What are twin flame tests?

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This blog post will explore what are the various twin flame tests that you can take to determine if the person you have met is your twin flame. 

We will also briefly discuss what a twin flame is, what are the signs that indicate that you have met your twin flame and what are the stages of a twin flame relationship. 

What are twin flame tests?

Twin flame tests are assessments that you can take online and independently to assess whether your new connection or your present relationship is one that is shared with a twin flame or not. 

While these tests are very popular, they do not have scientific backing that supports the validity and reliability of the tests. 

Lonerwolf’s Twin Flame Test

This assessment consists of 13 items that explore the present relationship you have with someone or a new connection to determine whether this connection is a twin flame connection. 

You can access this test here

The Twin Flame Twin Flame Test

This particular test has 24 questions that guides you through an in depth exploration of the connection you share with someone so as to determine whether the relationship or connection that you share with them is a twin flame connection. 

You can access this connection here

Have you found your twin flame? Test

This particular test is a 14 item assessment that helps you understand whether you have a twin flame present in your life.

It assesses issues related to your own ideas about love and relationships, and also explores whether there are people in your life that you share deep connections with someone that is similar to one that characterises a twin flame connection. 

You can access this test here

GimmeMore Twin Flame Test

This particular test is an assessment that strives to help people understand where they stand in their relationship and journey with their possible twin flame. 

It assesses whether they are close to uniting with their twin flame or there is the possibility of separation. 

You can access the test here.

Awaken Mindset Twin Flame Test

The awakened Mindset is a 12 item test that assesses whether the individual that you have met or the relationship you are in a relationship that you share with your twin flame. 

The test items explore your feelings and experiences of the relationship, how it affects you emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally, and how you both manage or strive to maintain the relationship. 

You can access this test here.

What are twin flames?

While the term twin flame dates as far back as to Plato, it was popularised by Elizabeth Clare Prophet, a leader of the Summit Lighthouse and the New Age religion known as The Church Universal and Triumphant, in her 1999 book “Soul Mates and Twin Flames: The Spiritual Dimension of Love and Relationships.”

Twin flames are considered to be two halves of two different individuals. They refer to two people who tend to have similar strengths and limitations, and feel intensely connected with each other in terms of shared experiences.

A twin flame connection involves  two people who have a deep soul connection and have similar life paths, experiences, and sometimes similar trauma.

A twin flame relationship tends to have a few defining characteristics. These characteristics has been streamlined by Bellefonds for healthline:

  • sense that you’re meeting yourself
  • multiple similarities, sometimes uncanny
  • deep connection
  • desire to grow
  • prioritisation of growth over being in a relationship
  • the meeting signifies a major change in your life

What are the stages of meeting a twin flame?

The various stages of a twin flame interaction or meeting is as follows:

Immediate connection

There is an immediate connection in the beginning known as the honeymoon phase where each individual experiences extras and exhilaration when they are together. They feel an immediate connection and they are able to recognise each other from the get go. 

Exploring or integration stage

This stage involves both twins exploring and learning about each other. This also means learning about each other’s faults, and disappointment,and often marked by arguments and disagreements due to differing views and ways of life. 

At this stage where both twins are trying to integrate with each other, the relationship also highlights one;s own faults. So it is at thai stage when each flame is able to work forward from the stage in healthy ways or fail to do so determine the outcome of this stage. 

Decision Stage

At this stage the two individuals may then decide to work on the relationship and themselves and stay in a relationship. 

This means that each individual works on themselves to learn how to regulate their emotions, learn how to love in kinder and healthier ways, or maintain the relationship in more effective ways such as learning healthier ways of communicating and dealing with differences.

Acceptance and release Stage

At this stage, both twins either accept each other and learn to manoeuvre the relationship and grow together or they accept that the relationship is not working out or the timing is wrong and accept the need for separation.

When there is agreement to separate, each individual releases the other without forcing the relationship to continue. They both agree that the time isn’t right and let each other move forward separately with or without the hope of reuniting. 

What are twin flame relationships like?

The various characteristics of a twin flame relationship and encounter include:

A Deep Emotional Connection

A relationship between two individuals who are twin flames is marked by a deep emotional connection due to their ability to think, understand, and feel similarly. 

The relationships will be marked by a loving bond that is empathetic and compassionate to the point where there is an exchange of energy that mirrors each other thus making the connection incredibly emotional. 

In the relationship, each individual is able to reflect the positive and negative aspects of each other to the point that the understanding and acceptance of both positives and negatives lead to deeper emotional connection due to their vulnerability to be honest with each other. 

This emotional connection is also marked by courage to reveal personal wounds and honestly communicate each other’s feelings and understand each other because of similar experiences and ways of thinking and feeling. 

Mental Connection

When it comes to a twin flame interaction, there is an obvious mental connection that is exhibited in the way they think, converse, and talk to each other about various issues in their lives. 

There is genuine interest in each other and their interests also align and because their skill set and attributes are complementary to each other, when combined in a relationship it gives them the strength, courage, and confidence to maintain balance within their relationship and seek after shared goals. 

Physical connection

In twin flame relationships there is an obvious powerful physical attraction that leads to a feeling of oneness where they are deeply aware of each other’s physical presence. This physical attraction or connection is not enough to maintain a twin flame connection however it is part of the reasons why their connection is very strong. 

If in a twin flame relationships, there is sexual contact their seual connection will almost be instinctual and they will be able to communicate with their bodies.

Spiritual Connection

Between two twin flames there is a rare emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual connection- the spiritual connection involves being able to sense each other’s emotions and moods without communication. 

The spiritual connection becomes more clear when each individual flame has healed their inner turmoil by themselves and is intune with their compassion and unconditional love. 

There is also harmonyy in the way they both interact with themselves and each other as well as the world around them which makes their relationship especially successful provided that each makes an effort.


This blog post has explored what are the various twin flame tests that you can take to determine if the person you have met is your twin flame. 

We have also briefly discussed what a twin flame is, what are the signs that indicate that you have met your twin flame and what are the stages of a twin flame relationship. 

FAQ related to Twin Flame test

How do I recognize my twin flame?

Here are a few signs that can help you recognise your twin flame:

  • There are multiple similarities, sometimes uncanny, between you and that other individual in terms of life experiences, goals etc. 
  • deep connection from the start- emotionally and intellectually. 
  • desire to grow together in terms of building a life and future together
  • You both prioritise growth over being in a relationship.
  • The meeting event becomes a moment of major change in your life.

What is the symbol for twin flames?

The symbol of twin flames is the Infinity symbol and consists of an image of two circles that symbolise the separate entities which join together to form the infinity symbol. 

What does Twin Flame energy feel like?

Twin Flames are believed to share the same chakra energy that means that it is almost as if the mental, emotional and physical energy of the two individuals comes from the same source. 

Therefore the energy is so charged that either individuals can sense them, feel them and hear them even if they are not really close physically. 

Is a twin flame a soulmate?

Though there are some shared characteristics twin flames are not soulmates because soulmates are two souls that are destined to be together, whereas twin flames are understood to be one soul separated or cut into two and put into different bodies. 

Can Twin Flames be together?

Yes, twin flames can be together and manage a healthy relationship provided that both individuals work to sustain the relationship and set healthy boundaries. 

Their first interaction is bound to be fullof energy and the connect, not necessarily sexual, is bound to be strong and harmonious. 

Twins flames can remain together as romantic partners and well as friends and at times might find themselves separating because the timings and their emotional capacity for a relationship is just not right.


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