Xenogender (21 Examples)

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This article will explain what the term xenogender means and what questions revolve around it. Furthermore, the article will also explore popular topics such as those of ‘demigirl’ and ‘demiboy’ and why people choose to not identify with the previous societal definition of gender. The article will also provide some examples of a xenogender.

Xenogender – What Does It Mean?

Xenogender is a term that is used to describe a large number of terms that do not fall under the socially defined term of gender which means either identifying as a male or female – nothing else in between or outside of it. 

Xenogender has no boundaries; it can extend to associate with animals, numbers, plants, foods, insects and so on. A person who has become a xenogender is someone who identifies as non binary which means they refuse to fall into the typical two category definition of gender!

There are no factors such as biology or social constructed terms that rule this concept of gender; it is left to the person’s imagination and how they feel to associate with whatever they want to associate with – be it a plant, animal, insect or even a fruit. 

It is necessary to state that xenogender does not fit into the typical human understanding of gender and it is an umbrella term that encapsulates or covers many other things such as nouns, pronouns, archetypes and synesthetic experiences.

Xenogender – Other Familiar Terms

There are a number of terms that people confuse with xenogender! We will clear their concepts here.


This term literally means to transgress against what society defines as gender which is to be either male or female. A person is considered transgender when they identify with another gender other than the one they were assigned at birth. This can include a number of terms such as demigirl and demiboy. However, not all people who are non binary when it comes to gender may call themselves transgender.

A demigirl is a term used to describe someone who identifies with some but not all aspects of femininity; this means they may feel like a woman but not completely like a woman to fully identify as one hence they are termed as a demigirl. There are other terms that are used interchangeably to that of a demigirl such a demiwoman, demilady and demifemale.

A demiboy is a term used to describe someone who identifies with some but not all aspects of masculinity. Anyone can be a demiboy. In some cases it may be someone who is an AFAB which is a term that stands for ‘Assigned Female At Birth’ and refers to a person who was assigned the gender of a female at birth however may identify somewhat as a man hence they are not someone who is either fully feminine or masculine. It is also possible that someone’s gender may lean towards that of a female more but they also identify as a man or non binary identity; they will also be considered a demiboy.


This refers to any gender that does not fit into the typical categories of gender that society deems valid namely male and female. In this case, someone may identify as the gender they were assigned at birth but not completely; this means they also identify with another gender which may be the male gender or any other gender which may be non binary in nature.

Hence, it can be said that the nature of the difference between the terms of transgender, nonbinary and xenogender is more hierarchical.

The Different Types Of Xenogender – 21 Examples

Here are 21 examples of the xenogender!


A gender that has a closeness or connection to witchcraft and magic. It is, in a way, a magic gender.


A gender that has various layers, created with sky/cloudkin in mind but can be used by anyone. 


A gender that is as deep and unknown as the ocean itself. It’s a gender that is mostly incomprehensible but slightly familiar in human terms.


An ethereal gender whose essence cannot be explained, understood or studied.


A gender influenced and characterized by animals. 


A gender that is described as being cautious, timid, but also natural and cute.


A very powerful and breathtaking gender, that can be combined with relevant genders: Not only is this is a gender that can be combined with other genders, this can quite handily be described by Abimegender as well since they both attach profound feelings to their gender, and only those profound feelings by what I can find.


A gender that is sort of an ‘alien trying out foreign species’ gender’ way. Can be combined with other specific genders. We can call this type of pangender a nonhuman perspective of genders.


This is a gender-based on the zodiac sign Aries. People believe that ariegender has a lot of power over their lives and decisions.


Having a gender which is bright, celestial, and radial: The special star-flake gender which is also a repeat of Abimegender and Aethergender as well with PROFOUND FEELING GENDERS.

Astral Gender

A gender that feels connected to space to a supreme level.


Blizz Genders identify themselves with harsh cold and snowy weather.


This type of gender identity is strongly related to the earth and nature. It means to stay connected to the earth, having a bit of spirituality in that respect.  


From French effrayant “scary” + neutre “neutral,” It is a [non-binary] gender, may be paired with agender and other genders.


A gender that blooms and evolves based on weather and atmosphere; similar to genderfluid but feels more connected to flowers and other flora.

Gender Goliath

Gender is almost larger than life, like it’s spilling out of your body. It takes up a lot of space and is just awe inspiring: “Cosmic Gender” once again.


A mysterious, mystical and obscure non-binary gender: The slightly less grandiose version of “Circegender”.


A digital gender that can take up any sort of digital thing or file; virus, malware, .txt, .mp3, anti-virus, trojan, email, etc. Digigender can be replaced with girl, xirl, nonbinary, nb, enby, fluid, boy, boi, etc: While unfortunately not related to Digimon, this is a gendered embodiment of digital things. 


Gender is perceived as a gift for all the good deeds done in the past life, thus is something really valuable and special. 


A gender represented by a powerful ball of light.


A gender defined by love for other gendered people who are treated badly, and a love for your own gender as well: This is what’s called “loving yourself”.

Why Do People Identify With Different Genders Regardless Of Their Sex?

In this section, we will take a look at some possible reasons as to why people identify with different genders when they may belong to a different sex or possibly no sex at all.

Accepting Yourself

The first reason why people may identify as a different gender is because that is how they truly are. They may be a man but they actually feel like a woman or they may be a woman but they do not get that entire feminine feeling other women experience. As a society and possibly as a species, we are comfortable with things being in black and white; if we need a response then we need it in either a ‘Yes’ or ‘No – anything in between confuses us. If we want to know who is right we do not want to get into the complexities or accept the fact that both sides in a fight may actually be right especially if they are looking at things from their own angle.

Similarly, if we are assigned a female gender at birth then we expect that this specific person will feel like a woman their entire life. However, keeping in mind how complex this world is, it should not be surprising if someone feels this way and decides to acknowledge it.

A Defense Mechanism

Just as the world is complex, so is our body and hence we sometimes engage in very odd or strange behaviours to deal with stress or anxiety. We may become an entirely different person compared to who we were before!

In this case, it is possible someone may identify as a woman even though they are a man because they are unable to deal with the stresses of being a man in their culture, society or nation. They may be disgusted by what men or women in their society do and hence they will associate with the opposite gender.

Thus, identifying as a demiwoman or demiman can also be a defense mechanism that has deeper reasons rather than just feeling a certain way.

Bad Experiences

Sometimes we have bad experiences with people of the other gender and because society has put so many restrictions on us we find ways to evade our problems and create a better world for our own selves. Many times, men and women have a hard time in relationships with the other gender; they may be ghosted, cheated on or divorced despite being a good partner. 

The blow they receive from such an experience may be so devastating that they either begin to hate the other gender or their own gender; afterall, in such situations you need to blame someone because this is human nature. Thus, they may decide to identify as a new gender to avoid being with people of a certain gender or get the chance to be with people that are associated with the gender this specific person was previously associated with.


This article took a look at what xenogender means and why people identify with such a term. The article also took a look at the different types of xenogender and described terms such as transgender and nonbinary.





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