Worst Jobs for Introverts (5+List)

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In this guide, we will discuss some of the Worst Jobs for Introverts and some of the job role descriptions that will give you an idea of what is expected and if you are willing to pursue the role or not.

Worst Jobs for Introverts

There are probably a few jobs we can consider as the worst jobs for introverts and here we will mention some of them. Let’s start by saying that being an introvert is not necessarily a bad thing as many people believe, it is just a trait of your personality but it doesn’t mean that the struggle isn’t real.

Many extroverts struggle because they are not able to cope 100% with their work or their way of ‘socializing’ with other people. It is true that there are some jobs that require more interaction than others, so those jobs can end up being mentally exhausting for introverts.

Let’s mention some of the worst jobs for introverts we consider can be mentally exhausting for them.


It is not a secret the role of a teacher is dynamic and how they usually have to interact not only with students but also with other teachers, parents, and pretty much anyone that is part of the school. Teachers have a big responsibility since their job is to help shape young minds, from toddlers to young adults. 

Most teachers enjoy engaging with their students on a daily basis but for an introvert, their interaction can make them very anxious. 

College Professor

Just like teachers, college professors have a similar job role but at a higher level. They have to prepare and deliver their lessons to students, grade assignments, give tests and assess every student’s progress. Also, they usually have to give presentations to members of the community, once in a while.

Consequently, college professors are also expected to contribute to the academic community by engaging in research. This implies presenting their results to the scientific and/or academic community, which ends up being very relevant to their careers. 

Sales Rep

As you can imagine, sales representatives have to constantly interact with people, clients, customers, etc., on a daily basis so this can become quite challenging or difficult for many introverts. If you feel you don’t have the skills to convince people to buy something or the patience to face an irate customer then this is not the ideal job for you and it is totally fine, not everyone can deal with those situations on a daily basis.

However, if you are warm and friendly when interacting with people and you are good at small talk then this could be the ideal job. Consider that working on sales can be stressful at times especially when having to meet targets set by the company.

Police Officer

Being a police officer can be a dream come true for some but they do have tough jobs and a lot of responsibility. They are known for being responsible for enforcing all of society’s laws and for some even investigating and solving crimes. Most police officers have to communicate with other people, ask questions, conduct wellness checks and even face some stressful and dangerous situations at times. 

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If this sounds good to you then you might end up pursuing this type of career but for introverts, it can become quite challenging. However, this type of job is regarded as one of the most stressful jobs in America.

Real Estate Agent

If you are buying a property, for instance, a house, then you may probably need a real estate agent responsible for showing homes to potential buyers. As a real estate agent, you may need to make small talk with potential buyers and answer their questions. Consider that if you are an agent, you may be required to show a home many times before a buyer closes the sale.

Patient-focused healthcare jobs

Any job or career-related to the healthcare sector such as becoming a doctor, nurse, dietitian, etc, requires a high level of interaction with other people and that means not only patients but also their families. These types of jobs can be quite stressful and mentally exhausting for introverts. 

Event planner

An event planner not only is under a lot of pressure and stress for events to go according to plan but also have to make sure to communicate with service providers, attend corporate meetings, non-profit activities, conferences, exhibitions, conventions, etc., where they need to interact with other people.

For instance, one of the most common event planners are wedding planners. Wedding planners need to hire photographers, order floral arrangements, make recommendations for wedding dresses and tuxedos, and make reservations for the perfect venue according to the wishes of the bride or bride’s/groom’s family. It is not always easy to multitask to have everything ready, especially if something goes wrong and you are running out of time.

Flight crew

As a flight crew member, you have to interact with the passengers and make sure they have everything they need during their flight so they can feel as comfortable as possible. Many passengers can become quite problematic at times and in case of an emergency you have to remain calm and collected so no one else goes into panic mode. This is not only problematic for introverts and requires a lot of effort when it comes to dealing with difficult situations even if most people believe they are only in charge of serving drinks and handing snacks.

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As indicated by Vanover from frugalbudgeter.com, “Flight attendants assist passengers with any questions they may have during, before, and after flights. They also make important safety announcements prior to each takeoff”.

Retail Store Assistant 

Retail store assistants have to communicate with customers and ask questions but also, you may be required to process inventory, merchandising the floor, etc. Consider that you may be employed at a supermarket, electronic store, big retailer or a fashion boutique. Having to sell products to customers and hitting a monthly target can become quite stressful for introverts

Front Desk Receptionist

A Front Desk Receptionist doesn’t have an easy job, on the contrary, they have to remain focused and multitask while communicating and answering questions. They have to be detail-oriented since they are required to answer the phone and transfer calls accordingly, all day long. 

Front desk receptionists can be found in various places and businesses such as medical and professional offices, hotels, law firms, etc. 

Why is this blog about Worst Jobs for Introverts important?

We have discussed some of the worst jobs for introverts or at least those that could potentially become challenging for them. However, we can find introverts in some of the positions we mentioned and it doesn’t necessarily mean they are bad at them, just that they have to endure higher levels of anxiety all the time due to the nature of such positions.

Additionally, it is not that introverts can’t have friends, talk to other people or have conversations, it is just that they don’t enjoy it and probably won’t do it spontaneously. There are many job roles that could fit better with an introvert personality trait like IT services, accountants or writers, but remember, it needs to be a job and place where you feel comfortable enough.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Worst Jobs for Introverts

What jobs are suitable for introverts?

Here is a list of several suitable jobs for introverts:

  1. Accounting manager.
  2. Landscape designer.
  3. Behavioural therapist.
  4. Content manager.
  5. Executive chef.
  6. Editor.
  7. Graphic designer.
  8. IT manager.

What problems do introverts have?

Introverts face some challenges because they often prefer to be left alone or prefer quiet places. Some introverts may seem cold, aloof or even socially awkward at times, especially to those who are extroverted in nature or have developed social skills. Moreover, some introverts think people are not able to understand them or don’t see the problems they often have to face.

What is the best job for a quiet person?

Here is a list of the best jobs for quiet people:

  1. Software developer. 
  2. Pharmacist.
  3. Paralegal.
  4. Graphic designer.
  5. Market research analyst.
  6. Translator.
  7. Technical writer.
  8. Civil engineer.

Are introverts more dangerous?

It is not a general rule or universal truth that introverts are more dangerous compared to other people. Introverts, unlike extraverts, seem to avoid taking risks which are believed to be a quality that can protect them from potentially harmful situations. In contrast, extraverts are said to be more prone to take impulsive decisions and tend to have more externalizing disorders when compared to introverts, which tend to internalize things.

What is the laziest job in the world?

Here is a list of some of the laziest jobs in the world or those who are well paid but require minimal effort:

  1. Professional foreigner.
  2. Professional cuddler.
  3. Hotel sleep tester.
  4. Beer taster.
  5. Video game tester.
  6. Sleep study participant.
  7. Movie extra.
  8. Dog walker.




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