Sigma Male (A Complete guide)

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In this article we will discuss what a sigma male is. 

We will also explore the characteristics of the sigma male and whether this particular personality trait or archetype is real or not. 

What is a Sigma Male?

According to, a Sigma male is a term used in masculinist subcultures for a popular, successful, but highly independent and self-reliant man- it, a lone wolf who is mysterious, successful, and above the average alpha male. 

A sigma male chooses to live outside of the dominance hierarchy structures of society. They do share common traits with the alpha archetype, however, they are more drawn to living outside of the lines of the traditional dominance hierarchies which sets them apart and makes them desirable. 

The term sigma male, is not a universally recognised categorization of male personalities, neither are alpha, beta or any other form of categorization of male personalities and there is very little research surrounding the validity of these personality typology. 

The sigma male personality type is part of a hierarchy that has been developed by internet groups called the socio sexual hierarchy, created by Vox day.

This particular hierarchy is a categorization system that separates men into different hierarchical ‘ranks’ and ‘archetypes’ based on how men interact with one-another, their behavior and their natural tendencies.

What are the characteristics of a Sigma Male?

The characteristics of a Sigma Male includes the following:


Sigma Male generally values different things than other men and prioritses other issues as opposed to the alpha or beta male. They are strongholds of non-conformity and they rule our societal pressues and expectations. 

This decison to rule out these societal standards or to non-confirm arise out of an intrinsic value and what they are pursuing is not based on what society demands of them but what they demand of themselves. 

Self Sufficiency

The sigma male is self-sufficient and strong natural survivors which them similar to a lobe wolf who is able to adapt quickly to new situations and are capable of taking care of themselves. 

They are not reliant on others or other systems such as stability of a job or a family. They can find ways to meet their needs, earn their money, pay their bills and they are also emotionally self-sufficient meaning that they can provide their own company, nurturing, companionship, and value in life. 

They are not dependent on Social Dominance Hierarchies 

Sigma males are able to assimilate into society and do what is expected of them like hold down a standard job, having a family, date, etc, 

However, he is not reliant or dependent on these standard expectations and societal standards to determine his sense of self, and his happiness. 

If he grows tired of a certain standard or expectations, he can easily walk away and avoid entangling himself with others to avoid any problem.


Sigma males are highly adaptable by nature- he can participate into society and the expectations that society has of them but this is not a permanent assimilation. Rather it is simple adaptation to ensure survival. 

He rejects any notion of attachment this includes climbing the hierarchy and if he assimilated into a certain situation deeply, it is only because he chooses to experience it for his own joy, or benefit not because he is dependent on it.


The sigma male puts his own dreams and happiness over everyone and everything else- he rejects the notion of putting community over themselves as he does not see investment in others as beneficial. 

This can make the person prioritize themselves over others and this might make them seem selfish but you have to understand that they’re also unconcerned with appearances, or how they’re perceived by others. They do not invest in others unless it serves a rational, practical purpose for them.

They Forsake the Trappings of Companionship 

Sigma males often see companionship as a hindrance and view human relationships as tedious and meaningless. 

Sigmas might develop a few close, intimate friendships that truly enrich their lives but only because there is some personal benefit for them, otherwise they view other humans and frivolous relations not worth their time or effort.

They Strive to be Invisible

Sigma males strive to be invisible and they neither need nor desire recognition for their effort and would prefer to just be left alone to fulfill their duties in peace. 

This is because sigmas aren’t driven by outside validation or praise and because the trappings of society do not hold any value for them, praise and recognition does not mean anything to them.

Is the Male Archetype- Sigma Male-real?

To answer the question of whether the Sigma Male archetype is real or not, we must discuss whether the socio sexual hierarchy created by Vox Day- Alt-right writer Theodore Robert Beale in 2011.

This particular concept is a categorization system that separates men into different hierarchical ‘ranks’ and ‘archetypes’ based on how men interact with one-another, their behavior and their natural tendencies.

The theory is more or less based on the illogical brief that human beings as a group resemble a wolf pack that consists of hierarchies with the leader or the top position being occupied by an alpha. 

Now, this particular theory was developed in 1947 by a wildlife researcher Rudolph Schenkel on observing a pack of wolves in the Swiss zoo. He wrote of an assumed hierarchy with the alpha male and female being at the top of the chain. 

Following this another wildlife biologist, David Mech, popularized the “alpha” term in a book however, after studying wolf packs in the wild, he changed his stance and stated that there does not seem to be any multi-tiered hierarchy.

This particular correction came too late as the theory and concept had already assimilated into the knowledge of the general public and writer’s like Vog Day who has since popularised the concept through online blogs- it has spread as an actual categorization of human society. 

One must understand that human beings do not function like wolf packs and even if we look at wolf packs we have to understand that they are families- there consists of the parent world, and the pups. 

By natural order, the parents are the leaders and they take charge and even where there are multiple adult wolves within the pack, it is more family oriented than competition. 

In human society, labing people with a non-validated or science based categorization of human individuality and agency can do more harm than good. 

Simply because of the fact that each human being is complex and does not function like wolves. This complexity of human beings makes it dangerous for people to live by the definition of such hierarchies as it limits them to these preconceived notions. 

The theory oversimplifies the uniques of human beings and this can leave out most people who do not fit Day’s mould. The theory itself is not proven nor has it been scientifically studied. 

This particular theory and hierarchy has been based on a disproven theory about wolves that has no particular connection to human society and instead limits human beings to the bare animalistic drives instead of complex beings which discredited most of the ideas that Vox Day has put forward. 


In this article we have discussed what a sigma male is. 

We have also explored the characteristics of the sigma male and whether this particular personality trait or archetype is real or not. 


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FAQ about Sigma Male

What is Sigma personality?

A Sigma personality type describes a man who lives its life as far away from social circles as possible.

A Sigma man is confident and knows what his path is and follows it without ever listening to someone else. 

What is the zeta male?

A zeta male is a term used to describe men who have rejected the traditional expectations associated with being a man.

These include: being a provider, defender, and protector of the vulnerable people.

A zeta male rejects stereotypes and doesn’t conform to traditional beliefs. 

What is a Gamma Male?

A Gamma male is a man who is usually intelligent but unsuccessful with women, and who alternates between pedestaling a particular girl and pathological hatred of the entire female sex.

What is an alpha male?

An alpha male is a man who likes to take charge, a leader.

Is a man who imposes his will on others, not the other way round.

An alpha male intimidates, he’s unquestionably in charge, no matter what the situation.

He is also is loud, brash, doesn’t care what anybody else thinks or says about him. 

Alpha females are often described as intimidating by men and women alike.

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