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Signs He wants To Get You Pregnant (A +9 Guide)

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This article will take a look at all the signs that point to a man wanting to become even more intimate with you so you get pregnant! The article will explain all these signs in detail so the audience has an in-depth understanding about the topic.

Signs He Wants To Get You Pregnant – What Are They?

Here are a few signs that your significant other wants to get you pregnant:

  • Happier Around Children
  • Talks About What Your Babies Will Look Like
  • Becomes More Responsible
  • He Doesn’t Mind Babysitting Kids
  • He Likes To Watch Animated Movies
  • Wants To Spend More Time With You
  • Touch You More – Even In Front Of Others
  • Says ‘We’ More
  • They Want To Meet Your Friends & Family
  • Compliment You More
  • Increased Eye Contact

Let us take a look at these in detail so you can Trap A Guy Into Getting You Pregnant.

Happier Around Children

If a man wants to get you pregnant it will be easy to recognize the changes in his behaviour! He will feel and act more happy around children. He won’t be irritated in front of them like he used to be and he will want to spend more time with them!

He will also be more caring towards them and laugh a lot around them. This is because he wants to have kids of his own as well and hence this is a big sign that he wants to get you pregnant.

Talks About What Your Babies Will Look Like

It is difficult for him to be open to you hence he will throw secret messages to you – if you are smart enough and clever you will pick them up! Oftentimes when a man wants to get you pregnant he will talk about how your kids will look – most often in a joking manner where he is either making fun of you or trying to tell you how life will be after kids. 

He obviously won’t tell you how badly he wants to see the both of you have kids together and raise a family!

Becomes More Responsible

When men want to start a family they become very responsible! They will manage the finances better and be more protective. They will start helping around the house to keep their woman at ease and hence make her feel as though she has enough time and energy to have kids.

Little does he know that women can pick up on this behavioral change and find out what his true intentions are!

He Doesn’t Mind Babysitting Kids

The last thing a football fan would want to do is sit and babysit the kids – they would rather go to their friends house and watch the game. However, when things change and they want to have kids with you they will all of a sudden vouch to babysit someone’s kids. Not only does this show you they are getting ready for fatherhood but they also have more fun now with kids.

He Likes To Watch Animated Movies

Have you ever been surprised by how your partner has just started taking a strange interest in animated movies that are usually for kids? Don’t be alarmed! This is just another sign he wants to have kids with you and is getting ready to make you pregnant!

Wants To Spend More Time With You

Have you noticed him trying to spend more time with you lately? He knocks on your door asking if you are free to go out on a walk with him or visit a nearby cafe? Maybe he doesn’t mind you being around while he is working – just your presence makes him happy even if he has tons of work to do! Or he could be trying to change his routine in a way that he has more time to spend with you.

All of these are signs that your partner wants to be closer to you. They have understood that they are comfortable being around you and want to make things work so that your relationship takes another step ahead and you both become even closer. To do this, he does realize that the both of you need to spend more time together and he will take action to ensure this is done somehow. He may change his routine, work harder to make more time or cancel events or activities he usually did.

Touch You More – Even In Front Of Others

Yes of course he touches you but now he touches you even more especially in front of others. This is probably his way of showing others to stay away and that you are ‘his’. Furthermore, by touching you he signals to others that you and him are becoming more and more close day by day and he may be ready to have a family with you.

His repetitive touches are also a sign to you that he wants you to be close to him wherever the both of you go. Hence, if your partner begins to touch you more than they did previously, take that as an obvious sign that he wants to be more close to you and reciprocate back! It will do wonders to your relationship with him and boost his confidence in you.

Says ‘We’ More

This is something no one expects because when your partner does this it surprises you greatly! Not in a bad way but a very very good way where you realize that he understands the significance of doing or perceiving things together. This is indeed something special to look out for – not that you can miss it.

The relationship between two people can be the most beautiful of things, however once it becomes strong enough that you both make decisions together then nothing can beat you guys.

If he begins to say ‘we’ instead of ‘you’ and ‘I’ then understand that he wants to do things together with you and even have you represent him.

They Want To Meet Your Friends & Family

Friends and family are always important. Both have their place in your lives and regardless of all the ups and downs – they are still going to be there no matter what! Once your partner decides that they want to be more close to you then they will want to meet your friends and family. Why? They know who matters to you and they also understand that your loved ones play a big role in your life and in making you feel happy and complete.

Thus, your partner will naturally want to meet them when he wants to be closer to you. Of course your time is spent with your loved ones and hence one of the ways he can spend more time with you is by being at your friends or family’s place.

Compliment You More

Another sign that naturally comes along is when your partner starts complimenting you. This is not a forced effort but something they cannot help. They actually begin to notice those ‘small’ perfections in you and want to observe and compliment you more. It’s like they can’t get enough of you!

At the same time, they want you to realize how much they like you and how grateful they are for the time they get to spend with you. It’s possible that by complimenting you they think that they will get to have more time with you and hence be more close to you.

Increased Eye Contact

Yes, increased eye contact is a big sign he wants to get closer to you. They will repeatedly look at you and smile for no good reason. It will sometimes be to tease you or admire your beauty or send you a secret message about how much they like you.

Thus might make you blush or feel all funny inside but the truth is the truth. You matter to them more and they are not shy to express that. Hence, if you partner thinks about you more and feels no harm in becoming closer to you, they will start making more eye contact!


This article took a look at the signs that show when a man wants to get you pregnant and thus raise a family with you. The article not only listed these signs but also took a look at them in more detail so the audience could develop a deeper understanding of the topic.


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