5 of the Worst jobs for Empaths

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In this blog we will explore what are the worst jobs for empaths.

We will also explore what is an empath, the characteristics of an empath, and what are the careers that are suitable for an empath.

What are the worst jobs for empaths?

When it comes to career choices, an empath must avoid careers that demand extroversion or careers that demand them to be extremely sociable. 

This is because careers that demand socialising tend to drain them of their energy because empaths tend to be extremely absorbent of energies making them pick up the energies of the people they come across too easily. 

So careers that demand socialising are bound to lead them to feel burnout soon as it can lead them to become overwhelmed with the energies and emotions of other people. 

Some of the careers that they should avoid in this regard include:

  • Sales executives
  • Sales representatives
  • Marketing manager
  • Marketing and retail
  • Customer care roles

Other than interpersonal energies, jobs that involve too much noise and too much stimulation should also be avoided. These careers include the careers that involve machinery. Guns, and loud vehicles as empaths also tend to be highly sensitive to external stimulation psyched up by the five senses. 

These careers include:

  • Engineering
  • Construction
  • Military careers and combat careers

Careers that involve large teams should also be avoided because they are extremely high intensity and reure too much small talk and aggressiveness and this doesn’t suit empaths because they are more thoughtful, seek out meaning, and introspective which these careers do not focus on. 

These careers include:

  • Corporate careers that involve large teams
  • Politics
  • Legal practitioner

High stress jobs are also not suitable for an emath because they tend to get burnout fast especially if they are not given enough down time or rest time.

Careers related to this include:

  • Doctors
  • Medical professionals 
  • Emergency services
  • Law enforcement

What is an empath?

An empath is an individual who is highly attuned with the feelings of other people in their lives. They are called an “empath” because of their high empathy which allows them to also be highly intuitive. 

For them, their level of empathy is not only being able to understand the feelings of other people or being emotionally aware of the feelings of other people but they are also able to take on the feelings of others and live through these feelings with them.

Dr. Judith Orloff is a pioneer in the study and research of Empaths. She describes emotions as people who are more or less like “emotional sponges’ ‘ who are able to “absorb” the emotions and feelings of the world- this include both positive emotions as well as negative emotions. 

According to Orloff in her book “The Empath’s Survival Guide: Life Strategies for Sensitive People,”emaths lack the filter that most people have to protect themselves from excessive stimulation in all five senses as well as the ability to be objective. 

This causes empaths to be unable to stop themselves from taking every form of emotions and feelings around them- eb it healthy or unhealthy experiences. 

It is because of this lack of filtering or the lack of boundaries that leads many empaths to be overwhelmed which is why emaths if they want to live healthy and fulfilling lives require themselves to build healthy boundaries and learn how to regulate their own emotions and that of others in more effective ways.

What are the characteristics of an empath?

Some of the key characteristics of an empath include the following:

  • They have a lot of empathy which allows them to understand the experiences and feelings of other individuals from their perspectives. It is more than just walking a mile in their shoes but rather, an empath can sense and feel emotions as if they’re part of their own experiences. 
  • Closeness and intimacy with other people tend to overwhelm them especially when they do not have healthy boundaries that they have set with the other person. They tend to have a deep desire to connect but this leads them to the threat of losing themselves in the relationship because of their tendency to internalise the other person’s feelings. 
  • They have really good intuition and gut feelings about other people and the intent of other people. This makes them great at being able to pick out other people’s feelings and true intentions. 
  • They tend to take great comfort in isolation and spending time with nature as it allows them to calm down and rest away from the overwhelming sensations and emotions of other people and other things that go on in their lives. 
  • They tend to have a hard time being objective which makes it hard for them not to care because they feel with the people around them which leads them to want to help other people. 
  • They tend to be somewhat of a counsellor to many people because they are sensitive, and empathetic so people find them to be a source of support but this can tend to overwhelm them.
  • They tend to be vulnerable to manipulation and toxic behaviours of other people because of their earnest desire to help other people.
  • They have an increased sensitivity to the world around them meaning that they are affected by sounds, smells, and other sensations which can lead them to become overwhelmed if this is not balanced. 
  • They tend to get burned out easily because of their tendency to feel too much, do so much, and help other people so much that they lose focus of themselves. This can cause them to become burned out.
  • They do not like conflict as they tend to be someone who strives for peace. So arguments and conflict tend to cause them distress and they tend to internalise these negative emotions so they do not like conflicts. 
  • They tend to have a hard time setting boundaries in relationships which is why they tend to look at things objectively in their relationships and tend to give until they burn themselves out. Lack of healthy boundaries tend to negatively influence the life of the empath.
  • They require a strong sense of self awareness, healthy boundaries, and assertiveness to lead a balanced and healthy life where they are able to focus on themselves first for them to lead effective lives.

What careers and jobs should Empaths look for?

Empaths should look for careers and jobs that have the following characteristics:

Low stress jobs that allow them to work alone, or in small companies with smaller groups which allow them to maintain their schedule, do not demand much socialising, and allow them to take breaks. 

They should also work in roles that do not require much meeting and instead allow them to work in their own time since interactions tend to drain them out. 

They will also benefit by working online or remotely with access to other people via the internet because they do not require to be at an office for empaths to work well and maintain good levels of performance. 

Some of the careers that an Empaths can do well in include:

  • Being self employed business owners
  • Writers
  • Editors
  • Health care professionals like a nurse

They also do well in a artistic and creative jobs such as:

  • website and graphic designers,
  • Painting
  • Writing

As well as do well in solo jobs such as:

  • Virtual assistants
  • accountants 
  • Independent service providers such as electricians and plumbers 

Other jobs that can suit well for an empath is one that has to do with nature such as:

  • Landscape designer
  • Gardener
  • Forest ranger

Many empaths tend to also flourish in helping professions because of their need and desire to serve and help other people. They expercien immse self satisfaction in jobs such as:

  • Medical doctor
  • Nurse
  • Psychotherapists
  • Social workers
  • Teachers
  • Cergy
  • Hospice workers
  • Life coaches
  • Veterinary doctor.


In this blog we have explored what are the worst jobs for empaths.

We have also explored what is an empath, the characteristics of an empath, and what are the careers that are suitable for an empath.

FAQ related to What are the worst jobs for empaths?

What jobs should empaths avoid?

Empaths should avoid careers that are stressful, that involve high intensity work related to public relations, politics, executives who manage large teams and being a trial attorney. 

They should avoid careers that demand extroversion, getting in contact with too many people without deep meaningful work. 

What jobs are empaths good at?

Some jobs and careers that suit and empathy because of their empathetic nature include:

  • Artist.
  • Veterinary technician.
  • Counsellor.
  • Teacher.
  • Park ranger.
  • Gardener.
  • Graphic designer.
  • Musician.

How rare are real empaths?

Full or real empaths tend to be rare and only about 1 to 2 percent of the population tend to be empaths according to various experts. 

What do empaths suffer from?

BEcause empaths tend to be intimately involved with the people around them and their emotions, they struggle with being overwhelmed by the emotions of other people especially when these emotions are negative or stressful. 

This particular pattern of interaction can lead them to develop anxiety, panic attacks, depression, and fatigue if they internalise the emotions of others without healthy boundaries. 

Who is a super empath?

Super-empaths are people who have deep intuition related to the people around them which makes them catch on to the real intentions of the people who approach them. They are also deeply attuned to the emotions of other people and tend to be excellent at catching on how people are feeling. 


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