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Worst Jobs For People With Anxiety (5+)

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This comprehensive guide will give you a detailed description of the worst jobs for people with anxiety (of various types of anxiety disorders).

Worst Jobs For People With Anxiety

Anxiety is a response to stressful situations. It is exhibited in the form of fear, and what is about to happen next. Various events can lead to anxiety, such as the first day at an interview, college or school environment, stage anxiety. Some jobs and work environments can lead to anxiety-inducing situations.

Some of the worst jobs for people with anxiety are:

  • Waitstaff/Server
  • Salesperson
  • Cashier
  • Police Officer
  • Stay-at-Home Parent
  • Teacher
  • Manager
  • Politician
  • Professional Sportsperson
  • Performer/Entertainer
  • Waitstaff/Server

Although several students and teenagers participate in serving jobs as side jobs or internships, however, there are so many aspects of the waiting job which can be extremely challenging for the people battling with anxiety disorders, especially social anxiety disorder.

As waitstaff, people are expected to be always smiling and entertaining their customers with a friendly persona. This helps in ensuring bigger topics. Some other difficult and challenging parts of this job include serving food and cutlery, pouring drinks, and being friendly even to rude or unhappy customers.

However, if you are dealing with and managing your anxiety disorders with medication and counseling sessions, you can become a server and induce the confidence that these social situations demand. 

  • Salesperson

Salespersons have to deal with the public, but they also need to ensure they are confident, convincing, persuasive, and excellent at establishing an impression.

Several salespeople are commissioned for their work, suggesting that their income depends on how optimally they perform at their work. Additionally, the majority of the positions in the sales department involve pressure to reach the target sales. 

It can be a competitive environment among the colleagues instead of exuding a feeling of companionship.

  • Cashier

The job of cashier primarily involves public dealing, money handling, changing money, and generally working at your best potential under pressure conditions.

On a lucky, quiet day, the social challenges may not be so drastic and challenging. But on a busy day, this can be possibilities and opportunities to challenge your social skills and anxiety management.

If you are ready to push yourself and exercise your social skills by communicating with strangers the entire day–by all means, apply away. Other than that, you would need to work on your symptoms and anxiety.

  • Police Officer

The police department can be extremely challenging for people with a social anxiety disorder. As a police officer, you must think level-headedly and quickly, take the appropriate action and make fast decisions. You also need to have strong nerves to deal with difficult and dangerous people and perhaps hard situations.

Police officers also have to deliver presentations and speeches in the community groups. If you have stage fright or generalized anxiety disorder, then this aspect of the job could also be a big challenge.

  • Stay-at-Home Parent

Parenting is an extremely arduous and anxiety-inducing position. Parenting can be challenging for people battling anxiety disorders, especially if they are scared of people. Parents are involved in arranging playdates, organizing their daycare, planning birthday parties and other get-togethers, and coordinating music and sports activities. When the job is appropriately performed, it requires much social interaction and challenging situations, where you have to be brave on the children’s part.

Hence, if you are a parent with an anxiety disorder, it is advisable to manage your anxiety. Regular counseling sessions can help you unload the burden and help you in keeping your condition under control.

  • Teacher

Teachers have the most significant, challenging task, but they are heavily underpaid. They actually prepare the young generation for life and career.

Additionally, it requires extensive public speaking, regular meetings with parents, encouragement, and help with co-curricular activities and communicating with other teachers, teaching support staff, and principals.

All these tasks can be nerve-wracking for teachers with anxiety. Hence, teaching can be a bad option if you have anxiety.

  • Manager

Managers can find their place in almost every type of workplace. Usually, employees with extraordinary credentials are promoted to the top management levels within the company. Sometimes, managers are freshly hired to bring new perspectives to the current workers.

There are various challenging aspects of managerial positions, particularly for people with a generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety disorder. It includes dealing with various people with different personalities, solving the problems and emergent issues, and constant interactions during a typical workday. Managers also are required to report to their superiors and authority figures.

  • Politician

Politicians are typically public speakers. They are influential, charismatic, and capable people who are able to unite people and communities. In addition to public speaking skills, politicians are under constant scrutiny of people and media persons, all their activities like relations with other politicians and foreign leaders, and expected rejection by the countrymen and voters.

  • Professional Sportsperson

Several professional sportspersons have to be the center of attention of large crowds. This job is as much about great performance as it is about social skills.

It isn’t much of a bigger difference if you are a pro athlete or play it for leisure; you are supposed to perform great in front of the audience as you want to when you are playing alone. Sportsmen like Ricky Williams and Zack Greinke can understand the challenges the game can bring because they are professional sports persons battling a social anxiety disorder.

