Truity (A complete review)

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In this blog post, we discuss what Truity is and what kind of tests you can access on Truity.  

We will also discuss the development of Truity and its mission as well as the validity of the Truity assessments and the cost of the tests. 

What is Truity? 

Truity is a Psychometrics developer and publisher of online personality and career tests that was founded in 2021 by Molly Owens. 

It is a woman owned and women led organisation that develops various personality and career assessments to be used by the general public. 

The organisation’s platform also provides free and paid tests and quizzes that the organisation claims to be accurate. Truity’s vision is to create a space to learn about oneself and develop self awareness through their reliable assessments. 

Truity was created to fill the gap in the requirement of assessments that are reliable and scientifically sound as well as affordable for the general public. It was when founder Owens realised that such reliable tests were often expensive and difficult to access. 

She also noted that websites that provide affordable tests were not reliable or scientifically sound so she developed Truity who has managed to fill this gap with their assessments. 

In addition to the assessments, truity also offers opportunities for people to take part in various research studies on personality factors and these research efforts have had ample media courage by notable publishers, 

Their services assure accessibility by the general public and it is through NGOs that they are able to provide these assessment services for free for at-risk populations such as foster children and military vets. 

Who is behind Truity’s mission?

Truity was founded by Molly Owens in 2012, who’s experience as a counselling psychologist in various personality assessment industries led to the realisation that assessments are often not easily accessible. 

She was working in her own consultancy firm that she founded when she realised that in the world of personality research, there was a huge gap between the common public and reliable and scientifically sound assessment tools. 

She realised that most of the tests that were available on the internet or for free were often gimmick and not accurate or reliable. She could not find cost effective tools for her clients so she created Truity that has since helped millions of customers understand themselves. 

What type of tests are available on Truity?

The assessments found on truity are based on scientific research and theories such as the Myers and Briggs’ 16 personality types, the Big Five (Five Factor) model of personality, and the Holland Code system of career selection. 

Truity offers free assessments which are still in development as well as a paid report option which has undergone rigorous testing and has completed development. 

Let us discuss some of the notable tests available on Truity. 

Myers and Briggs’ 16 personality types

This test is based on the personality theory created by Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs. It measures your preferences on Myers and Briggs’ four dimensions of personality type, resulting in 16 personality types. 

Their theories were based on the work of psychologist Carl Jung, although they extended his ideas to create a more complete framework of personality typing.

Myers and Briggs proposed that there were four key dimensions that could be used to categorize people:

  • Introversion vs. Extraversion
  • Sensing vs. Intuition
  • Thinking vs. Feeling
  • Judging vs. Perceiving

The test on Truity consists of 130 questions and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete after which you will be given a brief report that is free. If you want to avail the full report, you will have to pay a small amount for it. You can access this test here

The Big Five Personality Test

This free personality test gives you accurate scores for the Big Five personality traits- Openness, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism.

The Big Five model of personality is considered to be the most scientifically robust and the basis of most modern personality research in present times. 

The Truity test consists of 60 questions and takes about 5-10 minutes to complete followed by a brief report on completion. You can access this test here

The Enneagram Personality Test

This personality test is based on the Enneagram personality theory, which describes personality in terms of nine types, each driven by their own set of core emotions, fears, and beliefs.

The theory describes how the basic personality adapts and responds to both stressful and supportive situations, and based on that it highlights opportunities for personal development.

TheTruity  test consists of 105 questions and takes about 10 minutes to complete. You can access this test here.

Career Tests – Free Online Job Aptitude Tests

These career tests use the Holland Code and Big Five systems to accurately measure your career aptitude and also give insight into career suitability and the specific jobs that can help you highlight your strengths. 

You can access these tests here.

These tests include:

Career Personality Profiler

The Career Personality Profiler is a comprehensive career test that measures both your interests and your personality traits so you can find the right career for you. 

It can help you gain awareness of the careers, industries, and college majors that fit your personality. It can also suggest what to avoid, and how you can maximise your strengths and minimise your limitations. 

You can access this test here

The TypeFinder® for Career Planning

This test makes use of the Myers and Briggs’ theory of 16 personality types to help you find a suitable career path for you. 

The tests allow you to learn your four-letter personality type, and how your type plays out at work. What motivates you and what careers suit your interests and personality type.

You can access this test here

Holland Code Career Test

This free test will help you identify your strongest career interest among six occupational themes: Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional (a.k.a. RIASEC).

You can access this test here

Are truity tests reliable and valid?

Truity pride themselves  on their accurate and reliable personality assessments. Their process involves the following steps:

The process begins with Truity deciding which construct(s) they want to measure. If they are creating an assessment based on an established theory (e.gMyers Briggs), their researchers and scientists at Truity work on understanding the concepts and theories. 

However, if they are creating a test that is not based on any theory, they focus on defining the constructs that they want to access. 

Next they work on the format they would like their personality items to be and create test items (questions) that capture the essence of the constructs which then are put through statistical testing where only only 10-20% of the items will pass.

Next, the development team uses statistical testing after which they recruit people to take their tests for further testing. 

The data collected from their trials are then used for further development. They focus on checking for reliability- the consistency of the tests, test retest reliability, 

In their testing and trial they also seek to ensure reliability of the assessments by looking into how effective the test is at measuring real world outcomes.

It is through this process of test validation and trials that truity creates tests that are reliable, valid, and scientifically sound. 

What can Truity’s tests be used for?

Truity tests can be used for both career and personal use to help people to understand ourselves, our strengths and how we interact with others.

For personal use, the test can be used to help people develop self awareness of their own patterns of behaviour, thoughts, and feelings. It can also be used to shed light on how one goes about relationships, challenges, and one’s day to day lives. 

For professional use, various career tests created by truity based theories can be used to help people develop an understanding of what career works for their personality type, what jobs will help them use their strengths, and what roles will suit them best.

Truity do not recommend that employers should ever use these tests in the hiring or selection process. 

Some of Truity’s tests are created for specific populations- like students or employees while others can be used by the general public.

How much do Truity’s tests cost?

All of Truity’s tests are available to take free of charge. Once you’ve completed the test, you will get a small report that summarizes your results  in a brief report. 

However, the tests full reports will most likely require you to pay by upgrading your subscription which costs an average of $19 (but it can vary for some tests). 

With the paid reports, you will get a far more detailed and in-depth breakdown of your test results and a comprehensive report of the tests findings as well as some suggestions. 


In this blog post, titled “A review on Truity – Free personality Tests and Career Assessments” we presented to you what is Truity and what kind of tests you can access either for free or for a small charge, in order to get a complete online assessment of your personality. 


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FAQ about Truity Personality Tests

What is the most accurate personality test?

The most accurate personality test is considered to be the Big Five Personality Test.

This free personality test is fast and reliable.

It is also used commercially by psychologists, career counselors, and other professionals that conduct personality assessment.

Can you fail a personality test?

You can’t fail nor pass a personality test.

The test is there to distinguish your personal strengths and weaknesses, among a variety of other personality points.

What do personality tests really reveal?

The personality tests reveal a way to facilitate understanding to aid in mental health treatment, job and education training, and placement and self-knowledge.

What is the rarest personality type?

The rarest Myers-Briggs personality type is believed to be the INFJ, making up only 1-3 percent of the population.

INFJ stands for Introversion (I), Intuition (N), Feeling (F), and Judgment (J), which describes the INFJ’s core


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