Should i kill myself? 19 reasons you shouldn’t.

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In this blog we present to you 20 reasons to live if case you have been asking yourself “Should I kill myself?”

Should i kill myself? 20 reasons you shouldn’t.

Here are a list of 20 reasons why you should keep on living if you have been wondering: “Should I kill myself?”

Just because you don’t see solutions doesn’t mean there isn’t one

When you are faced with a crisis or a challenge, it is often difficult to see solutions and alternatives steps you can take to overcome the challenge or cope with the crisis. 

However, one must understand that this error in perspectives can often lead you to believe that you have no option other than to give up on yourself and life. 

One of the reasons why you should reconsider this is that this error in perspective can be corrected and you can do this by either talking to someone who can help you gain outside perspectives as well as help you with resources that you need to overcome or manage the crisis. 

You’re not alone 

Often times, when someone is in crisis you feel alone and isolated because they feel that their problem are so big and so alien that no one will truely be able to understand and help. 

This belief and perspective often causes more distress and makes the peron feel hopeless; howeever one has to know that this is not the case. 

Human suffering, no matter what form, is universal there will always be someone who shares the same pain and who will understand or emapthise with you. It is only a matter of you reaching out to the right people who can. 

Nothing is permanent

Another reasons why you should not consider suicide is that nothing is permanent- not even the pain you feel or the crisis at hand. 

The one truth in life is that everything changes even the way you feel is susceptible to change, including the crisis and the distress you feel. 

The emotions you feel are not permanent and can be managed, including the thoughts that terrify you. Another thing that one should know is that situations change as long as you keep on living and making efforts to bring about this change. 

You are capable of making life meaningful

Often times, people when they are faced with life cirsis and mental conditons that leads them to so much distress that they start consiering suicide is because most of them feel incapable fo change and making meaning out of their own lives. 

The hopelessness makes them feel like giving up on life is easier howver the truth is, every indiddial in the world is capable of making meaning and making meaningful choices in their own lives. 

Infact, one’s existencae has meaning and purpose, it is only a matter of discovering or creating new meaning that is more authentic to who you are and what your values are. 

When you consider making meaning it could be dping somehting more meaningful in your professional life or creating and maintainting realitonships that give you menaing and joy in your life. 

Mistakes don’t define you

Now, another important reason why you should keep on living is that the mistakes you have made does not define who you are or what you will become. 

There is always the chance of dping things to correct your mistakes, seek forgiveness, and strive to live a more positive and meaningful life. 

This involves seeking out the strength to apologize, make amends, or work on repairing the friendship- the guilt you feel is a sign that you want to do things better, to make repairs, and work on flourishing in life. 

Time does help 

Suicide is not the soulution of problems, the only solution is the steps you take to rise up to the challenges of living. 

Because problems are not permanent, time does help to heal what you have been hurt by as well as assist you in gaining the courage to grow stronger, more courageous, and more informed about your own condition to foster self compassion. 

The pain you feel right now, in the middle of the cirsis, is not peranaent and time does heal. 

The future isn’t set in stone

Nothing in life is set in stone, this means that just because you are struggling today does not mean you will have poor life conditions later in the future, just because you are depressed now does not mean you will never feel joy again. 

Your future is not set in stone, what you think and perceive your future to be does not mean that it will happen. What decides your future is what you do now- so one reaosn for you to live now is to have yourself a future that is full of possibiitires- more good than bad. 

You matter

You matter. Period. 

No matter what you have done, or haven’t done- you matter which is why you deserve a chance at living; time and again you always deserve a chance to live. 

Your pet companions. 

One reason to keep on living, to show up to work, to get out of bed, to go for walks is because of your pets who love you wholly and unconditionally.

 If you find yourself undeserving of that love, one reason for you to live is to keep being their human companion as a way to repay that love with more care and more empathy. 