  • Performer/Entertainer

The job of entertainer/performer can put you in an extremely difficult position if you have any type of anxiety disorder. You are required to stand on the stage and address the various audiences and engage with them while ensuring they are genuinely entertained. All performance arts like music, news anchors, drama artists, talk-show hosts, or radio jockeys are demanding positions and require them to be in the public eye.

The types of performance jobs are specifically challenging for people experiencing stage fright. Barbra Streisand knows the challenge such obstacles bring and yet still able to succeed at their jobs.

Treatment Options For Anxiety Disorders:

Anxiety is not a simple, plain thing, so it’s not sensible to shrug it off. If you think you are experiencing anxiety and nothing seems to work–you need to take immediate action. If you think your job is making your condition worse, it is high time you reconsider your life and reevaluate the options and choices with regards to your job.

If you are diagnosed with anxiety, you can explore the treatment options with your doctor. For some people, medical treatment may not be necessary, considering they may have mild anxiety. Lifestyle changes can help in coping with the symptoms.

Whereas in moderate to severe cases, treatment can help overcome the symptoms and manage daily life.

Treatment for anxiety includes two classes: medication and psychotherapy

Medications usually include antidepressants, sedatives, and anxiolytic drugs. Most commonly, anxiolytic drugs are used. People often develop anxiety due to various reasons. So, Xanax and Valium can treat the symptoms. However, these are highly addictive drugs and can also cause extreme dependence. Therefore, lesser addictive drugs like fluoxetine and sertraline can be used to treat anxiety.

Meeting the therapist or counselor can help in learning tools to use and coping strategies for anxiety. Some of the natural remedies or coping strategies and techniques to manage anxiety are described below:

  • Healthy Diet: Including healthy and nutritious meals in your daily routine can help you keep anxiety at bay. Some foods like salmon, turmeric, yogurt, dark chocolate, green tea, and chamomile can help in controlling anxiety. Additionally, stay away from anxiety-causing drinks and foods, typically coffee and tea.
  • Physically Active Lifestyle: Improving the physical movements and adding exercise and walking regimen to your routine can help manage your anxiety.
  • Meditation and Mindfulness Activities: These activities greatly help reduce the chaotic thoughts and bring a sense of groundedness and calm in the people. It is most effective in relieving stress and anxiety.
  • Get Adequate Sleep: sleep disturbances are a major sign that you may be experiencing anxiety. However, making conscious efforts to manage your sleep pattern and the cycle can help in managing your anxiety concerns.


This comprehensive guide provided a detailed description of the worst jobs for people with anxiety (of various types of anxiety disorders).

Anxiety generally is not a medical condition but a natural response essential for survival when a person finds themselves in danger. An anxiety disorder may develop when the response is more intense and exaggerated. 

If your job is causing or aggravating your anxiety, you need to reconsider your options and opt for a comfortable environment where you can be your true self without being hard on yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Worst Jobs For People With Anxiety

What is a good first job for someone with anxiety?

Some examples of a good first job for someone with anxiety include a pet groomer, dog trainers, dog walker, or kennel worker. If you are someone who likes to work outdoors, then landscaping is the perfect position for you. You are likely to be working with a team of professional landscapers. However, most of the work will be performed alone by you.

Can anxiety stop you from getting a job?

Yes, anxiety can be life-altering in this way. The actions which are often found along the feelings of terror and fear can make it extremely difficult to communicate with colleagues and supervisors. Thus, it can make it challenging to keep the job, even if you are good at something.

What is the most severe anxiety?

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is the most severe anxiety disorder. It is characterized by chronic worries, tension, and anxieties, even if they’re nothing or little to justify it.

Is it hard to get disability for anxiety?

In order to qualify for social security disability benefits for an anxiety disorder, you must be able to show chronic symptoms of your condition and they should meet at least one of the many medical diagnoses regarding anxiety and that they extremely and negatively affect your functionality.

Can you get fired for anxiety?

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects the workers from discrimination on the basis of their disability–including mental illnesses like anxiety and depression. Some workplaces ensure inclusivity without any discrimination, so you can not get fired for anxiety in that case.

What is the best job for someone with social anxiety?

The best job options for people with social anxiety include zookeepers, veterinary technicians, rescue workers, kennel operators, or animal groomers. You can excel in these jobs if you are an animal lover, then working in a place where you can be with animals can be a perfect place to work independently and silently.




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