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Worst Jobs For Highly Sensitive People (5+)

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This guide will discuss some worst jobs for highly sensitive people, along with some of the best job options for them.

Worst Jobs For Highly Sensitive People

If you are a highly sensitive person, you need to avoid jobs which 

  • Deal and entertain people for long hours and continuously.
  • Requires too many confrontations.
  • Are too challenging and risky.
  • Are timed, measured, or controlled.
  • Are predominantly focused on sales and market and only about money-making and do not coincide with your interests or principles.
  • Are overly competitive.
  • Takes place in a crowded, loud, and busy environment.
  • Includes ‘cold calling’ (for introverted highly sensitive people).
  • Primarily includes teamwork and less individual work (for introverted highly sensitive people).
  • Requires continuous, monotonous works instead of different tasks and projects.

Some of the worst jobs or profession for highly sensitive people are listed below:

  • Executive Positions 
  • Public Relations
  • Customer Care Representatives
  • Lawyer
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Executive Positions

Managers and authority positions have to take responsibility for the other people. As a Highly Sensitive Person, you are already taking the emotional burden and responsibility for the surrounding people, taking this job can be extremely challenging and worst for your well-being. 

A highly sensitive person in authority positives will be required to have twice the sense of responsibility, taking the daily concerns and issues and internalizing them. This will make extremely difficult to disconnect from the work when the office hours are over,

  • Public Relations

All people in public relations are practically on the stage, during their work hours. Highly Sensitive People need solitude and alone time. This is not an option but a requirement for them to function normally. However, it is not possible while working in public relations for more than 35 hours a week.

Visibly, this makes for the worst jobs for highly sensitive people.

  • Customer Care Representatives

A highly sensitive person is prone to deep feelings and associating with things personally. Typically, most highly sensitive people are empaths and they are susceptible to absorbing the emotions of other people. In customer care positions, highly sensitive people are required to listen to their complaints and issues on a regular basis. These problems are primarily retail or technical related, but to highly sensitive people, they are perceived personally,

  • Lawyer

Conflicts can strongly impact and disturb the delicate balance of highly sensitive people.

Lawyers or attorneys have to make their living on conflicts and arguments. They also have to deal with justice and have regularly faced it. 

Highly Sensitive People have a natural desire to help people with their problems, and such an overwhelming and exhausting to see the unfair and unjust verdicts. 

  • Sales and Marketing

The idea of sales and marketing can make highly sensitive people overwhelm and break out in cold sweats. Some of the reasons behind it are:

  • highly sensitive people are strongly attuned with the reactions of people.
  • highly sensitive people can read body language and distinct responses which other people may not notice.
  • They can catch when your actions and words are not matching.
  • This can be a natural turn-off for the highly sensitive people and they translate it to rejection, and they might overthink about it the entire day.

Highly sensitive people possess great qualities which can be fruitful in the workplace. Highly sensitive people are

  • Independent, and require slight external supervision.
  • Great listeners
  • Fair and just
  • Loyal and committed
  • Meticulous and deeply think through the project
  • Detail-oriented
  • Organized
  • Keenly observant to small insignificant details, like tone and body language of the clients (highly intuitive).
  • Sensitive to the needs and emotions of the people in the office or workplace.

Given below is the list of jobs that are best matched with the traits of highly sensitive people, although in reality, your happiness in the work environment may depend on numerous other factors like physical environment, company culture, boss and colleagues, etc.

  • Health and Care Related Professions: Medical Records Technicians, Dieticians, Naturopath, Alternative Medicine, Holistic Medicine Practitioner, Therapists, Counselors, ergonomic consultants.
  • Technology Professions: Social Media Managers, Graphic Designs, Software Developers, Healthcare systems analysts, programmers.
  • Animal-Related Profession: Animal groomers, dog trainers, dog walkers, veterinarian
  • Artistic Professions: Actors, artists, musicians, art/music teacher, fashion designer, interior designer, photographer, Voiceover artists, narrators
  • Financial Professions: Auditor, accountant, financial analysts, purchaser, controllers, market researchers.
  • Writing Professions: Authors, writers, editors, bloggers, proofreaders, technical writers, etc.
  • Nature Related Professions: ecologist, botanist, biologist
  • Trades: gardener, landscaping
  • Personal chef 
  • Life or Career Coaches
  • School Counselor 
  • Antique appraiser
  • Therapists/psychologists
  • Researchers
  • Librarian
  • Non-profit organizations
  • Yoga instructors
  • Social Workers
  • Teachers

The best jobs for highly sensitive people ideally utilize their unique skills and talents to differentiate between the external stimulus and that stimulus is not strong or intense enough to hinder their functioning.

