Twin Flame Separation Depression

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In this blog post, we are going to discuss what twin flame is followed by identifying signs you are in a win flame relationship. Later on, we discuss twin flame depression separation and how to overcome it. Towards the end, we bust a few myths about twin flame relationships.

What is a Twin Flame?

Twin Flame can be referred to as a person whom you connect with not just on an emotional or physical level but also on a spiritual level.  Our twin flame could be anyone such as a friend, a lover, a sister/brother, etc.  

People often believe that their twin flame is the ying to their yang or light to their darkness. They believe that they complete, it will, whichlacksaid that meeting your twin flame is a life-altering experience. It allows room for psychological, emotional, and spiritual growth. It unforgettably changes you.

The concept of the twin flame is a tough topic to research. It’s almost unresearchable. I went on to different blogs, sites, tried to look up evidence-based research but there was very minimal content available on the internet.

How does one know that they are in a twin flame relationship?

Signs you are in a twin flame relationship

  • When you meet them you have a strange inner feeling that tells you that you already know them. A weird sense of recognition also referred to as deja-vu. There is instant familiarity.
  • You have an intuition that they are going to make an impact on your life. You’re not sure how or when but you know they will.
  • They become your safe space, and you feel homely around them.
  • You feel as though you are each other’s better halves. They make you a better person and you make them a better person.
  • You find yourselves driven towards a higher spiritual or social purpose.
  • You feel connected to them, bonded to them, but at the same time free and independent.
  • You mirror each other’s values.
  • They are something that you innately fear and at the same time desire for your healing.
  • You learn important life lessons with them, such as forgiveness, gratitude, empathy, etc.
  • You grow together and transform each other into a better person, yet they don’t try to change you.
  • You can be honest with each other.
  • They are your best friend, teacher, and lover. You feel as if you have a multi-faceted connection with them.

What is Twin Flame Separation Depression?

When twin flames separate, it feels ten times worse than a typical break-up. It is a very overwhelming experience and individuals often feel that the situation is extremely unbearable or insufferable.

Twin flame relationships should not be misunderstood with co-dependent relationships. Twin flames are healthy relationships, whereas codependent relationships can be toxic sometimes. 

Twin flame relationships are generally known to have 8 stages. The “Runner and Chaser” stage is considered to be one of the most painful stages. When things get unpleasant in a relationship, it is possible that you may want to leave or take a break. The less mature partner plays the role of runner whereas the more emotionally balanced partner will play the role of the chaser. 

This can last from days to years, depending on the situation. You notice ego clashes with your partner.  You may require a lot of time to heal from this separation, although it will vary for every twin flame couple. It is also possible that you reunite with your twin flame.        

No matter how strong a twin flame relationship is if you don’t put enough effort it won’t last that long. Besides, we live in a free-will world, everyone has a right to walk away or choose a different path.

Twin flame separation depression can involve symptoms where you may experience sickness,  not being able to accept emotions, or having an emotional roller-coaster. It is most commonly felt by both the twin flames and not just the chaser. If it’s not handled well, it can severely affect your mental health.

How to overcome Twin Flame Separation Depression?

Sometimes people are obsessed with their twins and it becomes extremely difficult for them to move on. Especially in cases when there’s a low chance of reuniting with your twin.

Here are some ways that can help you cope with twin flame separation depression:

  • Try to view the situation from both sides and understand why it happened. What made you drift apart. Coming in terms with the situation and rationalising your beliefs will give you a mature perspective.
  • Know that you can come out of this as a stronger person. It is normal to feel as if the world has ended and you have nothing to look forward to anymore. But know that it is not the end and you will recover from it eventually.
  • Practice self-awareness. Acknowledge your emotions. Mourn when necessary and take your time. The more you avoid your emotions the more they are going to haunt you back later. Be patient and have faith. A lot of self-care exercises can help you deal with the situation in a healthy manner.
  • Know that you are more than what you’re feeling right now. There is more to look forward to. There is more to build and you have plenty of space to grow. There is a beautiful saying, “this shall pass too”, and no matter how cliché it sounds but it’s true. The pain that you feel is a passing feeling and you are so much more than your pain.
  • You are responsible for your happiness and the way you feel. You have the power to hold on to things as well as to let them go. You can choose to heal your wounds and move on from what brings you pain. It is very natural to believe that your twin flame completes you and they are your other half. Although that does not mean that you need them to feel complete. You are enough.
  • You must be kind to yourself and have an open-minded approach to what’s coming next. If you refrain from moving and exploring future opportunities then it’s going to be very difficult for you to move on. Be conscious of your findings and apply them to your life. Avoid resisting what’s coming your way. 

Myths about Twin Flame Relationships

It is easy to interpret someone as a Twin Flame if you don’t have the right knowledge about it. Your goal is to find a soulmate and it is necessary to acknowledge yourself with certain common misconceptions. 

Your twin flame completes you

In reality, your twin flame helps feel more complete, they do not complete you. It is a beautiful feeling when you know that your soulmate contributes to your wholeness. Everyone wants to feel complete, but remember what we’ve always been hearing, “your soulmate is your better half” and not your other half.

They help you become more complete and a better person by exploring certain areas in your life where you might be lacking. They remind us of who we are instead of just being our other half. They help you grow and become a better and a wholesome person which is why you might feel they complete you.

Your twin flame is a member of the opposite sex

Growing up in a society that believes in heterosexuality it is very common to believe that your twin flame is often the member of the opposite sex. Although, this is so not true. Your twin flame can be a member of the same sex.

This can sometimes lead to confusion about your sexuality. It is normal to explore your sexuality and find out what your beliefs are. 

Your twin flame is just like you

Ever heard of opposites attract? It is not necessary that your twin flame has to be exactly like you or a mirror image of your personality. Chances are, more than often your twin flame will be exactly the opposite of what you are. The reason behind this could be that they help you become more complete.

They help you in areas where you are lacking growth and this is why it’s highly possible that your twin flame is the exact opposite of you.

Your twin flame will be at the right place at the right time

In reality, you may find your twin flame at the most unexpected time of your life. The right place at the right time is a thing but that is not always the case. You can’t predict these situations. There is no rule book that you have to go by.

Right person wrong timing is also a thing. And this is why it advisable to go with the flow and see what life throws at you. Have open-minded thinking.


In this brief guide, discussed what twin flame is followed by identifying signs you are in a win flame relationship. Later on, we discussed twin flame depression separation and how to overcome it. Towards the end, we debunked a few myths about twin flame relationships.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Twin Flame Separation Depression

How do twin flames feel when separated?

Twin flame separation might be hard and some may feel extremely depressed. They might feel as though a part of them has been detached. It takes time but it is possible to recover from twin flame separation depression.

Why is twin flame separation so painful?

The primary reason behind twin flame separation is so painful is that they consider each other as soul mates, and when they separate they feel they’ve lost a part of their body/soul. They feel a void in their heart.

How do you deal with twin flame separation?

You can start by understanding that you are not going to feel depressed forever. It will take time but it will surely get better. Try to look at both sides with broad-minded thinking. Acceptance is the key.

How long does the Twin Flame separation last?

The duration of the separation may vary in different situations. While some reunite within months, for some it may take years, and there is also a possibility that some may never reunite.

What happens if Twin Flames don’t reunite?

Separation doesn’t guarantee that you will never cross paths with your twin flame, but if they don’t reunite they ascend into higher vibrations. They find a purpose for themselves and possibly find someone else.


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