Causes you care about

Another reaso for you to keep living is for the causes you care about- even if it is for the enviromeent, for a movemenet against human trafficking, or standing up against social injustices- you have to remember that your presence matter in such causes. 

You showing up, you being part of it is an important aspect of the moevemet because it is the tiny drops of water- the indidvdiual person- that creates the whole ocean. 

Death is the end of the road.

You have to understand that death is the end of the road, it is no a solution and it is not a break from the problems of life. 

Most people who are struggling with mental conditons and sucidial ideal or life cirsis, mostly struggle with the problems life thoughts at as and are often in need for rest, medication to meet your neuroloical needs, and support. 

All of these needs will not be met by death- so in order to get what you need, one of the reason to keep on living is to consider alternative solutions, death is not one. 

Your problems don’t disappear after you die

The problems you have don’t disappear after you die- they often go on to other people. Suicide or death is not the solutoon of the problem rather it creates more problems. 

Whatever solutions you require, you can attain by problem solving, by seeking out support, by getting the care you need. None of your problems will be solved by death- instead it becomes an escape from the problems you face. 

Life always changes

Another reasons why you should not consider suicide is that nothing is permanent- not even the pain you feel or the crisis at hand. 

The one truth in life is that everything changes even the way you feel is susceptible to change, including the crisis and the distress you feel. 

Keep going out of spite.

Another reason for you to live, if you are someone with a competitive spirit, is to live, to keep going, and to succeed at happiness out of spite. 

Prive the people who hurt you wrong, show them what you are capable of- keep growing and keep challenging yourself to progress. Sometimes  it is through achievements that you can develop positive experiences, meaning, and purpose.

Learn Something

Another reason for you to keep living is to learn new things- the world has too much to offer and believe or not, there is space for you too. 

So get yourself out there and learn something new and as you do, you will come across new people, new goals, new reasons to live, and new meaning to your life. 


Another reason for you to live is so that you can achieve your milestones or your dreams that you have set out for yourself once upon a time. 

The unexplored

Reason for you to live is the unexplored parts of the world, of your life, of your potential for growth. 

There is much to be discovered and much to learn about the world around you. Sometimes people live their own lives without truly knowing who their family members are, or who their friends truly are. 

These undiscovered parts of our lives thought deep understanding and exploration can help give meaning. 

For the little things

Another reason for you to live is for the little things in your life- ranging from family and friends to the episodes of your favourite TV show or to the taste of the best cheesecake in town. 

Taking time to notice these little things that bring you joy could be a great way to find reason to live. 

To Help others

Only people who are ing through something like yourself can help other people with the same problem. Experiencing challenges is what helps create greater empathy. So stay for the people who need you and for the people that you can help.

To find yourself

Here is a beautiful quote:

I’m not who I thought I was. I want to stick around and find out who I become. — Paul Currington.

One final reason on this list is to stay- to keep on living- to discover who you are and what you can become. 

What should you do if you are suicidal?

If you are feeling suicidal or have come across suicidal thouhts here are a few things you can do:

Reach out

The first thing that you need to understand is that if you have been thinking lately that you don’t want to live anymore, it is possible that this could be tied to something more serious.

Thoughts like “ I dont want to live anymore” is considered a sucideal ideation which means that these are thoughts that could be linked to suicide or suicidal behavior and is often a related to risk of psychological disorder such as depression, PTSD, Anxiety etc.

Because these are serious conditions, we suggest that you reach out to someone in your life that you trust- someone that is able to listen and empathise with you.

Being able to connect with someone in your life- a friend, family member, a spiritual guide, or a teacher at school to talk about the despair and hopelessness you might be feeling right now could help you get the help that you need. 

Consider therapy

If you have been noticing that these thoughts of not wanting to live anymore are becoming too frequent and have lasted more than two weeks you should consider seeking out professional help to understand what is happening to you and to treat any underlying conditions.


In this blog we presented to you 20 reasons to live if case you have been asking yourself “Should I kill myself?”


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