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Submechanophobia (A complete guide)

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The current blogspot will be based on the question “what is submechanophobia?”. We will learn the causes of submechanophobia and its symptoms. We will also learn the various treatment options available for managing and treating submechanophobia.

What is submechanophobia?

Submechanophobia is based on two latin and ancient Greek words; Sub meaning Under, mechane meaning machines and phobia meaning fear. Submechanophobia is defined as the fear of objects that are partially or entirely submerged under water. The submechanophobia could be related to any important or least valuable objects ranging from shipwrecks, statues, debris and buoys. 

In other words, submechanophobia is the irrational and illogical fear related to most harmless objects that may exist at the bottom of the sea. The submechanophobia is triggered by the mere thoughts of submerged objects inside the sea. 

The submechanophobia may result from certain neutral situations like:

  • Swimming next to a ship or a boat
  • Seeing pictures of underside of boat or a ship
  • Seeing certain parts of the ship or boat
  • Seeing the anchor of the ship
  • Seeing the propeller of the ship
  • Seeing old rusty shipwrecks 
  • Seeing a ship’s bow from the front
  • Seeing a ship or boat emerging from distant waters
  • Seeing a submarine surfacing onto the surface of the water
  • Seeing distorted images of objects in dusty water

While there are a number of scenarios that can trigger submechanophobia in a person. Most individuals are vulnerable to the parts of the ship that are below the water surface and also the front part of the ship that appears giant. 

It is noteworthy that submechanophobia is not mostly related to the feat of water. People with submechanophobia are quite alright with swimming and sailing and they don’t have a fear of marine life or the marine animals. The submechanophobia is a fear related to only man made objects under the water.

What are the causes of submechanophobia?

The causes of submechanophobia are not known to date. It has been defined as a fear of the unknown that is irrational and illogical. The submechanophobia is only related to the fear of non living objects that are human made. 

One explanation of the cause of the submechanophobia is the fact that anything under water can grab and get hold of the individual leaving the individual in a helpless state. Further there could be thought that ships and seas might come and chase the individual without even noticing the individual and the individual might die.

Further, our brain is expected to see marine life including fish and shells in the sea. However, we are not attuned to notice and experience any other metallic objects that might be a potential threat to our life. Thus the thought of shipwrecks, rusted metallic pieces and other man made objects instills fear feelings resulting in submechanophobia. Noticing or fearing any man made objects prepares our brains for a fight or flight response to combat any danger. Thus we may experience goosebumps or cold flashes due to submechanophobia.

What is the criteria for diagnosing submechanophobia?

Inorder to diagnose an individual with submechanophobia, the following criteria must be met:

  • Unreasonable or excessive feeling of fear
  • An immediate anxiety response
  • Avoidance to the triggered situation
  • Extreme and unmanageable distress upon coming in contact with the fearful situation or object
  • The fear becomes a life threatening situation
  • The fear of non living submerged objects exists in a person for a period of six months or more
  • The fear and associated feelings are not better explained by another medical condition or a mental disorder.

What are the symptoms of submechanophobia?

The symptoms of submechanophobia are as follows :

  • Muscular tension
  • Somatic complaints
  • Sweating
  • Dizziness 
  • Nausea
  • Low concentration
  • Low focus
  • Breathlessness
  • Choking feeling
  • Palpitations
  • Increased blood pressure

What are the treatment options of submechanophobia?

The treatment options for submechanophobia involve various therapeutic interventions that are based on the following therapies :

  • Cognitive behavior therapy helps the individual to understand their triggers and irrational thoughts. It enables the individuals to overcome their feelings of fear and anxiety related to submechanophobia by working on the underlying cognitive distortions.
  • Virtual reality therapy uses digital simulations to overcome their feelings of fear related to submechanophobia
  • Exposure therapy exposes the individuals with submechanophobia to the incidents and objects that they fear the most and hence works on response prevention.

The above therapies may be combined to reach case specific goals. Often drug therapy is also used besides psychotherapy to minimize the negative and unpleasant feelings of the individuals associated with submechanophobia.


The current blogspot was related to submechanophobia. We learned the various causes, symptoms and diagnostic criteria for submechanophobia. We also discussed the various treatment options available for resolving submechanophobia among individuals.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs) : Submechanophobia

Why is Submechanophobia scary?

Submechanphobia is the fear of water submerged man made objects. The negative feelings associated with the irrational thoughts behind submechanophobia make it appear scary.

How do you tell if I have Submechanophobia?

Submechanophobia is a persistent and pervasive fear of submerged objects that are man made. An individual can be diagnosed with submechanophobia if he or she fears the man made objects under the water and feels fearful response of fighting or escaping the situation.

Is Submechanophobia irrational?

Submechanophobia is an irrational aversion and is often caused by the mere thought of a man-made harmless object that might be submerged under the sea.

What is Tachophobia?

Tachophobia is a strong and irrational fear of speed that leaves the individual feeling anxious and uneasy.


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