Highly Sensitive People do not function greatly in a timed and monotonous job. They need sufficient time off and need regular breaks in between, as they have natural tendencies to exhaustion and draining.

The best jobs for people with Highly Sensitive People should include sufficient engagement with other people so as to not make them feel isolated and withdrawn, but also as not to overwhelm them with overstimulation.

Being an empath or Highly Sensitive People can be draining and exhausting. On top of it the Highly Sensitive Person is introverted it can be even more overwhelming to deal with careers that have lots of confrontation and communication.

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

You can self-assess if you are a Highly Sensitive Person if you feel you can soak and absorb the energy from your environment. You can be receptive to the emotional and energy stimulus from your surroundings. If you feel overwhelmed and exhausted from crowded and loud places, then chances are you might be one of the Highly Sensitive People.

As per Dr. Elaine Moran, author, and researcher of the sensory processing sensitivity, or Highly Sensitive Persons, if you answer the following questions with more numbers of Yes, then you are categorized as Highly Sensitive People.

  • Do you have a complex and rich inner life?
  • Are you easily overwhelmed by intense and bright light, different fabric types, strong smells, or loud noises around you?
  • Do you typically avoid violent movies, TV shows, and visual content?
  • Do you get confused and panic when you have too much to do in a short duration?
  • Do you discern and enjoy fine and delicate scents, sounds, tastes, and works of art?
  • Do you need to have downtime to yourself away from busy days, in your bed in a darkened room, or some other secluded place where you can have privacy and entertainment from that situation?
  • When you were a child, did your parents and teachers recognize you as a shy or sensitive child?
  • Do you make it a priority to organize your life to prevent upsetting and overwhelming situations?

If you answer yes to most of the above-mentioned questions, you are a Highly Sensitive Person, and thus, it can help in dealing with the situations, accordingly.


This guide discussed some worst jobs for highly sensitive people, along with some of the best job options for them.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Worst Jobs For Highly Sensitive People

What is the best job for a highly sensitive person?

Some of the best jobs for highly sensitive people include:

The care professions
IT Professionals
Non-profit professional jobs
Creative professionals
Business Owners

Is a highly sensitive person a mental disorder?

As per Aron’s conception of high sensitivity, Highly Sensitive Persons do not have a mental disorder. It is defined as other aspects of personality, like the traits present in every person to different degrees. Although there are various drawbacks connected with high sensitivity, research suggests it also provides certain adaptive benefits.

What is the best career for an empath?

Most empaths are sensitive to huge crowds so they prefer quiet and calm careers. Some empaths go for creative options like librarians, writers, and artists. Caregiving jobs like veterinarians, teachers, and nurses can be too emotionally exhausting options for sensitive empaths.

Are highly sensitive persons gifted?

The majority of people think giftedness is a rare and special trait or quality that only occurs in 1, 3, or 5 % of the population. If we go by this definition then all highly sensitive persons are certainly not gifted people. They are found in around 15 to 20 % of the population.

Do highly sensitive persons need more sleep?

Yes, highly sensitive persons need high-quality sleep, and is extremely important for them. The majority of the highly sensitive persons require eight hours, and many sleep more than nine or ten hours each night. If they are not getting enough sleep, they are prone to burn and inclined towards anxiety, depression, and eventually become less functioning.

Are highly sensitive persons more intelligent?

Highly sensitive persons have high sensitivity and more emotional intelligence. They use their emotional intelligence differently but effectively.


Jobs and Careers for Highly Sensitive Persons

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