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Wellbutrin Rage Episodes (A 3 point guide)

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In the current blogspot we will answer the question “ can wellbutrin cause rage episodes?”. We will also focus on the rage episodes that are caused by intake of wellbutrin. We will also learn how rage episodes increase as a result of wellbutrin intake.

Can wellbutrin cause rage episodes?

Wellbutrin is a drug with the chemical formula (bupropion hydrochloride). It is an antidepressant that is prescribed to patients for the treatment of depression and related features. It is a drug of choice for the treatment of major depressive disorder.

The food and drug regulatory authority has declared in the drug prescribing information of Wellbutrin that the medicine is associated with many different types of behavioral changes among the users. Among these behavior changes the following have been tremendously observed:

  • Increased hostility
  • Increased Anger
  • Increased Aggression
  • Heightened Irritability
  • Hostility
  • Impulsivity

All the above mentioned behavioral changes are reported among the psychiatric and non-psychiatric patients while using wellbutrin. The above mentioned symptoms are all associated with an increased incidence of rage among the medicine user.

The symptoms of rage and increased negative emotional states usually appear during the first few months of prescription with wellbutrin or when the dosage of the wellbutrin is increased or decreased among children and adolescents

The prescription information of Wellbutrin also suggests that the family members and caregivers of the psychiatric and non psychiatric patients, despite the fact if they are adults or children, need to be educated about the possible odd behaviors that emerge due to the use of Wellbutrin among them. They need to be well aware of the increased tendency to have enhanced rage due to the increase in anger, hostility, irritability and impulsivity among the users wellbutrin so that they can save the patient and the associated family members from any uncertain event that might happen. 

Wellbutrin and rage episodes for smoking cessation

The drug information manual by Glaxosmithkline also suggests that wellbutrin when used for the cessation of smoking is also expected to increase rage and anger feelings among the psychiatric and non psychiatric adults and children. Reports indicate wellbutrin to have a negative effect on the emotional health of individuals leading to increased risk of suicidal and homicidal tendencies that result due to increased levels of rage and anger with an underlying primary emotion of irritability and hostility.

Clinical worsening of the negative emotional states and increased anger, impulsivity, hostility, rage and aggression symptoms may compel a person undertreatment for any severe emotional reaction that may be fetal or that might lead to threat of life to the self or others. In such a case, the parents and caregivers need to immediately consult a healthcare facility or the doctor treating the concerned patient.

Rage episodes due to wellbutrin and bipolar disorder

One of the most common uses of Wellbutrin is the treatment of depression in bipolar disorder. Since bipolar disorder is characterized by the opposite moods of mania and depression, wellbutrin tends to result in phase switching while treating depression among the bipolar.

Phase switching during the treatment of depression among bipolar disorder patients is a shift in mood from depression to mania as a side effect of wellbutrin. The phase switching among the bipolar patients may treat depression but in turn result in various negative behavioral states and emotional reactions that are based on anger, irritability, impulsivity and rage. The phase switching thus due to an increased feeling of rage and impulsivity result in dangerous behaviors among the patients that are based on impulsive reactions and hyperactivity.

Wellburtin has a high tendency to cause rage episodes among the users of the drug when they are prescribed doses of wellbutrin for depression, bipolar disorder and smoking cessation. Rage episodes due to wellbutrin appear in the forms of a loop of anger, hostility and impulsivity which the user of the drug is unable to get out of himself.

The rage episodes caused by wellbutrin are based on severe anger and irritability. The symptoms tend to reduce after the first two weeks of drug administration and the users of the drug are only left to feel decreased levels of irritability and frustration.

The rage episodes of wellbutrin if not decreased after the two weeks may lead the individual to behave with high impulsivity and increased hostility. In such a scenario the rage needs to be managed by dose alteration and consulting the health care professional.

The rage episodes occurring as a consequence of wellbutrin intake are reported equally among people with a history of mental disorders and people without any history of mental disorders. The rage/anger episodes cause the following symptoms :

  • Behavioral changes due to hostility
  • Behavioral changes due to increased anger
  • Behavioral changes due to increased agitation

The above odd behaviors are usually prominent even in the people who don’t have a history of mental health condition. Among people with a prior history of mental health condition, the above-mentioned symptoms related to rage episodes are witnessed with an increased intensity and frequency while being on treatment with wellbutrin.


The current blogspot focused on the rage episodes as a result of wellbutrin intake among the patients of depression, bipolar and smoking cessation. We learned that the first two weeks of the wellbutrin intake are usually associated with increased hostility and rage among the people and the symptoms usually decline after the initial weeks. We also discussed that rage episodes caused by wellbutrin are common among both the child and adult population irrespective of the fact that the patients had a prior history of mental illness or not.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs): Wellbrutin and Rage Episodes

Does wellbutrin cause rage?

Yes, wellbutrin causes rage among the users. Agitation, irritability and other abnormal behaviors are common among people undergoing treatment with wellbutrin for depression, bipolar disorder and the cessation of smoking.

Does wellbutrin agitation go away?

The symptoms of agitation that develop due to wellbutrin usually go  away within the first initial weeks of medicine intake. However, if the symptoms last, it is advised to see the healthcare provider for a change in prescribed dose.

Can wellbutrin trigger a manic episode?

Wellbutrin can trigger a manic episode due to the phase shift that results in switching of low mood to an altered state of mood while treating depression. Welllbutrin often activates the symptoms related to mania among adults.






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