When A Guy Says He Wants To Take Baby Steps (A 3 Point Guide)

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This article will explore what it means when a guy says he wants to take baby steps in the relationship. The article will also look at reasons why he would say so and what his true intentions are!

When A Guy Says He Wants To Take Baby Steps – What Does It Mean?

When a guy says he wants to take baby steps it usually means he is not very sure about the relationship and does not want it to progress too fast in case he wants to back off. This could possibly be because he wants to explore other options as well or look more into his relationship with you. Some people just need more time to decide whereas others are quite sure about what they want as soon as they see that ‘special person’.

However, in most cases, men use the statement ‘Let’s take baby steps’, when they want to get rid of a woman without really making it obvious. They do this to avoid taking any responsibility for their actions or having to face a severe reaction from the other person. They want it to seem natural so they can sneak out of the relationship as time passes and the woman will think it was never meant to be or things just didn’t work out.

In some cases, the guy may actually be serious but for some reasons such as previous bad experiences or too much going on in his life right now, he may propose that they take baby steps. This is a wise step because if the two people involved go into a full on relationship then it would be too much to handle and something that could have been beautiful would fall into ruins!

However, let’s face it! Most of the time a man says this is because he wants to get rid of the woman in his life!

Hence, we will take a close look at the following 3 reasons:

  • He Wants To Get Rid Of You
  • He Wants To Take Time To Get To Know You More
  • He Has Too Much Going – Time Is Needed

When A Guy Says He Wants To Take Baby Steps – Top 3 Reasons

In this section we will look at 3 types of reasons why a guy would say he wants to take baby steps!

He Wants To Get Rid Of You

In some cases, a man will want to take baby steps because he eventually wants to get rid of you! Let us take a look at other signs too in this section.

Does Not Give You Attention

Remember how he used to shower you with all that attention. Those ‘good morning’ messages and smiley faces as well as the flowers he would bring along while coming over to see you. If he wants to get rid of you all that flowery business is going to stop. He doesn’t want to spend anymore on you, especially since he has eyes somewhere else now. So keep a note and observe whether or not he gives you that attention you always loved getting.

Makes You Feel Alone Even In His Presence

One of the worst things a man can do is make you feel alone even though he is sitting right next to you. You will feel as if he is absorbed in his work, that football match he can’t stop watching or texting on his phone. Nevertheless, he will make you feel all alone even if you stare at him continuously he won’t take any heed and will continue to ignore you.

He No Longer Talks About The Future

He might have loved talking to you about all the places you and him would go to and what plans he had in the future that he would share with you. However, now it seems as if he has no future because he never brings it up. He just focuses on the present and really doesn’t talk about what to do next in life with you. It’s because he doesn’t want you with him so keep an eye out for this.

The Difficulties Of Relationships

Another way your partner will make you feel he wants to get rid of you is by repeatedly mentioning the difficulties of monogamy or settling down. Don’t get surprised when you hear him talking about this because it means one thing; he wants to get rid of you!

Pushes You In Places Where He Wouldn’t Be

He will be very encouraging when it comes to you applying for higher education or a job abroad even when he knows he won’t be able to come along with you. He won’t even mention what he knows but you realize it.

One Way Communication

Once your partner has figured out that he wants to end things with you, you will feel as if you are stuck in a world of one way communication. You keep on asking him interesting questions which you hope would turn into long conversations but he only gives you one or two word replies.

He Is Starting To Get Friendly With Other Women

Another hurtful thing he will engage in is getting to know other women or acting too friendly around them. If things get out of hand, you will hear this from other people! You will learn he spends his free time with a particular girl, has been asking other women for their personal phone numbers to get to know them better or he has been complimenting women a lot. He clearly has his interests elsewhere.

He Wants To Take Time To Get To Know You More

It is possible a man is shy and needs more time to get to know you before he gets into a full on relationship with you. Let’s look at other signs that he wants to get into a closer relationship with you while keeping a safe distance.

He Asks Too Many Questions

He might make a complete fool out of himself but he asks you too many questions. If you look close enough you will see he actually makes an effort to think about what to ask you so that the conversation doesn’t go to a standstill or you get bored enough to leave! He may ask you questions that are totally random or ones that concern the situation you guys are in or some may even concern where the both of you work or study together.

Ends Up Coming To Every Party You Go To

The first few times you may not even notice – your friends definitely do – but you might start to find it weird that this particular guy ends up coming to every party or social event you planned to attend. You may even find out that more than half the times he wasn’t even invited or had no relevance coming to this particular event. For example, it could be an open mic night on poetry and you know for a very good reason he does not like doing poetry but he still ends up there – most probably because he knew you would be there.

Comes Up With Excuses To Talk To You

This is one thing women find quite adorable about men that are trying to get closer and closer to the woman they are interested in. It is quite common that the man who is interested in getting to know you will find ways to talk to you more. However, it is likely that he will face some sort of hurdles hence he will come up with many and  often weird ways to get a few minutes to talk to you.

He Tries To Be Mature

Men feel they need to be more mature for women and this is one of the reasons why they will often lie or hide what they do. It’s possible they are freak gamers who for the sake of impressing a woman will say they don’t play video games just to show her they are ‘mature’. You will see they are trying to be the ‘perfect’ version of a man. However, try and give them some breathing space by engaging in conversations that may not be so mature or serious all the time so they know they can relax around you. They might be surprised to learn you love playing video games yourself!

He Is Nicer To You

One of the best ways a guy can make you feel special is by giving you that special attention or being way nicer to you than all the other people – especially the other girls! He will find ways to show that he is ready to go out of the way for you to make sure you are comfortable. He might even offer to help get your work done when you know very well he is strict about people being responsible for their own work. 

He Has Too Much Going – Time Is Needed

It is also possible that the man you are desperately interested in has too much on his mind! You can tell this by the following signs:

  • He is always swamped by work
  • He is rarely seen at social parties or events
  • He is not online much
  • He does not use too much of social media
  • He barely goes out
  • When you see him, he looks tired
  • He forgets to eat – he doesn’t remember the last meal he ate
  • He has black circles under his eyes
  • His friends haven’t seen too much of him lately


This article took a look at why a guy may say he wants to take baby steps when in a relationship. 3 broad reasons were discussed as to why he would say this and signs were given for each category.



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