5 Sample resignation letter after maternity leave

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In this blog we present you samples of Resignation letters after maternity leave

Sample resignation letter after maternity leave

Here is a blank formal sample of a resignation letter from TheBalanceCareers

This template follows the formal format with the sender’s address, date, and receiver’s address preceding the body of the letter. 



City, State Zip Code






City, State Zip Code

Dear Ms. Manager,

Please accept my resignation effective January 28, 2022. As you know, I had my second child in December, and I have decided that I will not be returning to work after my maternity leave. I plan on staying home with my children for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for your understanding. Please let me know if I can be of any assistance during this transitional time. I am available over (phone, email) and would also be happy to come into the office for a day to pass off any contacts, emails, or information that you need.


Your Signature (hard copy letter)

Firstname Lastname

Sample resignation letter after maternity leave

Here is another less formal sample from Indeed

[Your Name]


Today’s Date

Manager’s Name

Manager’s Title

Company Name

Dear [Your employer’s name],

[Explain that you’re submitting your letter of resignation from your job title and the name of the company.] [List when your last day will be.] [Briefly provide reasoning for why you’re leaving, if desired.]

[Offer your assistance to help make the transition process run smoothly.] [Express your gratitude for the opportunity.]


[Your first and last name]

Sample resignation letter after maternity leave

Here is another less formal sample from Indeed that details a resignation after maternity leave with an added detail about coming back to work to serve the notice period. 

Dear Jordan Taylor,

I’m writing to submit my letter of resignation from my account manager role at Brand Solutions Inc, which will be effective Dec. 20, 2020, two weeks from today. As you’re aware, I recently had my child in late October and have decided that the best option for our family is to stay home and care for the children.

I plan to return to work for the next two weeks to help smooth the transition process. I’ll be available to provide details on important projects, assist in the hiring process and administer training for my replacement. Thank you so much for the opportunity to work for your company. I’ve had a great three years collaborating with such a dynamic team.


Leslie Parker

Sample resignation letter after maternity leave

Here is an email sample from TheBalanceCareers:

This particular sample outlines what email resignation letters format tend to look like. You begin with a short subject with the words “Letter Of Resignation”.

This is followed by a short addressal to the HR or the head of the company you work with and the body of the letter. Email resignation letters tend to be short, simple, and straight to the point with a sign off with your full name and contact details. 

Subject: Maternity Leave – Your Name

Dear Jane,

During these past two months on maternity leave, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking through my next steps. After much debate, I’ve decided to stay home with my children, and not return to full-time work. Please accept my resignation effective February 10, 2022.

It’s been a pleasure working with you and being part of ABC Company. I have learned so much during my four years working here.

Please let me know if I can offer any help during this transitional time. I am available over email, and would also be happy to come into the office for a day to pass off any contacts, emails, or information that you need.


Firstname Lastname 

Sample resignation letter after maternity leave

Here is another sample from GreatSampleResume

Dear Mr. Grimes

As you already know, I have been on maternity leave from my position as senior assistant at ABC Company for the past 4 weeks, with my return to work scheduled for January 15, 2014. However, after giving much thought to the situation, it has become apparent that it is in the best interest of myself, my new child and my team members at ABC Company if I resign from my position indefinitely in order to best care for my new family. Therefore, I appreciate your understanding of my plans not to return to work as scheduled.

I would be more than happy to assist in the finding and/or training of my replacement in any way that I can. If any discussion in regards to this is needed, or if you have any questions, I can be contacted by phone at (555)-555-5555 or by email at [email] I will inform my team members and make them welcome to contact me as well.

I am grateful to you and ABC Company for the great experience and cooperation I have enjoyed there over the past few years. Although I will miss everyone at the office, I know I would not be able to properly focus on my work away from my child after such a short maternity leave. I thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Carolyn Jensen

How to write a Resignation letter after maternity leave

Resigning from one’s place of work after you have had a child is very common. It is also quite common that employees who are under maternity leave might change their mind to no longer continue as an employee at their workplace to care for their child.  

If you plan to resign from your job because you are also a parent who wants to spend time caring for your child, a resignation letter will be required for most companies and places of employment. 

