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Taboo Relationships (7 Stories)

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In this article we will not only take a look at 7 stories of taboo relationships but also explain what these relationships are and why people engage in them.

Taboo Relationships – What Are They?

Taboo relationships are relationships that are considered inappropriate by society. This means that such relationships go against the norms and values of the society a person lives in whether or not there is a good enough reason to support such a thing.

Taboo relationships may involve any type of relationship where someone may be having an affair with a divorced person or simply dating their own teacher from high school. The relationship is taboo based on which society it comes from. Thus, a relationship may be considered taboo in one society but not taboo in another. 

A good example would be that of cousin marriages. In western countries such as the UK and the United States, cousin marriages are considered taboo to the extent that most people are disgusted by the mention of it! However, in eastern countries this is a common practice where cousins often get married to each other.

A taboo connection might range from incest to a single person having an affair with a divorced person; as long as it is not permitted in that culture, it is termed a taboo relationship.

Historically, taboo relationships have been defined as a love that defies culturally imposed behavioral norms by transforming into a “hidden love” that the rest of the world should be unaware of.

However, many of the taboo relationships of the past are no longer taboo now.

In contrast, others, such as interracial dating in America, are not formally outlawed but can be tacitly repressed further as Western society progresses along a socially libertine path.

The article will take a look at some examples of taboo relationships!

Taboo Relationships – 7 Stories

Here are 7 stories of taboo relationships!

Father And Daughter

Jennifer Anne Deaves is John Earnest Deaves’s daughter from his first marriage. The father-daughter duo reunited 30 years later he divorced Jennifer’s mother. In 2000, Jennifer decided to move into her dad’s home amidst her personal and financial problems. She was 31 years old at that time, and her father was 53. The two of them then engaged in consensual incestuous sex, which resulted in the birth of a child. John and Jennifer confessed their inappropriate relationship on national TV, and the revelation led to a massive public outcry. Since incest is illegal in Australia, the court charged the couple with two counts of incest, and asked them to part ways immediately. 

Mother And Son

Kim West, 52, is an English woman, and she was in the news last year because of her incestuous relationship with her 33-year-old son, Ben Ford. She gave Ben up for adoption when he was a baby. Nearly 30 years later, Ben Ford contacted his biological mother, Kim, and asked her to come to the US to meet him. She obliged his request, and flew to the United States to meet Ben. The mother and the son then began engaging in consensual sex, and their relationship progressed to the extent that Ben Ford had divorced his wife, Victoria, so he could live with his mom. 

Granny And Grandson

In 2010, a 72-year-old Indiana woman named Pearl Carter met her grandson, Phil Bailey, who tracked her down, after his mother died. Pearl Carter gave birth to Bailey’s mother, Lynette, out of wedlock when she was 18. Her Catholic parents forced her to give the baby girl up for adoption, and she never got the chance to reunite with her daughter again. Carter married another man, but she remained childless for the rest of her life. The grandma said she fell in love with his grandson the moment she saw his photo in an email. She even admitted to making the first move in bed! The couple paid approximately $25,000 to a surrogate mother to have a baby together. Unsurprisingly, the couple were arrested and sent to prison. 

Father And Daughter

Mackenzie Philips, 57, is an American actress who is known for playing important roles in many famous 70s movies and TV shows like “American Graffiti,” “One Day at a Time,” etc. In 2009, she shocked the world when she admitted to having a consensual incestuous relationship with her dad, John Phillips. John Phillips a.k.a. Papa John was a famous American singer and songwriter. He was the lead vocalist of the popular folk-rock band, “The Mamas & the Papas.” Sometime in the late 1970s, he raped his daughter while she was under the influence of drugs. Mackenzie was upset with what happened, and she even confronted his dad about the rape. Her father insisted that he had not abused her, but just made love to her. She was a troubled teen battling drug addiction back then, and she even lost her role in “One Day at a Time” because of drugs. She then traveled with his dad’s music group, “The Mamas & the Papas,” for ten years, a period when she frequently had sex with her dad.

Brother And Sister

I’ve been in a relationship with my sister for 8 years. Our relationship has no impact on family gatherings because we’re the only ones who know about it. Yes, it’s consensual. We have the same biological parents. We’re 18. We have had sex. No, we don’t want kids. We’ve considered running away to a different country, but decided that would be something we’d do only if we were cornered and couldn’t really deny our relationship. The reason we won’t run to a different country is because we know breaking off all contact with our family and friends would really upset them. We’d like to get married one day but it’s not going to happen. No, you cannot have nudes of my sister/of us. I don’t watch Game of Thrones, but my sister does.

