person looking at the moon on their own to represent loneliness, nostalgia, and the sadness that comes with longing. 

A person sitting in an empty well or a dark room

Another image that you can draw to represent sadness is a person sitting alone in a dark room or in an empty well. This form of art can represent the themes of social isolation and withdrawal that people with depression or people who are feeling sad often feel. 

Things you can draw if you are sad

Here are some things that you can draw if you have been feeling sad. This list has been curated from WastedTalent:

  • Draw what’s going on in your life. 
  • Draw your favourite things. 
  • Draw things that make you angry or frustrated 
  • Draw people or animals that you love. 
  • Draw things that make you happy. 
  • Draw what you’re afraid of. 
  • Draw your dreams or goals. 
  • Draw self portraits.
  • Draw your depression.
  • You can make mandalas, create them, and colour them in as a way to meditate and get your mind off things that stress you out. Here is a link for you to follow to help yourself learn how to make mandala art. 

Self care drawing prompts for sadness

Here are a few art prompts that can be used for daily self-care that have been curated from Fellowship Hall:

  • Draw or paint your emotions. 
  • Choose colours that represent your stress and jab, scribble and paint your problems away.
  • Paint in response to music.
  • Make a mandala. 
  • Draw in the dark without judging what you’re drawing
  • Create a future self-portrait where you see yourself in the future.
  • Choose the people who matter most to you in life and create unique art for each. 
  • Draw a portrait of someone who changed your life.
  • Create an image that represents how you think others see you.
  • Draw a place where you feel safe. 
  • What worries you in your life? Cut out pictures from magazines to represent these worries.
  • Draw something that scares you.

Can art help when you are sad?

There have been plenty of studies and reviews that have been conducted regarding the use and efficacy of art and art therapy for the intervention of mental disorders as well as for improving mental health and resilience. 

In a review that explored “The Connection Between Art, Healing, and Public Health”, researchers found that art-based interventions were effective in alleviating and reducing negative psychological and physiological symptoms. 

This review focuses on creative and expressive art activities strictly focused on adult participants in North America and Europe. These activities included: music engagement, visual arts therapy, movement-based creative expression, and expressive writing. 

A 2021 review explored the effect of art therapy on anxiety, depression, and quality of life in individuals who have been diagnosed with cancer and are being treated for it. 

The review of literature was conducted on studies that have been published between September 2009 up to September 2019 related to cancer patients and a total of 731 publications were assessed.

The researchers concluded that art therapy could have some positive impact in decreasing symptoms of anxiety and depression in adult cancer patients as well as improve their quality of life. However, the researchers stressed that more research is required in this regard. 

Although much research points to an affirmative position that art therapy or art interventions are very effective in treatment and reducing psychological symptoms of distress and illnesses, there is much research to be done in terms of how these interventions improve health overall and to what extent. 

What to do when you are sad?

If you are feeling sad here are a few things you can do:

Reach out

The first thing that you need to understand is that if you have been thinking lately that you don’t want to live anymore, it is possible that this could be tied to something more serious.

Thoughts like “ I dont want to live anymore” is considered a sucideal ideation which means that these are thoughts that could be linked to suicide or suicidal behavior and is often a related to risk of psychological disorder such as depression, PTSD, Anxiety etc.

Because these are serious conditions, we suggest that you reach out to someone in your life that you trust- someone that is able to listen and empathise with you.

Being able to connect with someone in your life- a friend, family member, a spiritual guide, or a teacher at school to talk about the despair and hopelessness you might be feeling right now could help you get the help that you need. 

Consider therapy

If you have been noticing that these thoughts of not wanting to live anymore are becoming too frequent and have lasted more than two weeks you should consider seeking out professional help to understand what is happening to you and to treat any underlying conditions.

Do things you enjoy

Now, it is crucial that you experience positive feelings in your daily life according to most positive psychologists. 

Positive emotions and experiences are very important for a person to feel better about their lives and their wellbeing. So try to do thighs that you enjoy and make it a priority on your list of daily things. 

Take the risk of trying out things that you have pushed aside for so long. This could be you playing with your childhood toys, painting something that you have always wanted to, spending time with your friends, etc.

The goal here is to make sure that you do something that brings you happiness, contentment. You might think to yourself- I don’t have time- here, the challenge is to prioritise yourself first and make time for yourself to enjoy your day. 

Make positive lifestyle changes

Take care of yourself. Avoid drinking and doing drugs, instead eat a healthy diet that is full of nutrients and engage in exercise- this can be walks, joining the gym, or running a marathon. 

Make changes that benefit your physical health as well as allow you to engage with a positive crowd. If you think socialisation is not something you want to do, then there are plenty of exercises that you can do alone. 

Make sure you get good sleep by developing a healthy sleep hygiene as well. 


In this blog we presented you a list of sad things to draw as well as drawing prompts to use when you are sad. 

FAQ related to sad things to draw

What can sadness mean?

Sadness is an emotional state. People who are sad often show signs of unhappiness in the way they feel and think and often behave in ways that are considered “Low in mood”. 

What makes someone sad with examples?

There are plenty of reasons that make people sad some of them include:

  • Family conflict
  • Job dissatisfaction
  • Loss
  • Anxieties
  • Depression

Why do I like sad things?

The most probable reason why you like sad things like stories, movies, songs is because you feel connected to it because of the way you are also feeling. It provides you with a sense of recognition and familiarity and it gives you feel a sense of solidarity which can be a positive experience if you have been feeling isolated and misunderstood because of your sadness. 


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