A letter of resignation is a formal letter that documents and informs your employer about your decision to resign and no longer work for them, and it is a final effort to express your decision to leave your job.  

The letter was originally in the form of handwritten or typed out letters that were mailed to the HR manager or your employer; however, today most employees email their employers and HR managers of their notice.

Here are a few things for you to remember when you are writing your resume with reason:

Mention that it is an important choice

It is important that the first thing you mention is that you have had some time to reflect on your future as both a parent and a professional while also mentioning that you are currently on maternity leave. 

Disclose reason why

Usually, there is no need to disclose what is the exact personal issue that is causing you to leave your current job, however for this case, you can mention that you would like to spend time with your new child. 

Express gratitude

Express your gratitude for the opportunity and learnings that you have gained during your time there and leave a positive message so that you can maintain your network of connections that could help your career. 

Offer active assistance for smooth transition

Another thing that you can do to leave a positive impression is to let your manager know that you will come back and serve your two weeks notice period or that you will be actively present during these two weeks through phone calls, video calls, and emails to assist the transition. 

Based on company policies, you can either write and mail the letter to your manager or sending across a brief email to the manager/supervisors should suffice. 

Serve your two weeks

It is advised that you hand in your letters at least two weeks before the date of departure or the date you wish to stop coming to work as it gives your employers enough time to look for a replacement and also allows for transitions to take place. 

Structure of  Resignation letter after maternity leave

Let us look at a few things that are crucial aspects of writing a resignation letter:

Sender and Receivers details

The first thing that you include in your letter are the details of the receiver; that is, the name and position of your HR manager followed by the address of your workplace.


Christine D’souza

Easy Days Nursing Home

44 Madhya Marg

New Delhi, 437097 (indeed)

In some letters, you include the name and address of the sender first followed by that of the name and position of your HR manager followed by the address of your workplace.


Susan Holmes

Kitchen Staff

987 Crazy Legs Avenue, Apt. 34 

Los Angeles, CA, 91054

[email protected] 

February 17, 2019

Linda Lester

HR Manager

XYZ Restaurant

90000 Care Road

Los Angeles, CA, 91054 (RequestLetters)

If you are writing your resignation letter via email, you need not write the senders or receiver’s addresses. However, you should make sure that you put your contact details in the mail.

Introduction and notice of resignation

The next element is the body of the letter which begins with your addressing the receiver of the letter and clearing putting across the intent of the letter and your notice of resignation. 

In this part, you can also include the period of your notice that you will be serving as per your employment contract.


I am writing to inform you of my resignation as Kitchen Helper at Easy Days Restaurant,  effective two weeks from today. My last day of work will be on 30th Oct’ 2021. (indeed)

Reason of resignation

When it comes to disclosing the reason for your departure, there is no explicit need to add in the reason for your resignation. 

However it is it is advisable that there should be a cause to disclose why you are resigning, your reason should be neutral and something that is unrelated to your experience at work so as to maintain a positive relationship with your employer.


My final day of employment will be May 30, 2015. I have made the decision to return to college to pursue a degree in business and will need to focus on my studies.


I have decided to take this step so that I can better tend to my family’s health needs.

A statement of gratitude

Resignation letters are the last professional impression an employee can make on their employers and colleagues, so it is advised that the letter remains neutral and warm while highlighting positive experiences you have had while working for them. 

A warm resignation letter also ensures that you are able to maintain a positive relationship with your former place of work just in case you wish to work with them again. 

Example letter:

Working at Easy Days has been a rewarding experience and I have enjoyed my time working with you. I thank you for the training and opportunity to grow with you in my career. (indeed)

Transition details

To maintain your professional attitude at work, you should include what you will be doing to help ease the transition of roles with your successor during the notice period as well as contact information. 


If you feel it would be helpful, I would be happy to assist with the hiring and training of my successor over the next two weeks. Please contact me if you have questions. My email address is [email protected] and my cell phone number is 9745474523.(indeed)


Close the letter using polite words and include your contact details. 


Respectfully yours,

Ashwin Mehta


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