Mother And Son

Barbara Daly Baekeland was an American socialite who often appeared in top magazines such as Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. Born in 1922, she led her life like a typical wealthy American woman until her son, Antony Baekeland, killed her. Antony was a gay and a mentally unstable person. In order to suppress his homosexuality, Barbara Baekeland had sex with her son many times. In fact, she made several other women sleep with him. Post incestuous relationship, things went worse for the family as Antony stabbed Barbara to death during an argument. The 2007 film, “Savage Grace,” is based on the true story of Barbara Baekeland. 


My uncle caught me going down on my cousin, he freaked out. He took me home and told me we were too young. I told him I was still curious and we were just ‘learning’. He never told my aunt or my parents but when my cousin and I tapered off he asked me if I was done being a lesbian. My cousin says he never talked to her about it either. I was also caught letting my brother see me naked. My dad was very upset. He’s a possessive man though.

Why Do People Engage In Taboo Relationships

In this section we will take a look at why people engage in taboo relationships!

Accepting Yourself

The first reason why people may engage in taboo relationships is because that is how they truly are; for example they may be attracted to the same gender. They may be a man but they actually feel like a woman or they may be a woman but they do not get that entire feminine feeling other women experience. As a society and possibly as a species, we are comfortable with things being in black and white; if we need a response then we need it in either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No – anything in between confuses us. If we want to know who is right we do not want to get into the complexities or accept the fact that both sides in a fight may actually be right especially if they are looking at things from their own angle.

Similarly, if we are assigned a female gender at birth then we expect that this specific person will feel like a woman their entire life. However, keeping in mind how complex this world is, it should not be surprising if someone feels this way and decides to acknowledge it.

A Defense Mechanism

Just as the world is complex, so is our body and hence we sometimes engage in very odd or strange behaviours to deal with stress or anxiety. We may become an entirely different person compared to who we were before!

In this case, it is possible someone may identify as a woman even though they are a man because they are unable to deal with the stresses of being a man in their culture, society or nation. They may be disgusted by what men or women in their society do and hence they will associate with the opposite gender.

Thus, identifying as a demiwoman or demiman can also be a defense mechanism that has deeper reasons rather than just feeling a certain way.

Bad Experiences

Sometimes we have bad experiences with people of the other gender and because society has put so many restrictions on us we find ways to evade our problems and create a better world for our own selves. Many times, men and women have a hard time in relationships with the other gender; they may be ghosted, cheated on or divorced despite being a good partner. 

The blow they receive from such an experience may be so devastating that they either begin to hate the other gender or their own gender; afterall, in such situations you need to blame someone because this is human nature. Thus, they may decide to identify as a new gender to avoid being with people of a certain gender or get the chance to be with people that are associated with the gender this specific person was previously associated with.

In some cases, people want to experience something new that may hold something better for them hence they engage in taboo relationships. This may not be because they are rebellious but they sincerely believe that they will have a better life after such bad experiences. So they may decide to be with someone who is way older than them or of a different religion or society in the hope that things will be better this time.

A Mental Disorder

In the past, feeling something like this was considered a mental disorder despite the fact that what people felt may have definitely been genuine. Sometimes we become the prey of serious mental conditions that affect how we behave or think. In some cases, people may begin hearing or seeing things that do not exist. In serious cases people have even begun speaking different languages. In other cases they may have adopted various personalities at the same time or an entirely different one. Although there is nothing wrong with such behaviours if they were naturally occurring, they are not appropriate because they are the result of a mental disorder. So for example, there is nothing wrong with speaking a different language but if it occurs because of a mental disorder then there is an issue.

Similarly, one effect that a mental disorder may have on our body and mind is that we do not feel like we used to before in terms of the gender we are usually associated with.

In some cases, childhood abuse or lack of parental affection may result in us engaging in incestual or other taboo relationships


This article took a look at what a taboo relationship is and explained why people engaged in it. The article also looked at other taboo relationships and why people may engage in such relations. Finally, the article also gave examples of a real life stories where someone engaged in taboo relationships.


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